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  1. First say hello to the members! After years i found my xbox again . I have a 1.0 with a xecuter 1 modchip and i replaced the dvd drive to a Samsungs SD 616. I thought i would be nice to have a modifed box with more than my 80GB HDD. So tried my best. I solderd out the old modchip, replaced it with a cheap aladdin from aliexpress an removed the capacitor for the clock. Now i have the problems. I got an error 16 when i started up the box. No EvoX logo is shown on the screen. No DVD like OGXbox Installer ist working so far. The led on the modchip ist red when turned on. I tried this with the old cable and old hdd. I think the modchip is not working. What are the possible problems? Did I some mistakes with soldering? Is the modchip garbage? Should i flash the chip out of the modchip. If this is correct. Witch cheap programmer should i use. Thanks for your help!. eisbier
  2. Hello! For those people with a Xenium modchip, I have made an open source recreation of a legacy adaptor that allowed you to use extremely common and cheap HD44780 compliant character LCD displays with the Xenium modchip SPI interface. The legacy adaptor was called 'SPI2PAR' and has long since been out of production and extremely hard to come by. The old website actually still works for now (http://cheaplpc.com/xenlcd/) if you want to see what it was all about. This design and info is all on my github page https://github.com/Ryzee119/spi2par2019 It does everything the old one does I believe (although I never had one), but it also can read the Xbox SMBus directly with a couple extra wires to the LPC header for temperatures from the ADM1032 onboard temperature chip and fan speed which are displayed and updated on the LCD mid-game. It can also read the Conexant and Focus video chips to work out was resolution your game is running at which is displayed on the LCD aswell. (This doesnt work on a 1.6 though due to the Xcalibur chip) XBMC can already display these, but these extra SMBus features will only apply when you're in a game or program that doesn't normally support LCD. Works best on a 20x4 character display.
  3. Introduction: All new XeniumICE modchip design inspired by the original Xenium GOLD. Edge connector for easy programming along with a purpose built XeniumPGR. Plenty of connectors to support further addons, RGB and LCD display as for example. Small and compact multilayer PCB design, only a little larger than an Aladdin modchip. The modchips in the above image are the prototypes, final design will have gold immersion (ENIG) finish and are currently in production. Coming soon...
  4. So I have an executer 3ce chip that is missing the reset/eject adaptor. I have the cable that connects To the chip I just need to know which wires, that are connected to the eject/reset buttons on the Xbox, to splice into. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. The Cheapmod Mini is a modchip in a small form-factor for the Original Xbox. Based off the Cheapmod schematics, the chip comprises of a single 49LF020 (256k) LPC flash to fit (1 x 256k) custom BIOS. Features: 256k LPC flash fitted for (1x256k) custom BIOS (e.g. Cerbios). Compatible with almost any Xbox revision - from 1.0 to 1.6b. Boot imports, backups and DVDs region free without any restrictions. Running unsigned code such as homebrew and multimedia players. Installation of a custom dashboard (e.g. UnleashX). Easy to upgrade the HDD (no HDD locking required). Very easy to install - just plug-and-play via pin header. Low-cost and affordable. Free and open-source. GitHub repository: https://github.com/m4x10187/cheapmod-mini
  6. Hello, I have had a1.4 xbox with a duox modchip (v1) and I'm a little confused about how I can flash it. I bought this xbox pre chipped 15+ years ago and I've never touched anything past keeping exox dashboard updated. I took it out of storage after a good few years, I would guess I've not used it bar the odd nostalgic game session (It's part of a setup in my living room with an OG xbox a 360 and a series x on shelves) in around 10 years so I have no idea what the latest best things are. Also the xbox came with an 80GB hard drive installed. I have purchased a xbox-HDMI adapter (powered by usb) because my TV has 3 hdmi ports and that's it. literally nothing else. This works. I have an issue with my dvd drive in that the band need replacing, can't get more for a another 2 weeks. In the meantime is it possible to flash the chip without a disc? some places seem to say I must have a dvd and others allude to not needing a disk. I've been researching this for hours and just decided to ask on here. it works ok but I didn't flash the bios so I have never done it before. I was looking at increasing the capacity further but may need a bios flash. in avox settings the BIOS is unknown. So in short, what is the "goto" Bios and dashboard nowadays? Is it possible to do without a DVD drive? Could I do it by stripping the xbox DVD drive putting a disk in and reassemble? If I desperately need to? Bit drastic but I can't do anything for a few weeks. A bit of a bonus question. I had a game of FIFA 2003 last night and it played strange. Like it was sped up. Best description is like an emulator running at 1.5-2x speed. Some games don't boot. I don't know where to start with testing it. If anyone has an idea I'd appreciate it. EDIT: So I've backed up using evox. FTPd it to my PC. I noticed a bios folder. It has 3 files "EvolutionX M7 Bios.nfo" "EvoxM7_ef.bin" and "EvoxM7.bin" I can guess which previous version was. Can I just replace them and flash latest bios from evox launcher then?
  7. Hi to everyone. I have my original Xbox since when i was a kid and i remember of having it modified after some time. Some years ago i have removed the clock capacitor to preserve it, but recently i decided to change the hard drive and i discovered that i have several other bulged capacitors. For this reason, i want to recap the whole motherboard but then i discovered that the modchip is glued right under some of these leaking cap. From what i understand this is a very old modchip since it is soldered to a lot of points under the motherboard. What modchip could be ? It has also a switch to turn it off and booting strainght into the original dashboard. I was thinking of removing it to install a better modichip or to do a TSOP flashing. Do you think that i can remove it safely ? Before removing it, is it possible to use it to do a softmod or it is necessary to use a savegame exploit ? Otherwise what modichip could be a suitable choice ? I was interested in the OpenXenium project but these boards are pretty expensive here in Europe. The board should be a 1.4 revision since it has the Focus video chip. Thanks for all the Help.
  8. My 1.2 has had a borked TSOP for the longest time, I've been using an Aladdin XBlast to make up for it but I know someone who could make better use of that modchip while I would rather go back to a flashed TSOP. I know that some chips have features for TSOP recovery such as the XBlast Lite, but I haven't seen any of those for sale in a local capacity. Does anyone know what other options I may have here?
  9. For sale a Aladdin Xblast 1mb modchip. 512kb bank is flashed with M8+ 1.6 with LBA48 version 3 support Asking $25 CAD Canada Post standard shipping only! included in price. Canada Only! e-transfer only! PM if interested thanks.
  10. Hi, I have a 1.4 revision Xbox which is modchipped with a generic Aladdin XT Plus2, it was modified many years back and was working normally when put away, Now when I turn it on, I get 1 green flash followed by red flashing of the LED. It does not matter the modchip I use which are all Aladdins, and have been proven tested/working in other consoles. The power LED initially flashes green once and then red. No video/audio on TV. I should add, it is only the left half of the LED that is flashing. I suspected it was due to the trace rot repair, but reversing this did not help. It was working normally when put away. The console powers up without even the front panel buttons connected. No solder splashes that I can see. Attempting to reverse the mod entirely (removing D0 point grounding and chip) I get FRAG.
  11. Want to know where I can source the modchip if I decide to use one? I want to avoid border fees so that is why I want to know if anyone in Canada sells them? Just as a backup plan.
  12. Can someone help me identify this Modchip, and what is that "chip" betwen the wiring. The box is a v1.1
  13. I found my old Xbox OG in a cupboard and decided I fancied getting it out and playing some old games I had. It boots up to the old dashboard I had (Avalaunch 0.49.3) and games play etc. Reading the latest on the new features of the Xbox OG Modding scene, I see I can now put much bigger HDDs into it as well as some other features such as Cerbios CCIs etc. I'd like to update my BIOS but I can't get into XeniumOS (XOS) to flash the Cerbios .bin - The OpenXenium BIOS utility by MakeMHz says I am on an older version and need to be on 2.5 at least, but I cannot get there either. I've read that powering on with Eject can reboot to XOS or holding the white button (small problem that I don't have the original controllers anymore and am using a Brook Wingman XB2, so maybe that prevents the white button [Left Trigger] being detected at startup). Its such a long time since I did all this I have forgotten everything I learned back when I modded it LOL My aim is to have all my games on a single HDD and use xbmc4gamers|xbmc-emustation as a nice menu system to choose.
  14. i opened up my xbox and noticed this modchip and was wondering if it would be causing my issue. it will attempt to power on 3 times and on that third time it will start flashing orange and red.
  15. Scored a 1.0 on eBay for repair. The current HDD doesn't spin at all and needs to be replaced and that's the only problem. But I found this WEIRD SST carriage(is what I'm calling it. It's just hooked up straight to the lpc) and I've never seen it before. Have you guys? It's solderless and it works, it has the X2 bios on it. I don't know if I should try to flash it with the OGXbox installer disk or just do an XBlast lite install since it DOES have the 1meg TSOP and would be able to take advantage of the TSOP management features. Any thoughts?
  16. hi just a quick question. i have installed aladdin xt plus 2 modchip it all went very well put it all back together and turned it on dashboard comes on yes i can see evox logo sorted. i started messing with settings not really knowing what i was doing now when i turn it on all i get is the xbox turns itself on and off twise and then nothing what can i do ?. help.
  17. Hi, I've found a Xbox with a Duo-X modchip installed. When booting it says Executer2 with the blue logo. It doesn`t recognize all the partitions on my 500GB S-ATA harddrive, so I would like to flash the BIOS. I tried flashing through the EvoX dashboard and also with Xblast OS, but both aren`t working (I tried Cerbios and M8plus). Normally I can flash almost everything through Xblast. In the EvoX dashboard it says the Flash isn`t writeable (Manufacturers ID 09, Device ID 00). I can`t find anything regarding write protection. From the info the current kernel version is 1.00.4979.67
  18. Hello. I posted about this a while back on Reddit but eventually I gave up and softmodded instead. However, it's kinda ... what's the word for it... irritating to have a non-working modchip as I want to have a backup plan incase my DVD Drive fails, or the other NTSC Xbox that I unintentionally potentially killed by swapping its 1.6b Board into a translucent 1.4 case and 1.4 power supply (EU 230V)... (yeah not proud of that) comes to life. I have no way of confirming if it still works as I have no step down voltage converter, BUT if it does, it'll have no DVD Drive. The plan is, I want to get this modchip working first, if possible. I've tried resoldering the wires, the modchip itself, and it won't work. No evo logo, nothing. All it does is play original games. Motherboard is a 1.4 according to UnleashX. Here's a picture: https://imgur.com/1MME9Nc Is it dead? I assume it used to work before, as it was installed when I received the console (got it for really cheap, had error 7, swapped dvd drive and it works). Is anything looking out of the ordinary?
  19. Hi guys As i explained in new member topic (thats what i am) i already have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I picked up a 1.4 Ogxob with a (very old ?) duox v1 modchip. I can read on tis forum many posts about the duox2 version that has 512k banks. What i would like to know is does this v1 modchip has the same size 512k or 256k. The modchip is working fine. Is there a way to find out what bios it has ?.Just out of curiosity if for any reason i have to reflash a (newer) bios. When booting the xboxlogo (which is blue) it reveals on the bottom of the screen xececuter 2. When i load OGxbox installer 2021 i see Kernel 1.00.5838.01.My sata 500gb hdd is detected and f and g partions available. Advice for this newbie would be much appreciated.
  20. I'm looking for a smartxx modchip any revision any condition
  21. I've a Xbox v1.2 - 1.5. I know you can TSOP it, but I like the options a modchip brings. So, I soldered the LPC pinheader, a wire from D0 to ground (screwhole) and a wire on the Aladdin XT PLUS2 XT 4032 chip from the BT to the other pad. Now when turning on the Xbox it FRAGs. The led on the modchip is on. When I remove the modchip (I didn`t remove the LPC header or the D0 to ground wire, only the modchip from the header) the FRAGing exists. Before I soldered the modchip, the Xbox was working fine. Some photo's from my soldering job. I also tested from the top of the board the D0 point and my meter beeps on all the screwplates, so that looks fine. Also the LPC pinheader looks good. So I'm a bit frustrated because of this issue. https://imgur.com/a/3IRniGb Above the pinheader you'll see some flux residu, I've taken care of that after the photo's. Is there a way to double check the connections from the pins and the back of the board to somewhere on the board?
  22. I bougth broken og xbox 1.6 for repairs when i try boot xbox he blinks green lights three times and then flashing red/green .i open up and see that xbox was modded with super aladin modchip live when i delsoder wires from modchip xbox boot up with error code 05 so i redo soldering on xbox and i saw that there was not cut trace u7c1 so i cut and xbox begins again fraging here picture of soldering lpc and modchip what do next did i need buy new modchip swap or console is not fixable https://ibb.co/JsmkYR2 https://ibb.co/yFBtCPR https://ibb.co/pdxkJRN
  23. Hi, I pulled out my OG Xbox which was modded by someone back in 2002/2003 with the xecuter 2 modchip. It ceased working about 5 years ago and my brother-in-law said the 128 gb HHD stopped working. I'm trying to bring it back from the dead but having issues. I booted it and with the mod chip off I get error message 21. When chip is on it goes to this custom screen but can't launch into any of the loaded games or emulators and freezes. I bought a new 1Tb SSD and got the 80 wire ribbon cable and the ide to sata startech adapter. When I start it up with this I get error message 16 and it won't launch with a truehexen 2021 burned disk. Do I need to reflash the bios files on the xecuter 2 chip? Any help is appreciated
  24. Hello I have a Duox2 lying here. Unfortunately, it cannot be deleted or flashed again. It appears to be an original one. There were also many clones. I have a few of those and they can be flashed via flasher disk or xblast. Unfortunately not this one. I'm at a loss. Maybe one of you has an idea.
  25. Hi all, Sorry if this is the wrong section but not sure if this is softmod or tsop so put it here. After having help to update my original xbox (thank you) I have since found the first unit that wife bought me in 2002. I thought it had been softmodded and slayers installed. Today I opened it up as I want to fit a 200gb sata hdd that I have spare and was surprised to see that it has had some kind of chip fitted in the past. It's a lot of years since this was last used and tbh I don't remember having a modchip. It has the stock hard drive and the manufacture date of sept 2002. It has Evox M7 and dash is +3921 if that is of any help. I just need to know if I am safe to carry on and install the 500gb hdd. If anyone can work out what has been done originally I would love to know, from my limited knowledge so far I wondered if it needed a chip fitted temporarily to flash them back then.

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