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TSOP Dead. Rescue possible?


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Hello everyone.

I have another tricky question.

Let's assume I have an Xbox 1.3 with a failed tsop flash. Assuming nothing works anymore. No picture, no sound, no dvd drive, nothing.


Could I just solder an identical working chip piggyback onto the other one and then flash it again? Maybe you could also use a cable and connector to disconnect the working chip during the flash process?

I would just be interested.

Or is there an even easier way that I don't know yet? 



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If this were to work you would need to install a switch on the Tsop vcc pin or something to that effect so only one tsop can be active at a time.  You would boot up with the known working tsop enabled, flip the switch so the second tsop was enabled and proceed to write it.  If both tsops were powered at the same time I can see the xbox getting confused and not knowing which one to use and still not boot.  To do this though you would need to lift the vcc pin first on the currently soldered tsop as well.

On another note, is the xbox fragging?  If so have you attempted the 3 wire trick in an attempt to boot from a different tsop bank?  I recently was able to recover from a corrupted tsop with this method.

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Thank you for the answers. I still don't have an xbox with a damaged tsop. So far it's just a consideration on my part as to whether the thoughts I'm having about it would also be feasible. Because I currently have a lot of Xboxes that have a Winbond chip in them and they are known to be a bit bitchy. What you say makes sense...add a switch. I didn't think of anything like that. The 3 wire trick only works with a 1.0 I thought. Since the same bios is flashed 4 times? In another topic I found something that ss_dave wrote. If I manage it I'll link it. It sounds promising and very complicated at the same time. 

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4 hours ago, ChriZz said:

Assuming nothing works anymore. No picture, no sound, no dvd drive, nothing.

A failed TSOP flash should give you some sort of error message, or stalled boot, then loop and FRAG.

It sounds like your "misadventures" inside the console led to more dramatic damages.

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On 5/23/2020 at 10:23 AM, SS_Dave said:

So since I successfully integrated mimicked Chameleon TSOP recovery feature into my own modchip, I've started playing some hex editor magic. I made my own BIOS, similar as tsop_d6.bin, that will work exactly as tsop_d6.bin. The only difference is that this BIOS will boot on every Xbox that has a flashable TSOP(so 1.0 to 1.5).

I named it tsop_m7.bin as it uses the kernel found in Evox M7 BIOS.
As tsop_d6, you need to have to solder a wire to the TSOP A15 signal. Chameleon modchip will work it's magic by itself.

If you don't have a Chameleon (or soon a XBlast), you can *try* to manually make it work using a basic modchip like a DuoX2, Xecuter 2.x or aladdin XT. I recommend you use a modchip with at least 2 banks to still be able to flash over this BIOS once you're done. To make it work, you'll have to manually operate D0 and A15 wires. Make them long enough to reach a ground spot. Here's the procedure:
1. Insert you booting disc in the DVD drive(HeXen, Auto-Installer...)
2. Tie both D0 and A15 to ground
3. Boot the Xbox with tsop_m7
4. Remove D0 from ground (leave it hanging without touching anything)once the front LED starts flashing
5. Remove A15 from ground one you see the Xbox logo on your TV.
6. Flash your TSOP using your favorite tool.

Some important info:
- As tsop_d6, you can only boot from a Xbox disc in your DVD drive. If no disc is in the DVD drive, the Xbox will just sit at the booting Xbox Logo.
- There is no boot animation. I chose a really weird color combination for the Xbox logo so you know you're booting the right thing.
- There is a chance this BIOS will not boot if you have previously flashed a hacked BIOS on your TSOP. From personnal experience, M8+ and X2 5035 are problematic across all revisions. IND-BIOS 5004 works on my 1.2 and 1.4 but not on my 1.0(probably an RC4 key issue).
- There is no LBA48 support. This BIOS is not meant to be used as your everyday BIOS anyway.
- Pre-insert you disc in your DVD drive. This BIOS resets on Eject.


You are going to need to have the bios in the download I linked flashed on a modchip you are also going to need to solder 2 wires 1 to the D0 and a 2 wire soldered to the A15 point in the pic I posted.

Or you fit a modchip(Aladdin,Xenium Ice,Open Xenium) and not bother trying to reflash the TSOP chip


SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

I found this. Maybe this approach from ss_dave will work 

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