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  1. 450v 220uf capacitor. Yes. make sure you match the correct polarity negative and positive. Though if you are a noob in electronics and soldering, then maybe just get a 100W transformer hehe...
  2. For that PSU model only one cap with same rating as mine.
  3. In the first pic I posted it's the jumper wire infront of the left capacitor and the orange capacitor to the right of the right capacitor needs to be removed. Then that PSU is 220v.
  4. Yes it's possible. One of the PSU with the double capacitor can be converted to 220v without having to buy parts. Just a jumper wire and a capacitor to remove. The other models have different methods.
  5. I actually managed to convert all Xbox PSU to 220v just picture your PSU. I'll give you the schematic.
  6. Is this power supply multivolt? A friend gave me this power supply and it worked on a 220v outlet despite it saying 100-127v. This power supply doesn't look like it's been modded. I have other power supplies of the same model and I've been using a 110v to 220v transformer with them.
  7. I fixed a 1.6 with an eject button not responding issue by doing this.

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