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Ftp Issues

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So I now have my cable to try and connect my Xbox to my PC. I have filezilla set up, I have gone into my adapter settings on my PC and changed the IPV4 settings to:


My settings in my Xbox are:

  • my settings screen does not show me the Port or the Max No. of Users

In FileZilla I have typed in 

Host: --- Username: xbox --- Password: xbox --- Port: 21

When I try to Quickconnect using FileZilla I get a Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server" error. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I have checked a lot of videos on Youtube, and it seems that I have entered everything correctly. Not being able to see the Port or the Max No. of Users doesn't help tho -_-

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With some FileZilla versions, the QuickConnect boxes require a secure encrypted login which the Xbox FTP server does not support.  

Use the Site Manager to create an entry for your Xbox connection and set the Encryption to:

Only use plain FTP (insecure)



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I tried what you have shown me and still get the ECONNREFUSED error.

I have PINGed it in CMD and it shows that it is receiving. I have also turned off the firewall.

Here are more of my settings since some have changed:

XBOX (in EvoX settings)

  • IP (?)
  • Line Status 100/Full Duplex
  • Ethernet MAC Address 00:0D:3A:AF:68:4C
  • Setup Network --- YES
  • Use Static IP --- NO (changed by me according to a guide online)
  • IP ---
  • Subnet Mask ---
  • Default Gateway ---
  • DNS --- (changed by me according to guide)
  • DNS --- (have not changed)


Use the Following IP Address:

  • IP Address ---
  • Subnet Mask ---
  • Default Gateway --- empty (need to fill in?)

Use the Following DNS server address:

  • Preferred DNS server --- (changed by me according to guide)
  • Alternate DNS server --- empty (have not changed)

In FileZilla I created a New Site and named it xbox

  • Protocol --- FTP
  • Host ---
  • Port --- 21
  • Encryption --- Only use plain FTP (insecure)
  • Logon type --- Normal
  • User --- xbox
  • Password --- xbox

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If you want to have the IP manually assigned (STATIC), you need to have STATIC set to YES.  Otherwise, the Xbox will try to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server to dynamically have the address assigned.

The reason the IP address is  It has not been assigned an address.

Update: If you pinged the IP address and it's responding, you must have some other device on the network that is using that address.  Each device should have a unique IP address assigned to it.

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2 minutes ago, BulletWasp said:

Okay, that makes sense now. I will change that and see what happens. Do all the other settings look alright though?

You don't really need any DNS server or gateway - until you have the Xbox connected to the Internet, but they should work as is too.

What version of Evoxdash are you using?

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So I actually did connect for a short moment, but FileZilla gave me these statuses:

  • Status: Connecting to
  • Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
  • Status: Server does not support non-ASCII characters.
  • Status: Logged in
  • Status: Retrieving directory listing...
  • Command: PWD
  • Response: 257 "/" is current directory
  • Command: TYPE I
  • Response: 200 Type set to IMAGE.
  • Command: PASV
  • Response: 502 pasv is not implemented.
  • Command: PORT 192, 168, 0, 1, 14, 46
  • Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
  • Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

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Not sure why a guide told you to set the DNS server to

Resolves to be: b1-203-12-156-12.melbpc.org.au

Any actual DNS server,, or just leaving it until DNS requests are being sent by the Xbox to the Internet to access sites.


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In the site manager. go to the Transfer Settings tab and change from PASV or default to Active and Limit the number of simultaneous connections to 1: 


Power off the Xbox and PING again.  If you still receive a response, you have something else connected that's at the same IP address you are trying to use for the Xbox.  Change the Xbox's IP address to a different address and try connecting to the new address.  Each device needs to have a unique address.

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I've noticed when it gets to Command: PORT it always changes the last few numbers. The first time it said the number listed above, the 2nd time it said

Command: PORT 192, 168, 0, 1, 14, 126 

before timing out

and the 3rd time is said

Command: PORT 192, 168, 0, 1, 14, 133

before timing out

at least I am connecting for a few moments :7_sweat_smile:

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Okay, I will try that as well

EDIT: After powering off the Xbox I still am getting pings back, I'll change the IP and try again. Thanks a lot

Edited by BulletWasp

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I have changed the Xbox's IP to, and I am connecting but it keeps timing out trying to get the directory listing.

  • Status:    Connecting to
  • Status:    Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
  • Status:    Server does not support non-ASCII characters.
  • Status:    Logged in
  • Status:    Retrieving directory listing...
  • Command:    PWD
  • Response:    257 "/" is current directory
  • Command:    TYPE I
  • Response:    200 Type set to IMAGE.
  • Command:    PORT 192,168,0,1,16,196 <--- Every time it tries to connect, this number changes
  • Error:    Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
  • Error:    Failed to retrieve directory listing

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