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About Me

  1. The Cheapmod Mini is a modchip in a small form-factor for the Original Xbox. Based off the Cheapmod schematics, the chip comprises of a single 49LF020 (256k) LPC flash to fit (1 x 256k) custom BIOS. Features: 256k LPC flash fitted for (1x256k) custom BIOS (e.g. Cerbios). Compatible with almost any Xbox revision - from 1.0 to 1.6b. Boot imports, backups and DVDs region free without any restrictions. Running unsigned code such as homebrew and multimedia players. Installation of a custom dashboard (e.g. UnleashX). Easy to upgrade the HDD (no HDD locking required). Very easy to install - just plug-and-play via pin header. Low-cost and affordable. Free and open-source. GitHub repository: https://github.com/m4x10187/cheapmod-mini
  2. Hello everyone!, Blz? I'm doing a port of "The Orange Box" For OG Xbox using the official port of HALF-LIFE 2, The Project is already 90% finished and I'm in the last step which is REPACKAGE the files to .XZP (Only)....... In it will include; HALF-LIFE 2 (With some improvements), EPISODE ONE, EPISODE TWO AND PORTAL.... Does not contain TEAM FORTRESS 2 due to Xbox being too weak for it If someone help me create a repackager of .XZP files the game will be completed, anyone available?
  3. Hi I wanted to use the xeniumprogrammer on one of my chips. It runs fine until the Verify part of the flash memory, I have looked for shorts and nothing out of the orinary. Everything seems fine.
  4. Hi there, Is there a method to view screenshots in a gallery format from the xbmc4gamers dashboard similar to XBMC4Xbox? I've been using the screenshot feature in StellarOS and I'd like an easy way to manage and view my screenshots on the Xbox from the dashboard. So far I can view images one by one in Xbmc4gamers if I use the file explorer, but that's not ideal. Specifically I am looking for something that can show many thumbnails at once I'm not sure what was removed in this fork (since this focuses on the game experience), but I see config options in the xml files to <picture> tags. I can add paths there, but it doesn't do anything when I configure it since the XBMC4GAMERS dashboard only shows "program" entries. Unless I'm missing something. The PDF manual doesn't really mention anything about viewing images in this way. Thanks! Edit: or if anyone knows of a gallery app that I can launch to view thumbnails and manage them, that would work as well.
  5. Hello. The Grendel Engine (In A Creation) has had a lot of development done with the first NPC programmed in. Now it should follow a path. I'm currently stuck in thoughts about my engine's pathfinding which is gonna be an A* system. My plan is to use a connection system for optimization but are stuck on how to implement it. The nodes are scattered around the level and are connected via links to visible and nearby nodes and it creates a path for the NPC to follow from the nearest node (From the NPC) to the point that is nearest the end node. Then when close enough the NPC moves straight to the point (Instead of the end node's own position). This tutorial gave me some insight on it but I need to convert it to use D3DXVECTOR3 coordinates instead. Anyone has anything to say to help me here? It's needed for now. Meerjel01
  6. Hey Why is the new cerbios - bios named "hybrid" and is it safe to flash to the aladin chip Reg Finn
  7. on one of my hard modded xbox's, i have a 3tb sata3 seagate drive. it has almost every xbox game ever made and some extra stuff too. i have the dashboard set for xbmc4gamers and fast parsing but it loads so slow. i have found that to be the fastest dashboard though. on my softmodded xbox, i upgraded the drive to a 300gb ide seagate drive and the same ide cable. i only have mostly the games that are available with insignia right now plus a few others and it loads to the unleashX dashboard. it loads SOO much faster, even with that old slow ide hdd in it, that i am tempted to use it instead of my hard modded system with all the extra's on it. is there anyway to speed up my hard modded xbox without deleting a bunch of games? i have another hardmodded xbox with a 2tb wd black 7200rpm drive and it only loads 4 seconds quicker(i timed it several time) so a faster harddrive wouldn't help much.
  8. I bought a Japan skeleton smoke xbox which arrived today. I used Metal Arms to softmod it which worked well after a few tries. I then opened it up to clone the hard drive to a 2tb Seagate and noticed the clock capacitor was leaking, but didn't seem too bad yet. I got my hard drives set up, slid the DVD drive forward to make it easier to swap the IDE cable and pressed power. I immediately noticed an odd light behind controller port one followed by wisps of smoke. Yeah. My special edition skeleton smoke xbox was losing its smoke! I immediately pulled the power cord out. Pictures show what I found. This capacitor is supposed to be attached forward of the clock cap, but had literally fried. I'm not sure if the leaky clock cap caused a short, or if while sliding the dvd drive forward, I did something to it. What do you all think? I can get another board easy enough, but I kind of want to keep the original board in it if possible. Where would you start as far as evaluating the damage and then repairing the board? Lastly, thanks for the help y'all have already given me through old posts I've found about softmodding a NTSC-J xbox!
  9. zono

    The Warriors

    Hi, I have a pal Xbox that's soft modded, which has a Hard drive full of NTSC games. Have been going through them one at a time and testing if they load, I have fixed many and all that's left to get working is the warriors, but am not having any luck. Does anyone know of a fix for this game, or maybe a patch, its keeps saying disc read error.
  10. Hi I did mod one of my 1.0s with the stellar hhdplus and the stm works so far sadly "EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA4 YD" does only really work if I press eject Cerbios has no problem with booting up, but only shows picture when the hdd has been read. Gruß Edit: I use a cheap U4 adapter.
  11. Hello Xbox friends. I plan to play Shenmues 1 to 3 (father of all open world games by Yu Suzuki and SEGA) on macOS and Windows and want to use a controller that's as close to the Dreamcast as possible (I understand the Xbox is popularly known as the spiritual successor of the Dreamcast with Microsoft collaborating on Windows CE on the Dreamcast), also I like that it's big and won't cramp my hands but will an Xbox 360 USB breakaway cable work with the Xbox "Duke" controller flawlessly? Do they have the same exact pinouts? Thank you in advance. God bless, Revelation 21:4
  12. I successfully updated the UrlDownloader, but when I tried to download / update DVD2XBox I had an error mentioning Google ... So I'm a bit nervous, is it safe to update XBMC4Games from to at the moment or is it better to wait for the Google situation to be resolved ?
  13. OK... Just starting a separate thread for my next project. I mentioned it in a different thread... but figured better to keep info in one place dedicated for this project. It's a remake of my ArdPromSD project. With the ArdProm... it was limited by program space. I am remaking it with a different MCU to allow more program/variable space. This gives me more room to add to the previous project. One benefit of the remake is only applicable to rev1.6 MBs... will only power on when xbox is powered on instead of being on immediately when plugging in the board. What I have so far (basically all of the ArdPromSD features): Read EEPROM and save to SD card (each read saves a different file name) Read BIN file from SD and write it to EEPROM Things left to do: Feedback (in form of LEDs like before) Reset button EEPROM data decrypting (hoping... will save encrypted data in plain text. This will also allow me to save the eeprom.bin as <serial number>.bin so if you can backup a few xbox's and know which eeprom backup is to which xbox) Really hoping the last one will pan out... I will try my hardest. I plan on shrink the board a bit as well. The downfall... some of the parts will be a handful to hand solder... so DIY'ers may have some trouble. I do plan to open source it eventually I'll post updates here when I have them. Now that I have it working as stated above... I'll get to designing the PCB and ordering everything to try out. I'm hoping to have prototype Hardware up and running within 2 months (china timeframe dependent).
  14. Hi does the spi2par2019 for the xenium work with the newheaven oled? or should I stick with a normal lcd? OLED-Modul Gruß
  15. Hello! After months of focusing primarily on the Nintendo Wii, the Electron Shepherd team has just released a new product that we are thrilled to share: the Xbox2HDMI module! This tiny, power-packed module takes in the Component video and digital audio output from the Original Xbox and outputs an HDMI signal with embedded Dolby Digital Surround Sound (if that audio setting is enabled in your Xbox’s settings). This module utilizes a fully custom PCB with a higher quality, next generation IC compared to what is typically used on the widely available Wii2HDMI and VGA2HDMI modules that are readily available online. If you are not happy with those modules, then you will absolutely be happy with these. This module efficiently supports the 480i, 720p, and 1080i resolutions that are default to the original Xbox. These units can be bought with ease on our store located here: https://electron-shepherd.com/xbox2hdmi/ Please let use know if you have any questions about this or any other product we currently offer! - Shane from Electron Shepherd LLC https://twitter.com/ElectronShep
  16. Can I make money out of making and selling original games for the console? The games will have original assets and settings to avoid copyright and will be sold with decent prices so I thought it was a good idea. But is it legal to do it? Meerjel01
  17. Hey guys, so anyways I just got nxdk setup already on my windows laptop, but I want to write an emulator for the Xbox badly but how do I go from there? What programming languages does nxdk support? Should I write a basic emulator just to learn sdl2 or port a existing emulator over?
  18. I have found three different versions. The one on EmuXtras is 5.0a and the one posted here and on gamebrew is 5.1f. But I for some reason have a v5.2 on my hdd since 2021. Don't even remember where I got that from. I tried the 5.1f version and it seems there's quite a lot of difference the startup intro for example isn't the pixel styled one but the handrawn one in 5.1f. Is it available on XBMC4Gamers Download section? I can't check becauee I don't have a way to connect my Xbox to the internet atm.
  19. There is a new program called Pandora by Team Resuegent You can use Pandora to browse and download files from xbins. No false positives anymore with auto-xbins and the windows virus scanner. It supports windows, osx and linux You can find the program here: https://github.com/Team-Resurgent/Pandora
  20. When downloading any packages to your computer there is still a default .xbe in them. and all Xbox apps/games have a default.xbe they have to or you cannot ever launch anything Instead of a .exe which the computer reads for launching programs and apps, the xbox has a .XBE XBOX Executable. The XB stands for XBOX and the E stands for executable. Anyway I downloaded the Gamers - Emustation Artwork Stuff from the following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a3ZaFTuuu5L7lDbnOjmA5tlHhrwpWFKC?usp=sharing Which is the link found in this topic: I am now going to copy and paste an exact quote from the Topic Creator: Yet there isn't a single default.xbe anywhere in that package which means there is no possible way to run the installer at all. Furthermore the xbox reads the following extensions for images png - jpg - tbn - bmp (The proper dashboard still has to be used as some dashboards cannot read certain image files.) Anyway after looking through the package, there isn't any proper file extensions for the xbox to read either. Someone needs to create the proper picture formats so the dashboards can read it and say what dashboard those pictures go with, place those pics in the properly named folder, .rar that folder, and uploaded it. All someone needs to do then is download it, unpack the .rar file, and copy the folder that has all the pictures in it, onto the proper section of the xbox. Right now there isn't even a way to run any of this off a disk or the HDD. it's a complete shit show with no clear simple easy instructions. I shouldn't have to still connect the xbox to the net to download what I already have just to get it to run. This whole thing is a major and complex mess.
  21. This Xbox had one issue of being placed in a different case and shorting. I replaced the faulty 2T transistor and all was working. Voltages were normal on all rails. I then was getting glitchy video on composite cable so I changed the large caps on the board and the video issue went away. It powered on and work fine all day. Even would power cycle multiple times without issue and run stable with any game I threw at it or just stay running for hours. The next day it would not power on at all. I changed the two large output caps on the PSU and reseated the modchip and it booted and ran perfectly so I played Doom3 for a few hours without issue. Shutdown normally. Next day it would not power on again.
  22. Howdy! Long time follower of the forums and well this is my first post ever on the site. Finally got me a modded original NTSC Xbox from eBay after years of not owning one. Loving it! Mostly playing Halo2 on XLinkKai. My only issue with it is that who ever modded it and sold it to me on eBay removed the iconic classic flubber intro boot, all it has is just this blame and dull blue Xbox logo during boot and nothing else. I mean it's cool and I guess, but anyway I can get the flubber screen back? Kind of a sucker for the nostalgia, also figure this would be an excellent way to find my way around the machine and get familiar w the different types of software and methods. I know it's something to do with the BIOS, just haven't found any leads in what to do and all the information i used to frequent back in the day is gone or anything I find is obscure with no instructions and I'm afraid to mess anything up with out guidance. I'd really appreciate the help or any kind leads for this little "project". Thanks in advance! Keep the OG Xbox scene alive
  23. I've been working on a python app that's sort of a replacement for extract-xiso, plus some other features like CSO compression/decompression, iso scrubbing, attach xbe generation, and batch processing. I have it done for the most part besides being able to write a new xiso from a game folder, which I'd consider a pretty important thing to be able to do. This seems like the most complex task extract-xiso handles and the code for that program is honestly pretty hard for me to follow (I'm not fluent in C and it doesn't appear to be super well organized) so I'm looking for some more resources on the xiso format, how it's laid out, constraints, specs, and such.
  24. Is this even something you can do? Or would I waste my time trying? I have two xboxes waiting to softmod>tsop, the disc drives in both are fugged so I can't use my mechassault disc. I'm wondering if the softmod can be performed from a digital copy of the game on the hard drive + hard drive copy of the exploit game save, all while running on a modchip.
  25. Hey guys and gals, so anyways I’m just wondering if the original Xbox can ftp to Linux distros (Ubuntu, steamos, Debian)? I was just wondering because I want to transfer files off my steam deck but idk how to transfer them so I’m just asking how I can transfer files from the deck to the Xbox.

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