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Replace Capacitor

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yeah i'd go new, iv bought components from all over the place, amazon,ebay ect.. if you were going to replace from another board i would at least use one from a V1.6 if you have a broken one...  I'm sure you know but you don't actually need the clock cap in a V1-1.5 it only keeps time.. I almost like that my xbox says its 2003 lol...

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Got this xbox almost for free, but the screen flickers really bad(horizontal-ish), it does work but it was hard to see anything on screen. Checked the inside and there are 3 caps near the cpu that started to give up(top part of caps is not flat anymore). Had a spare part pcb(1.6) and took caps from that and placed in this one. It Worked! The xbox is back and up and running - no more screen flicker!. Pcb is a 1.4, and clock cap's gone.. 😀

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    • By R9anSmart
      Hi all,
      I have recently got into the modding scene and after some successful Wii mods have decided to turn my hand at the OG Xbox.
      I had one of these when I was a kid with a chip on it (don't know to much info as was a kid). I recently picked up 2nd hand Crystal OG Xbox's. One of them already has been softmodded and the other is a virgin, never had the lid popped.
      I am aware that the clock capacitor needs removing off of all motherboards rev. 1.1-.1.5 however, I have read places that you can cause the system to boot loop if not done correctly.
      My question is, I have a virgin, a softmod and a chip. Which of these is is safe to remove the capacitor from without getting into a bootloop?
      I am also finding the most up to date software and guides/information hard to find as there is information floating around from over 10years ago so hoping someone can push me in the right direction with dashboards and other ""basic info" on the latests and most supported software that would be a god send.
      Many thanks
    • By Sepereti
      I’m new to the modding scene, and I’m not an electronics wizard or software genius. I have a 1.1 and I keep seeing that I should absolutely move the clock capacitor. I have looked into why, and I guess it has a tendency to leak all over the MB? Can somebody clarify this for me?
      (This is the best spot I thought to post this due to motherboard alteration)
    • By tktagmedia
      I was bored this evening so I pulled out an Xbox and TSOP'd it with iND-BIOS and installed a new old-stock 500GB IDE Maxtor hard drive.  The clock capacitor has been removed, the DVD drive (Samsung) has a new drive belt installed and the case has been cleaned and polished-up, looks great.  Currently transferring over XBMC4Gamers as the primary dash and all emulators are outfitted with the ResurrectionXtras video and box art/screen shot packs-- speaking of emulators, this includes the latest build of EWJ's curated Surreal64 romset, and almost every game runs great.
      The controller is in great condition as well, disassembled and shell cleaned.
      Asking $90+shipping if anyone is interested.  Thanks!
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