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Found 30 results

  1. I'm getting a shimmer/interference and a line slowly moving vertically on screen, using component cable. What are the thoughts on cause & fix? I read the best visual out for xbox original is component, so I ebayed a component cable, plugged in. (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1080p-Component-HD-TV-RCA-AV-Cable-Cord-Lead-For-Original-Xbox/143318317450) I checked TV supports YPbPr. (manual https://assets.kogan.com/files/usermanuals/KALED55UHDUA-A.pdf) I've wiggled the connections, and tried green only - the same shimmer&line. Also the TV says 576i@50hz, I thought component would do 480p? The composite cable it came with works ok, but looking to improve on quality. Thanks
  2. i dont see any writing on the chip. is there another way to identify?
  3. I used DVD2Xbox to put a number of games on my hd. It created a folder /DVD2Xbox in my games folder, but it isn’t a copy of DVD2Xbox. And I started to delete it and noticed it started taking games with it. What is this? And if I can’t delete without causing issue can I at least stop it from appear in my games list in my Dashboard?
  4. So, I'm in the process of completing my first OGXbox build, and while I'm waiting on parts to finish this one up, I'm looking at alternative ways to approach installations of certain mods, specifically the LCD Display that can be added to the Xbox. Now, I know that there are a couple of ways to enable an LCD display to work on the Xbox, on of which is by using a Xenium-chip, and using an SPI-2-PAR to convert the display to work with the Xenium SPI bus. Now, I've been doing some window-shopping online, and I came across several LCD Displays with SPI Interfaces already on them. I'm now guessing where I'm going with this, but i'll ask anyway; given the fact that the Xenium chip uses an SPI bus to use the LCD, and the LCD display comes with an SPI Interface, would it be possible to use the display on the chip, given that I have the connector from the LCD to the chip, and that I know how to wire the LCD to the SPI bus on the chip.
  5. Hi Everyone, So I've recently picked up a 1.0 Xbox. The outer shell is intact but doesn't have a certain luster to it. It looks really dull. I wanted to know, has anyone tried to restore the luster of the Xbox. My Xbox is simply an original black colored Xbox. I'm trying to avoid spray painting it and was think of using some sort of restoration paste/cream/spray. I'm not to sure if something like that exists or what would be best for the Xbox. Also, I really want to just focus on the top X and not the ridges. They look okay. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, What does the 1.4Ghz upgrade provide to the Xbox? I see it maybe a future option from Chimeric Systems and wanted to know what are the uses for it. Thanks in advance for answering my question.
  7. Is this power supply multivolt? A friend gave me this power supply and it worked on a 220v outlet despite it saying 100-127v. This power supply doesn't look like it's been modded. I have other power supplies of the same model and I've been using a 110v to 220v transformer with them.
  8. Hi there! Got a crystal Xbox for my son and it was already modded with the Aladdin advance chip. As this was done in 2005 it’s soldered in such a way that you can change boot from chip to onboard. This is causing problems when using a HDD without ms dashboard installed. My question is if I can desolder the extra wires on the picture and ground the bt as well as shorting the Lframe like you would with a new plus install?
  9. I have a modded xbox but the HDD is small so I was going to upgrade it. I would like to download Hexen but it says 'Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. ' Do I need to be a member for an amount of time before I can download? thank you for any guidance.
  10. I’ve seen a number of YouTube videos of people showing off their Xbox mods. Several of them had replaced one or more game pad ports with USB ports. Is there a way to read and write to a USB port from the dashboard file managers? And is the USB 1.1 or 2.0?
  11. Hi everyone I just have bought an Xbox with this modchip but I´m a little bit confused about what can I do with this modchip.Is there any modified dashboard or I have to install it myself?what are the functionalities of X-Changer? a little bit of help would be appreciate it
  12. naits

    Modchip Question

    Hello guys! I just dug through every single corner of my parents basement.. With success I found my first ogXbox! That I remember my dad knew someone who modded those. I also remember it was of course. Tons of installed games But my question, what modchip is this? I can't really remember what it was... And I can't turn it on yet.... Have to remove clock cap, cleaning and so on. So now I've got my first OGXbox and my new OGXbox Some pictures: (https://photos.app.goo.gl/ouR38ZZmJor4v6PK6)
  13. Hi I recently got steel battalion good as new for 300 buck and I'm stuck at mission 4 for now but my question is about the song we've got in the boom box is it possible to play my own song? BTW I'm looking for a live version I got the campaign only version of anyone have it I'm interested thank you.
  14. Hi All, I found many different informations about the CheapLPC MOD (CheapMOD) and I try to install it to v1.4 and v1.6 versions. But I think I made a mistake or something else the problem, that is why I have questions. This was the first step. eurasia.nu cheapmod (web archive). I used it to create the PCB. SST 49LF020A in it. Flashed with evox.m8.v16.bin (256KB). The question, is there any REAL and usable diagram to soldering and wiring it in any version of xbox? Can I use the mentioned bios version? I would like to use the PCB version of CheapMOD, not the wired one. Thanks for any help!
  15. Hello everybody. I recently got to thinking about the data retention of the flash memory used in the original xbox. I purchased an original xbox not to long ago that was basically a coma console in that it would have a green light, but no audio or video. Turns out the bios was corrupted or something similar and that it would boot with extreme difficulties after pressing the eject button a bunch of times until the drive ejected. Basically these symptoms. I did manage to flash a custom bios onto the system and that solved the booting issues it was having, but that then leads me to what I have as a discussion today. Looking at the datasheet for the Winbond W49F020 series of flash memory used in my console, I notice that it has a data retention of 20 years. This means that it should hold the data for about 20 years no problem, but it seems like mine started having issues early. By what I can tell, to refresh this data and basically restart the countdown, I need to reflash the bios to the chip rewriting the data. This brings it back to a state where the data is properly stored and is ready to last another 15-20 years. My only concern about the whole thing is that flashing a new bios can go wrong and cause the console not to boot without a mod chip. My question to someone more knowledgeable than me in this topic is, are we going to see more and more stock consoles fail to boot due to corrupt bioses in the up and coming years? I know that 1.0 and 1.1 consoles already have some issues with their 1mb flash chips, but will all sorts of version have issues? ie, 1.0 - 1.6? Is this just a limitation of anything using flash memory in a component used to boot up? I know nothing lasts forever, but I do try to make it last as long as I can. Thanks for taking the time to read through this and I hope it can spark some good discussion on the topic. Also if anything I have here is incorrect, please let me know as I am still learning about hardware in general, and I try my best to be accurate in my information. DobaMuffin
  16. Is there any way to see what bios are flashed without going through all of the switch combos?
  17. Hello guys My xbox has an 1tb drive and i have the 500gb emustation writed. There are games who don't have any art so i want to filter them on my pc. in the past i had hyperspin and a lifetime emumovies account but i have already al the media. The thing i want to do is making a new rom database with the media but i cant find the right tool. Is there a program that scans my roms and media folder and export the roms with media to an other folder or delete the roms whiout media. Thanks and sorry for my broken englisch
  18. I've hugely enjoyed modding the hell out of my OG xbox, going from a dusty acid-covered black OG, to a new-looking soft-modded box, then up to a SmartXX, then adding a Samsung SSD to one and a 2Tb drive to another, to playing with different BIOSes, using CoinOps Massive, adding noctua fans (had to cut some plastic but got there in the end) as well as creating an xbox slim with a custom paintjob as well. And then I got my favourite part, the translucent green X3+X3CP with a firmware-flashed PC dvd drive. It's just been a tonne of fun. The next step might be to try overclocking! So my question is really this: Can anyone think of any more ordinary "day to day"-type uses for a modded-to-hell OG xbox? I've used it for original games, emulators, playing music - but what about XLINK Kai integration, or youtube support? The OG xbox is *so close* to being genuinely useful as a reasonably modern media consumption device, overclocking especially might push it over the line to being able to play 720p/1080p media smoothly. And YouTube, i'd absolutely love to be able to watch youtube on it, all i've found so far are a few broken old scripts in a copy of MC 360 that don't seem to work. So all the jibber jabber aside, anyone think of any more fun daily-driver type uses for a modded og xbox?
  19. Guys, I need to know if you can transfer saves with no issues after you upgrade your HDD, is this possible? I want to upgrade my HDD using Chimp (but I have to wait for my Sata to IDE adaptor to arrive). I have access to FTP the files over ethernet, so that is no problem for me, but, would the saves work on the new HDD?? My eeprom.bin has been nulled already by following Mr. Marios tutorial on Youtube by the way. Please let me know what you guys know please! Thank you all!
  20. can i replace 3300uF 6.3v capacitors with 3300uF 10v ones ? got a 1.6 Halo box that is almost in prestine condition apart from being opened by me and all 5 capacitors next to the mobo power connector are popped. the only replacements I have at hand would be the aforementioned 10v ones that I scavenged from a v1.2 board.
  21. I've installed some aladdin chips and wired them by soldering the "BT" point to the ground pin on the Xbox LPC. I figured that would be the same for the Duox2 lite chip, however I found a couple pictures online showing that the "BT" point on a Duox2 Gs chip (Dual Bank) was soldered to pin No. 9 of the LPC which is 3.3v. I just want to be sure that I'm soldering the "BT" to the right point on the LPC in order for it to always be powered on.
  22. I can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere. Do I remove the jumper pin from the sata HDD since the sata/ide adaptor has its own jumper pin selections? I just need to know the configuration so I can clone it using chimp. Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  23. Hi witch bios allow to boot the xbox without a dvd drive ? and witch config i need to change ?
  24. how can i download the hexen disk i'm new here
  25. Ok so I have TSOPd 4 xboxs before but ive done it to them all with bigger HDDs installed. Can i use a F and G .67 bios on a stock HDD or will it cause issues. I just wanna pre flash it for a bigger hdd later.

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