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  1. KaosEngineer, Thanks for your reply. I thought I sent you a reply yesterday, but I don't see it here, so I apologize for that. In any case, with the help of James Reed, I fixed the problem today. I created a new profile and that resolved the issue.
  2. XBMC4Gamers. In the context menu, Choose Thumb option, I selected No Thumb on a couple of the cards (Apps, Games), which I shouldn't have done. Now, no matter which theme I load, the thumbnails for those cards don't show up. I don't know where the thumbnails for the themes are stored, and I don't know how to clear the "No Thumb" option so the thumbnails will load. I tried doing an update, even though I am running the latest stable release, but it didn't help. Can anyone please point me in the right direction so I can recover from my stupidity. Thanks in advance, Colin
  3. When at the main screen, where the Games, Apps, Homebrew etc. icons are, I press the white button and choose Create Source. I browse to F:\Music\, and select it. I name it Music, hit OK, and go back to the main screen. I now have a new icon, named Music. Inside F:\Music there is a folder with an artist's name. I loaded a couple of music files (wmv, wma) inside it, and I also put the same files in the root of F:\Music. When I click on the Music icon, I see the folder with the artist's name, but no music files. When I click on this folder, the skin reloads. I don't see how to make the music file
  4. Unfortunately, .wmv did not work, neither did. wma. wma, wmv and mp3 all play fine if I click on them from within File Manager, but they are not detected if I click on the icon that links to F:\music. I think there is a fundamental error in my approach, but I can't figure out what it is. I thought maybe I would have to link to the player instead of the music files, but couldn't see how to do that, and didn't know if it would work anyway.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will give that a try.
  6. Hello all, First of all, I want to say once again how much I am enjoying XBMC4gamers. I am just wondering how to play music. I added a source that points to F:\Music, and it shows up as an icon next to all the others (Apps, Games, Homebrew etc.). In F:\Music I placed an album folder, inside which were mp3 tracks. When I click on the Music icon it shows the album, but clicking on that causes the skin to reload, as the mp3s are not seen. If I put the mp3s in F:\music, the same happens. Obviously the system can't detect the music files. is there a way to make this happen, or must I launch th

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