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New To Modding, Need a Little Help.

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I'm new to modding and basically have near zero computer knowledge.

I downloaded and unpacked Eartwormjames's 212 pack and I'm a little lost on where to put everything.

I'm running the Rocky5 emustation and have a few roms sets running, but the 212 pack is giving me a headache.

I'm using filezilla and have moved the roms from the roms folder to the n64 roms folder on my xbox, they are recognized but I get black screen when trying to launch a game.

I'm assuming the surreal6.0 needs placed somewhere, or that maybe the 212 pack needs placed somewhere as a whole? 

Any help, as always, would be greatly appreciated. Going from no computer experience to the xbox mod has been a pretty steep learning curve.

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Yes it was, and yes I did.

But, it says to copy the whole surreal6.0 folder to my xbox, but I dont know where to put it, I know if I put it along the wrong file pathway, it probably won't work.

I already have surreal5.3 (I believe), wouldn't surreal6.0 interfere with that?

I'm very new to the whole file management and computer thing, the instructions are probably very easy to understand if someone is used to this kind of thing, but I am not.

I'm picking things up as I go, but still far from where a lot of people are in the modding community. 

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After some trial end error trying to get this pack to run, I did have a limited amount of success. The only time I was able to get Rocky5's emustation to recognize and list the games is when I put the roms directly I to the roms folder for n64 in the f drive. Now, they still wouldn't run, I'm assuming that I will have to move each main folder in the pack into its corresponding location in the f drive. There are a couple that dont have corresponding spots already, skins and saves. I'm guessing the saves should be put I to the n64 roms folder, but what about the skins?

Does this line of reasoning sound correct? Maybe someone on here has some experience with getting this pack successfully installed and can pass along that knowlege.

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