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About Me

  1. The Cheapmod Mini is a modchip in a small form-factor for the Original Xbox. Based off the Cheapmod schematics, the chip comprises of a single 49LF020 (256k) LPC flash to fit (1 x 256k) custom BIOS. Features: 256k LPC flash fitted for (1x256k) custom BIOS (e.g. Cerbios). Compatible with almost any Xbox revision - from 1.0 to 1.6b. Boot imports, backups and DVDs region free without any restrictions. Running unsigned code such as homebrew and multimedia players. Installation of a custom dashboard (e.g. UnleashX). Easy to upgrade the HDD (no HDD locking required). Very easy to install - just plug-and-play via pin header. Low-cost and affordable. Free and open-source. GitHub repository: https://github.com/m4x10187/cheapmod-mini
  2. OK... Just starting a separate thread for my next project. I mentioned it in a different thread... but figured better to keep info in one place dedicated for this project. It's a remake of my ArdPromSD project. With the ArdProm... it was limited by program space. I am remaking it with a different MCU to allow more program/variable space. This gives me more room to add to the previous project. One benefit of the remake is only applicable to rev1.6 MBs... will only power on when xbox is powered on instead of being on immediately when plugging in the board. What I have so far (basically all of the ArdPromSD features): Read EEPROM and save to SD card (each read saves a different file name) Read BIN file from SD and write it to EEPROM Things left to do: Feedback (in form of LEDs like before) Reset button EEPROM data decrypting (hoping... will save encrypted data in plain text. This will also allow me to save the eeprom.bin as <serial number>.bin so if you can backup a few xbox's and know which eeprom backup is to which xbox) Really hoping the last one will pan out... I will try my hardest. I plan on shrink the board a bit as well. The downfall... some of the parts will be a handful to hand solder... so DIY'ers may have some trouble. I do plan to open source it eventually I'll post updates here when I have them. Now that I have it working as stated above... I'll get to designing the PCB and ordering everything to try out. I'm hoping to have prototype Hardware up and running within 2 months (china timeframe dependent).
  3. Hey guys, looking for some ideas to troubleshoot the red HDD activity LED on my X3CP. It stays on and is not blinking to show activity. I just did a DVD drive swap from a Samsung to a Hitachi, and I repasted the CPU/GPU. Made sure the jumper on my startech sata adapter is set to Master. not really sure why its staying on all the time. You guys got any ideas? After messing around with swapping DVD drives, I have figured out it's my 80way IDE cable that's causing the issue. When I swapped out the cable the LED worked like it should. Does anyone know a fix for this? The IDE cable I'm using is the perfect length, so I really want to use it. I noticed some jumper pins on the back of some of the DVD drives, the Hitachi and Philips drives have these pins, are they used for serial connection or are they master/slave jumpers?
  4. Is this even something you can do? Or would I waste my time trying? I have two xboxes waiting to softmod>tsop, the disc drives in both are fugged so I can't use my mechassault disc. I'm wondering if the softmod can be performed from a digital copy of the game on the hard drive + hard drive copy of the exploit game save, all while running on a modchip.
  5. Hello everyone!, Blz? I'm doing a port of "The Orange Box" For OG Xbox using the official port of HALF-LIFE 2, The Project is already 90% finished and I'm in the last step which is REPACKAGE the files to .XZP (Only)....... In it will include; HALF-LIFE 2 (With some improvements), EPISODE ONE, EPISODE TWO AND PORTAL.... Does not contain TEAM FORTRESS 2 due to Xbox being too weak for it If someone help me create a repackager of .XZP files the game will be completed, anyone available?
  6. I have an Xbox with an Xecuter 3, X3CP, and the daughterboards for the controller port and front panel PCB, booting from the chip requires pressing the eject button but I have a couple of problems with this: - Booting with the eject button causes Cerbios to boot into safemode and not display any boot animation - Opening the disc tray each start up puts unnecessary wear on it, that's something I'd like to avoid I hardly have any experience with the X3, is there a way to enable the chip no matter what button powers the console on, or a way to switch which button enables it? I'd prefer to keep the ability to boot to the backup image
  7. I would want to talk to the owner that owns This website some questions. Where can I find the person?
  8. zono

    The Warriors

    Hi, I have a pal Xbox that's soft modded, which has a Hard drive full of NTSC games. Have been going through them one at a time and testing if they load, I have fixed many and all that's left to get working is the warriors, but am not having any luck. Does anyone know of a fix for this game, or maybe a patch, its keeps saying disc read error.
  9. As usual, they gouge you if you try to buy a rubber belt for the original Xbox if they actually call it a belt for the original Xbox. But I heard you could use 23mm or so rubber O rings from the plumber's section of a store. Since I loathe the idea of spending $3.00+ for 1 "official" OGXbox drive belt, what are the exact size measurements (or close to) for the actual OGXbox drive belts so I can attempt an approximation with a 10 for a buck O ring? I want to resurrect my Xbox's troublesome disc drive that refuses to come out of it's shell, like a shy turtle.
  10. I want to change the hdd of my xbox with an ssd, because the optical drive is not working, but I know that I need the EEPROM to trick the xbox into thinking that the ssd is its original drive, but I dont really know how to do it without installing a custom firmware on the hdd and then be able to use an FTP to get it (the stock firmware doesn't allow the xbox to connect to a pc via ethernet). Then the only other way to do that is "hotswapping" but it requires an old computer with IDE connections but it's a bit difficult to find one. so if there is another way of doing this,let me know to try it Thank you in advance
  11. In this well descripted analysis, Markus Gaasedelen has managed to successfully dump the console's secret boot ROM by intercepting the Intel CPU's JTAG functionality with a custom made adapter. Its amazing to see discoveries appear here and there to this very day in 2023, since this can open the full capabilities of the hardware to many hobbyists and hardcore developers. Detailed explanation can be found here: https://blog.ret2.io/2023/08/09/jtag-hacking-the-original-xbox-2023/
  12. The xbox dvd drive is SDG-605B version B it scratches discs. Refer to discScratches.JPG the scratches are not circular. I am trying to pin point the root cause of the damage. The xbox must of been dropped. The optical pickup head must be causing the scratches but I don't see any raised sharp edges that would cause those marks. The dvd drive reads both cd's and dvd's but they get damaged in the process. The xbox original is TSOP so the only use I have for the drive is formatting the hdd. I thought I would disassemble the dvd drive and compare it to an identical drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1B0_VHvgu-ACzN3azkw6Aq4r6GdUQbuLW?usp=drive_link A.JPG is the dvd drive scratching discs B.JPG is a reference drive identical to A.JPG
  13. Looking for 720p patches that actually work properly. My console is 128mb ram modded. All links here are dead and really want a working Godfather patch. Cheers
  14. Removing the delay from the window where the game video is running without it blinking when loading every time you make a move, or at least make the video appear before the slider goes down completely
  15. Greetings, I am encountering a problem on Xbox. The Xbox app does not detect the gaming service. I have no idea what could be he issue. Could anyone please help?
  16. There is a bundle of files and I don't know what to do with them. I have the 007 game for the exploit. Can someone please let me know what I have to do to just make this thing work? And to have bioses of different sizes so that I can flash different sized chips? I would like to flash my overclocked version of Cerbios to any console from a 1.0 to a 1.4... or 1.5 if you think the world is flat. So from one megabyte to 256 kilobytes. @SS_Dave @KaosEngineer @sweetdarkdestiny
  17. Redherring32 (of OpenTendo fame) has been putting in some research into bypassing the need for a clock capacitor on the 1.6 revision Xbox; unlike the prior models a 1.6 will not boot without it. By removing R7P3 and R7P6 current limiting resistors which go to the positive leg of the clock cap and then connecting 3v3 standby voltage to that same leg, you can remove it entirely and still have a functioning system.
  18. 1.Does too much Flashing reduce the life of the TSOP? 2.also someone said: the bioses that load from hdd (like ind-bios Cerbios etc.) They reduce the life of the TSOP is it true?
  19. I have the parts in stock to build 2 more OGX360s. I sold 5 units and bought parts for 7 considering that I would probably need spare parts. I was lucky and no spare parts were needed so now i have 2 spares that I am offering here. I can make them with 1 arduino each and order more Arduinos if needed. I also make the cables. I solder my PCBs with a stencil, liquid solder and then bake them in a T-962 Infrared IC Heater. All hand soldering is done under a microscope and the OGX360s are flashed and tested befpre shipping. Here's my offering: OGX360 1x controller + 1x cable€ 45,00 OGX360 2x controller + 2x cable € 50,00 OGX360 3x controller + 3x cable € 55,00 OGX360 4x controller + 4x cable € 60,00 3d case €5,00 Shipping can be through PostNL, DHL, FedEx, UPS whatever you please, I can get prices from all these handlers. I've made my OGX360s with pin headers for the Arduinos to make it easier to replace them so I modified the case STL and posted it here on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5976384
  20. I've a Xbox v1.2 - 1.5. I know you can TSOP it, but I like the options a modchip brings. So, I soldered the LPC pinheader, a wire from D0 to ground (screwhole) and a wire on the Aladdin XT PLUS2 XT 4032 chip from the BT to the other pad. Now when turning on the Xbox it FRAGs. The led on the modchip is on. When I remove the modchip (I didn`t remove the LPC header or the D0 to ground wire, only the modchip from the header) the FRAGing exists. Before I soldered the modchip, the Xbox was working fine. Some photo's from my soldering job. I also tested from the top of the board the D0 point and my meter beeps on all the screwplates, so that looks fine. Also the LPC pinheader looks good. So I'm a bit frustrated because of this issue. https://imgur.com/a/3IRniGb Above the pinheader you'll see some flux residu, I've taken care of that after the photo's. Is there a way to double check the connections from the pins and the back of the board to somewhere on the board?
  21. Video tutorial on how to pot tweak the Samsung SDG605 DVD drive found in the Original Xbox. It is recommended to have an ohm meter so you can see your adjustments before powering the drive back up.
  22. let me start out by saying recently ive been wanting an OG Xbox to mod. last friday at work(im a trash man) a resident was throwing one out. took it home and the inside out looks like it was hardly used. i got all the parts to mod except i'm still waiting on the game. I had bought it but amazon or whoever the seller was sent me the ps2 version when clearly the picture said xbox. anyway, i did some research on replacing the HDD. I know i would need the SATA to IDE. do i plug that into the board? i was thinking at least 1 or 2tb drive. which one is known to work in an og xbox so i'm not buying the wrong one? Thanks in advance
  23. Started modding a little over 15+ years ago but was in-and-out of the scene for a bit as I was starting new ventures. Finally have been able to regain some time and dig out some old hardware to get started again. Very impressed to see where the scene has gone in some directions - especially with new bios and HDMI upgrades. And thank you to all of you who post frequent, quality information. It sparked the interest again in a longtime lurker. Anyways, my main rig - X3CE 1.4 Halo Edition w/ Front Panel. Love this beast. Ready to upgrade to hdmi, cerbios & 4TB SSD. Got a few other box’s & a crystal with soft mods or not working. Going to be bringing them up to speed so I can give them out to friends/family to enjoy. Stoked to be back!
  24. It was hard to get a good image, I think I damaged the board pretty bad. I figured my years of recaping crt's and some smd soldering here and there would make me qualified. I think I might have seriously damaged it beyond my repair abilities, I had such a hard time trying to make that joint (I made the mistake of using flux), any advice on what to do now? worried I might be S.O.L

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