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  1. Where do I find the source code?
  2. I guess I just wasn't looking hard enough then. Lol
  3. I could see maybe if you wanted to ensure the best possible condition for the Xbox but other than that there should be no need to for a good while. It would just be extra work.
  4. Usually I only see videos where they replace the clock capacitor. Never really see much about the other ones. But like mentioned before it could be that the bigger ones are for power filtering and are more likely to get damaged due to overheat and use.
  5. Hey everyone. I have a couple Xbox consoles and I am hoping to kick start modding and learning to write code through it. I been trying to find a way to learn how to do these things and since I have noticed that hard and soft modding the Xbox consoles seems to be a very versatile thing maybe I can get something out of this. I am glad people are doing this even today. I was hoping that this wasn't going to be another one of those things I want to get into way too late. Glad to be here!

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