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Found 10 results

  1. Good day all, long time gaming enthusiast, first time modder here. Love what you all have done to keep the scene alive. I've already learned loads from browsing the forums through Google searches, although I would definitely still like to get a better handle on how everything works from a software perspective. Before Covid struck I was basically a clean slate, not even knowing what common terms like TSOP or kernal meant. While I feel I'm still far from knowledgable about any of this, I've put in a lot of legwork over the last few months to teach myself as much about console modding a
  2. Yo, my names Boured, been into the OG XBOX for awhile as it's really the only XBOX I have a connection with as I grew up with it. Been in the XBOX Homebrew Discord for a bit so maybe some people here have seen me, though maybe not, maybe 1-2 people. Currently have a very modded console, TSOP'd and 128MB RAM upgraded, really enjoying it so far. So yeah, nice to meet you all, any questions are fine. I'll just be trying to join in the community.
  3. Hey everyone. I have a couple Xbox consoles and I am hoping to kick start modding and learning to write code through it. I been trying to find a way to learn how to do these things and since I have noticed that hard and soft modding the Xbox consoles seems to be a very versatile thing maybe I can get something out of this. I am glad people are doing this even today. I was hoping that this wasn't going to be another one of those things I want to get into way too late. Glad to be here!
  4. Hello from Australia I recently bought an xbox original to play one of the games I made 20 yeas ago (programmer), I used dev and debug kits, but never owned the original retail xbox. I'm getting up to speed...discovered I have a v1.0 board, the timer cap appears to be previously replaced and leaked for a second time. I've now replaced the cap with 22uf to keep time for a few days - cleaned the cap leakage with IPA (for anyone in AU SupercheapAuto sell 100% Iso alcohol) I'm currently trying to improve visual quality
  5. Hi guys! I've been in the facebook group for a while now, figured i'd get in the forum too, finally got a crystal today (1,6) after wanting one since i was a teenager and seeing one at one of my friend's place! I'm really happy about it and starting the softmod right now! This is my 3rd xbox, the two others are tsop'd regular black ones, i'd like to start doing some case mods eventually too!
  6. Hi, This is Hitman. You can call me Chris. I am a Cyber Security Enthusiast and a Gamer.
  7. Hi, I'm Dorian. I own an Original Xbox Crystal I'm glad to see there's a place like this on the web.
  8. I originally posted this in the Facebook group, but it might be a good thing to keep on the site as well for archival purposes. This is only a general introduction to modifying the original Xbox. It doesn't include specific instructions, but instead just provides an overview to help those who are interested in Xbox modification to understand the basic premise. YouTube and this group are loaded with a wealth of helpful information for more in-depth processes and how-to guides. Consider this merely a starting point to help understand the common references and terminology you'll run into as
  9. hello, my name is ben, and you can call me RetroFan90 (From EmuXtras)/(TheIsoZone) / etc i'm new to this site but i bet i'm gonna like it a lot.. I Have 2 OG Xbox Systems Both v1.6 NTSC-U/C I Have 3 PS3 Systems (2 of which need parts) i have 3 PS2 Fat Consoles (2x SCPH-39001 and 1x SCPH-50010) I have a modded SNES Console (5 Volt Power Supply / RGB with Sync on Green "Component" Video / S-Video / Composite + Stereo RCA Audio + Custom Capacitor Hackjob to Eliminate Trailing Purple Blur on Grayscale Objects) + 22 Games + 2 Controllers (1 Original / 1 Third Party) 1x
  10. Hey Everyone, My name is Myke, I go by N163LPH03N1X on the internet. I guess I can tell you how xbox has influenced me as a person. Back in the day, my grandmother won me a black original Xbox through a "Staples back to school draw give away" and gave it to me on my birthday. This is the first time ever having an Xbox. I eventaully owned Halo 2 and Need for Speed Underground 2 on Christmas and were my first Games, then shortly after Easter came and I got GoldenEye Rogue agent and then I got Dance Dance revolution UltraMix 3 for my next birthday. StepMania is a DDR game on PC Whi

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