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Found 8 results

  1. is it possible to use something like this for the jewel lighting. https://www.amazon.com/Qasim-White-Circle-Headlight-Plastic/dp/B078Y6MFNB/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=80mm+led+ring+light&qid=1600998204&sr=8-4 Thought it would give a nice even light. i know its more than just a diy leds but for new people like me would be easy and quick
  2. Maybe someone has explored this already but I haven't found anything so far. My idea is to split the SATA connection on a hard drive, connect it to a USB adapter, and have the other end of the adapter connected to a female USB port on the case. If this would work at all, an obvious issue would be powering the drive while the console is off so I'm thinking a SATA to USB y-adapter. 2 ports would need to be plugged in, one data/power and one power. Another (stupid) idea is using the Xbox's power for the drive, hooking up the optical drive's power connections to an external on/off switch to force error 12. Maybe useful for locked drives? Not sure, I'm curious if the HDD would be safe to connect to or even connectable at the error screen while still having the IDE cable plugged in or if a SATA selector/switch would be needed to achieve the same effect of a hotswap. I'm also not sure which of the optical drive's power connections would need to be on the on/off switch to achieve the error, likely not all of them and a 24 connection switch would probably have to be custom so that's a no-go if it is all 12 wires. The other way looks easier/safer and would probably be the only one worth doing. Anyway, the point would be fast read/write speeds without opening the console ever again. Edit: Did some more research and I'm pretty this is impossible since you can't split a hard drives data connection, sad about it
  3. Hello all, I am new to xbox modding. I am just trying to learn more about the software side of modding this console. I have experience modding just about every other console and am now getting into the original xbox. I've installed an openxenium mod chip, and have ordered a 2TB hdd, ide to sata converter, and 80 wire ribbon cable. I'm just trying to get a feel for what the current methods people are using as a lot of information is outdated. Thanks for reading this.
  4. siting here running updates, with dave as my co-pilot, ive been thinking about permanent solutions, not just long term but something we can do once and never muck with it again, and yes im fully aware we can network out and get time untill something changes a site goes dead or we live with a wrong clock..... so the obvious one to me would be to run a set of wires off the clock cap pins out the back of the box and do an external battery backup mounted between the AV and the cat5, but..lets face it, how longs it going to last?, how long would it take to charge?..theres ALOT of variables and too much chance for a dead clock that needs reset me personaly i keep ALL of my vintage consoles on a switch box so that their bricks and power boards dont EVER see voltage unless they are in use, to preserve caps, boards and bricks, and heaven forbid..a power surge of some kind that manages to get past my ups, i figure setup like that my consoles should out live me..i hope, for the guys that dont unplug or kill power, you just replace the cap, or go with a small battery but its got me thinking about not only the xbox but any other unit with a clock cap that could be without power for weeks...months....lets face it we never know what life throws at us so what do we know, ..its a 2.5v cap...but what amps?..if we were to run 2 wires and add a port to the back of the box we should be able to add some manner of small wall wort brick and step down the amps/volts, heck you could use the same wall wort to keep clock voltage on multiple consoles depending on how they are displayed...im not just thinking the X but any/all systems anyway its an idea im tossing out there however dumb it may sound at the moment
  5. if u could put a setting in a mod menu to increase the deadzone for the controllers then that would be awesome. alot of games seem to have super low deadzones and it causes drift unless the controller is brand new.
  6. It's been a while since I had a working XBox to play around with, and I'm a little forgetful of some of the things I can do to customise the various dashboards to my liking. I do remember spending a lot of time playing with values in a config file (don't remember the actual file) for UnleashX to remove unwanted and redundant menu items. This got me thinking about 'adding' menu items to the lists. I have a particular folder hierarchy I like to use for organising my various games folders for my consoles. I used an old telephone keypad layout for the base: |-"Console Name" Games\ |---123\ |---111.ROM |---222.ROM |---333.ROM |---ABC\ |---A\ |---AA1.ROM |---AA2.ROM |---AA3.ROM |---B\ |---BB1.ROM |---BB2.ROM |---BB3.ROM |---C\ |---CC1.ROM |---CC2.ROM |---CC3.ROM |---DEF\ ... and so on. I've come to like this structure, and have most of my games arranged in a similar way. It is relatively easy to navigate to find something specific, yet allows simple browsing, and it looks neat and tidy. As I mentioned above; I used to have my old consoles interface set up so it was minimalist yet still had all the important things I needed to access. As UnleashX builds it's interface from a config file; could I edit the file to restructure the Games list to reflect the folder structure I usually use? I have an example of the type of edit I'd use... Depending on the amount of games per folder I propose two options. 1: <List Text="Games" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="123" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\123</Path> <Path>F:\Games\123</Path> <Path>G:\Games\123</Path> </List> <List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\ABC</Path> <Path>F:\Games\ABC</Path> <Path>G:\Games\ABC</Path> </List> <List Text="DEF" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\DEF</Path> <Path>F:\Games\DEF</Path> <Path>G:\Games\DEF</Path> </List> <List Text="GHI" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\GHI</Path> <Path>F:\Games\GHI</Path> <Path>G:\Games\GHI</Path> </List> <List Text="JKL" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\JKL</Path> <Path>F:\Games\JKL</Path> <Path>G:\Games\JKL</Path> </List> <List Text="MNO" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\MNO</Path> <Path>F:\Games\MNO</Path> <Path>G:\Games\MNO</Path> </List> <List Text="PQRS" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\PQRS</Path> <Path>F:\Games\PQRS</Path> <Path>G:\Games\PQRS</Path> </List> <List Text="TUV" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\TUV</Path> <Path>F:\Games\TUV</Path> <Path>G:\Games\TUV</Path> </List> <List Text="WXYZ" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\WXYZ</Path> <Path>F:\Games\WXYZ</Path> <Path>G:\Games\WXYZ</Path> </List> </List> 2: <List Text="Games" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="A" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\A</Path> <Path>F:\Games\A</Path> <Path>G:\Games\A</Path> </List> </List> <List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="B" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\B</Path> <Path>F:\Games\B</Path> <Path>G:\Games\B</Path> </List> </List> <List Text="ABC" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="C" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\C</Path> <Path>F:\Games\C</Path> <Path>G:\Games\C</Path> </List> </List> <List Text="DEF" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="D" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\D</Path> <Path>F:\Games\D</Path> <Path>G:\Games\D</Path> </List> </List> <List Text="DEF" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <List Text="E" Sort="On" DelayLoad="True"> <Path>E:\Games\E</Path> (... and so on) I'd have the games stored on the XBox's hard drive in the folder hierarchy I usually use. Unfortunately, I no longer have my old XBox, and the one I currently have isn't modded... yet. I'm waiting for the chip I ordered to come. But, as soon as that arrives I already have all the rest of the parts needed (including the drive) to install a 2TB of storage. So, until I get the chip, I can't try this out myself. Once the console is modded I will be spending many hours fiddling with things to see what I can do. I was just looking for some feedback on weather my above idea will work, or if UnleashX has any limitations that won't allow me to do that. Also, is there a simpler method or different lines of code I could use? To be honest, I'm just getting a little antsy as the date of delivery for the chip gets closer. As such I'm having ideas and thoughts about different things I want to try on my console. But, until the chip arrives I'm limited to the planning phase only. Like I said, as soon as the chip arrives and I install it, I'll be like a kid in a toy shop, playing with everything I can (usually until it breaks). Any thoughts on my above idea would be received with appreciation. SH
  7. Hey everyone we over at xbox-hq have been thinking about setting up a once a month tournament were its a cash prize to the winners of the games that we play what are your thoughts on that.
  8. So i sort of have an idea that might or might not work. Since the size of USB drives are becoming bigger and bigger, wouldn't it be a good idea to use a USB drive as hard drive on Hardmodded/tsopped consoles? If you use an IDE2USB converter and use a USB3 extension cord to have an external USB port, you could easily plug in a stick. ofcourse i have no clue how and if the xbox could handle this but if it can, you could read your usb3 drive on a pc and easily add emulators etc on the stick using something like fatxplorer and have multiple "hard drives" that are easily swapped. Thoughts?

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