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About Me

  1. Hello to everyone in this forum, i am a new user here but a nearly lifelong fan of the OG Xbox, it was my first experience with a games console and it will always hold a place in my heart for that, but after having a few systems throughout my childhood, i thought i should seriously look into getting a system, one that will be the best fit for my needs, i know theres several different revisions but i'm thinking what i want my console for is probably very niche compared to most other users. So i'd feel like asking for my needs which revision is personally the best fit for me? So to start, what i want to do with my console is obviously play the games but i also want to watch DVDs on it (Yeah i still like to watch DVDs, they're just the most convenient method for me) and i liked using the ripping CDs feature for putting my favorite songs in certain games, so i'd like to do that, basically... i'm just gonna want something that will reliably play discs. As for modding, i am not interested much in mods, i havent really ever done any mods before, i did purchase a soldering set so in the future i could do things like that for many systems but really i dont think i'd be comfortable with opening one up, although knowing the whole clock capacitor problem i might have to. So if i had to do any modifications to the console it would only really be simple stuff to enhance the vanilla XBOX experience, obviously the caps but perhaps if its possible maybe a slightly larger hard drive for lots of music and game saves, just really nothing special or crazy, but i'm open to suggestions on recommended mods and tricks for my relatively mundane wants for an XBOX from the research i've done (and are still working on) i think the V1.4 revision from what i hear is good, but i think its in my best interest to ask people who truly know the system, i am aware of things like the early thompson drives as well as the previously mentioned caps issue but i want to be able to know what the best option is for me. Thank you
  2. Is this power supply multivolt? A friend gave me this power supply and it worked on a 220v outlet despite it saying 100-127v. This power supply doesn't look like it's been modded. I have other power supplies of the same model and I've been using a 110v to 220v transformer with them.
  3. So two months ago I was really enjoying playing doom on my Xbox via Odamex and found out that it can also directly be run through the use of shortcuts. So I made some shortcuts for the wads that I wanted to play and put them in a folder. When I tried to add artwork (_resources) to it they don't show up at the hombrew screen but inside of the folder (also it doesn't show the name of the folder) : Now I don't think this is supported but I wanted to know if there's a way to pull it off. Xbmc probably requires a default.xbe inside the folder for it to not get recognized as "just a folder" and show the name and artwork. What I was thinking is that would be possible to make it read some dummy xbe and use that to recognize the folder's name and artwork? (But then launching the shortcuts might not be possible) Also for some reason it reads the _resources folder as an item and it's subdirectories as well. (If there's a way to make xbmc ignore/don't do this that would be great as well) : https://i.postimg.cc/7PM1FTMc/IMG-20231124-134650.jpg (Shortcuts works fine tho)
  4. hi so rather that downloading the massive version i opted to add stuff to the lite version only problem is when i added say n64 or psx roms/isos to the correct folders it doesn't reflect in coinops what am i doing wrong?
  5. Hello everyone. I’ve modded a few Xbox 360s and want to take on the task of modding an original Xbox. I see a really good priced xbox but it’s in PAL format. My question is if I mod it with a stellar chip and HDMI+ will the console output in 1080i? I know the PAL format doesn’t support it. I know if I mod the console it won’t be region locked so I’ll be able to play ntsc games on it. If play NTSC games on the PAL modded system with HDMI will it support 1080i? Thanks for the help.
  6. Thief (USA) works both on Xemu and my Xbox. Thief (Europe) works only on Xemu, freezes at loading first level on my Xbox. What is the issue, i have Xbox PAL 1.6 with Evox shouldnt thief (europe) also work on my Xbox?
  7. I have hard modded xbox with aladin chip is there a guide to installing new dashboard to xbox
  8. Q1 after you finshed your Tsop you must put Hexen disc to boot your xbox, How if my BIOS was noDVD? And how noDVD BIOS works? Q2, i flashed yesDVD and i want to reFlashed to noDVD without make any crouppted thing or any problems
  9. Hello everyone and thanks for any help! Question is on a s29al016d70tfi010 vs 020. I know the difference is 010 top boot and 020 bottom boot. Will 020 sub for a 010? from the data sheets I’ve looked at I know the. S29al016d / s29al016j are compatible with the am29lv and mbm29lv. Thanks again
  10. I'll write the whole story to avoid any misunderstanding. There are 2 Xbox xonsoles involved. I softmodded the first Xbox (1.6 model) years ago with SID 5.11 or 5.12 using Splinter Cell. Then, years after (in 2020...), I used @Rocky5 1.1.7 softmodding disc to upgrade from the old sofmod (I used the apposite option). Everything was fine. The Xbox PSU died, so I bought a second Xbox (it should be a 1.2). I softmodded it with 1.1.9 Rocky softmodding tool (using Splinter Cell PAL, as with the previous Xbox). Thus I used the eeprom backup to lock the HDD (1TB SATA HDD full of games) I had in my previous Xbox, to the new console (I use xboxHDM 2.3 USB for locking/unlocking from PC, it perfectly works using a old 2.0 IDE/SATA to USB adapter). Finally I installed the new HDD into the new Xbox (just connected it without changing anything else for testing...) and got error 13/14/21... I thought the Rocky5 1.1.7 softmod on the HDD could be the problem (i'm not much expert, maybe the softmod was installed in a different way on the 1.6 and couldn't work on this 1.2 Xbox), So I formatted C Drive on PC and installed the clean 5960 Dashboard. It didn't solved. After all this mess I thought to replace the original 40 wires IDE cable with the 80 wires one I was using on the previous Xbox. That was the only problem, the 1TB SATA III 2,5" HDD could't work correctly with the old 40 wires IDE cable. In conclusion, now the HDD is perfectly working but it is pratically unmodded. What should I do now now? Take into account these two things: 1. As I said I didn't actually uninstalled the softmod. I simply formatted C Drive and put clean 5960 dash on it (using XboxHDM and FATXplorer from PC). 2. The HDD is full of games on F and G Drives and also has a lot of gamesaves, DLCs, applications and dashboards on E Drive which I don't want to delete. Can I simply use Splinter Cell 1.1.9 normal softmod installation? E Drive will be safe?
  11. I cannot seem to figure out where to place the Cerbios animation files and how to structure the .ini file to point at them. My other question is where to put the XMV player. I guess I need someone to explain it like I was a child or their golden retreiver! Help!
  12. I'm trying to write a bitstream to a spare Aladdin XT2 Plus modchip with a knock-off USB Blaster. The USB Blaster in question is one that came with an AliExpress FPGA dev board. It looks like an official product, literally says "USB Blaster" and "Altera" on the sticker. One of those knock-offs. I only mention this because it could pertain to the issue. The github page linked says to externally power the modchip, which I am doing. I've found that if I connect 3.3v from an Adafruit trinket and leave the 3.3v line from the USB Blaster connected, I am able to run `urjtag` on Linux, connect the USB Blaster, and run the `detect` command. This reads out the device ID and hangs. I give the process a `SIGINT` and it segfaults. Seems promising, but I don't trust this to write the configuration to the chip. Possibly an issue with `urjtag`, but I can always debug that myself. Should the USB blaster be providing 3.3v while there is an external source providing 3.3v? This doesn't make sense to me, but it's the only way I've been able to get a partially successful ID from the Lattice chip. I also have this power supply. It takes my 12v wall wart and gives me some nice 3.3v headers. I've double checked with a multimeter and it seems to do what it says. When I power with this, it does bad things to the USB Blaster. I tried first without the 3.3v line from the USB Blaster and again with the 3.3v line connected. Both times, the USB Blaster is not even detected by my computer. It takes a minute or two of being unplugged before the USB Blaster is recognized by my computer again. This particular power supply has an on/off switch. I can switch it to off, plug in power leads to the modchip, and this still messes up the USB Blaster. It won't be detected even though the external power source is turned off. What could be causing this? Completely out of scope, I've heard that the Xecuter 3 uses a Lattice chip in the same LC4XXX family. From what I understand, they scrubbed the markings on the CPLD and made it look like an Actel chip to make cloning more difficult. There's a schematic publicly available, but from what I can tell, it requires transplanting chips from a working Xecuter 3. I seem to recall hearing that they locked the chips during manufacturing so the configuration / bitstream couldn't be copied. Does anyone have any recollection of this?
  13. so can i flash the og bios to the tsop? i used flashbios to flash evox but i don't remember if the og bios file is in there if you ask why, well i have an smartxx with bunch of bios banks so don't need the tsop to have another custom bios
  14. some game saves are tied to the individual xbox's hdd key. so wouldn't nulling the key mess up some game saves?
  15. Hi I recently got steel battalion good as new for 300 buck and I'm stuck at mission 4 for now but my question is about the song we've got in the boom box is it possible to play my own song? BTW I'm looking for a live version I got the campaign only version of anyone have it I'm interested thank you.
  16. I have a sata hard drive that is compatible with the xbox, along with the little converter board needed. I also have a new 40 pin / 80 wire ribbon cable for the sata HDD. When I do the initial hot swap of the ribbon cable from the DVD drive, do I use the original one in the Xbox or the new one? I ask because I tried the new one and it seemed to boot up fine while both hdd's are powered on with a y splitter Molex. Now when i ran chimp, it seemed to start ok but then it just froze up and didn't go any further. It started and got to those first initial error text (which is normal on doing this I believe). However it just sat there and didn't prompt me to press a button to proceed any further. So I wasn't sure if there was any steps I missed. I was following this tutorial
  17. Hi everyone I just have bought an Xbox with this modchip but I´m a little bit confused about what can I do with this modchip.Is there any modified dashboard or I have to install it myself?what are the functionalities of X-Changer? a little bit of help would be appreciate it
  18. So I was looking back into Xbox emulation to see how it has progressed, and Xemu claims it can play 62% of the games library now. I was reading up on how it works and you can command line load an iso, but it doesn't support compressed isos so I'm not interested in that method. It does also support Xbox hard drive images however, and custom dashes. I'm curious if anyone has used xboxhdm to create a hard drive image with one of the hard drive ready rom sets out there and a custom dash to play them in Xemu? Xemu doesn't specifically piece this all together for you on the website, but it seems that should work. Either way I'm going to try it, but just didn't know if anyone knows.
  19. I started playing Full Spectrum Warrior after picking up a copy at a local game store, and I've got a weird issue. It seems the game wants me to jam the buttons all the way down for them to register in the game. Considering you have to press a button every time you issue an order, this means I'm constantly jamming the buttons down at a force that feels uncomfrotable, and it makes me misinput (as in actually miss inputs) rather often, because I don't naturally "bottom out" the buttons like that. My question is if this is normal behavior for the game, as in the programmers intentionally or unintentionally programmed face button inputs to only register at full pressure, or if this is an issue involving my hardware/software. Game is running on a 1.6 softmod, downloaded to hard drive with DVD2Xbox, tested with OEM controllers with tested inputs. Unable to test on my chipped 1.4 as it's down some repairs.
  20. When I enable 720p in the launcher, shit howdy it looks nice, but its being stretched to widescreen... And I HATE that. Anybody know a way to force 4:3?
  21. Hi everyone - I just successfully finished my XBOX HDMI+ install with open xenium. I was able to get the patched bios working following these instructions: https://github.com/MakeMHz/xbox-hd-plus/blob/master/patches/README.md#xbox-kernel-patches-kpatch---xboxhd My only issue is in-game reset lo longer works? Does anyone know a solve to this? Is it possible for me to patch my new bios with LBA48 v3 to restore this function?
  22. Hello I've been and bought an xbox, Normally i'd mod these myself either Tsop or Aladdin / Similar Mod chip This one however has an AMD Duo x2. I am wondering what Bios I can stick on it? A bit of googling says x2 3035.63 would be fine but I have the OGXBox 2021 PC Tool Set (25.Mar.2021) and have a ton of Bios to choose from, I normally use X2 3035.137 on a 1.0/1.1 Motherboard or a 512 Bank Mod chip, This one has a Single 512kb? Thanks in advance.
  23. I was given two broken original Xbox consoles to try and fix. After fixing the issues with one of them, I tried to test it. As I didn't have a controller for it I bought an adapter like the one in the picture (Adapter) to try and use either a USB arcade stick or one of my wired controllers for PC, Xbox 360, or Xbox One. I eventually bought a controller for it as I could not get anything to work with this adapter. So I am wondering, does this adapter serve any purpose? Has anybody gotten an arcade stick kit like the one in the second picture to work on the original Xbox?
  24. So i've bought a nice chip called a Jafar, a Rebuild of the Aladdin. It has 3 Banks. 1 512k, 1 256k and 1 256k with Xblast ( Autoboots ) Fitted this and it all works a charm, Now i'm thinking I might also Tsop it. Its a 1.4 Board. Could I simply solder the tsop points on the 1.4 board, Boot the chip into Xblastos which gives the option to flash the Tsop as well as the other 2 banks and flash it? Or would I need to look at removing some of the Chip? Maybe the g0 gound?
  25. What is the average temperature of a modded Xbox (at boot and after playing for 1 hour, just an example ) ? Does the temperature get higher if games are played from HD or discs ? What to do if it's too high / how to change the fan settings to reduce the temperature (in Slayers 1.7 or other dashboards like XMBC or Unleash, etc...) ? Is there any other setting to check in order to keep the temperature stable or lowest as possible?

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