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  1. Hi everyone. New to the forum here. First I'd like to say thank you to the community for keeping such an awesome gaming device alive! It was my first step into modding and I've been addicted since haha. Anyway... I'm looking for a rom pack with/without emulators that is setup specifically for a stock 8gb HDD softmodded xbox, to be used with FTP or from a disc. I've run into some issues with transferring files via FTP. One has to do with the naming limit, and another is an error I can't figure out. But of the SNES library only, there are about 170 games that won't transfer. So I was looking for a pre-made pack of adjusted names and such that my xbox would take without issues. Not sure if one exists or not. It's a project that would consume a huge amount of my time which is why I'm asking for help. Even if there is a way to batch-rename them, that would work also. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone, I got an Xbox last week (Softmodded, seller did not provide information about how he softmodded it). The HDD is dying. I can read from it but can't write to it, therefore, I can't back up the EEPROM, but I got the HDD key. I was thinking of swapping the HDD but wanted to know if this is possible just with the HDD key using FATXplorer and using FTP to just transfer all the information from the old HDD to the new HDD. The seller is unresponsive, so I can't contact him.
  3. Hi all I have a 1.6 xbox fitted with an Aladdin XT Plus2 which has the correct chip fitted not rebranded clone I want to flash it with cerbios but I'm not experienced with this at all and don't want to get it wrong I have a 2tb sata drive partitioned with fatxplorer ready to go Could someone help me or point me to an accurate guide, all the ones I've checked all seem to do it a different way lol Thanks in advance
  4. I love this skin, so. there's a way to edit xml to xbox boot directly into GAMES tab, i mean, i rarely use any of the other tabs...
  5. Hi everyone. I'm after a little help. I'm running XBMC4Gamers as my default dash on my V1.1 Hard modded Xbox but I'm wanting to load into a stock MS dashboard for insignia purposes. I've downloaded an MS dashboard from the internet but when I run it from file explorer I get a service error screen and I have to shut down to then reboot back to normal. When I navigate to the evodash.xmb in file manager and run that it boots into the unleashed dashboard with no issues so 'm thinking this is the method to use. Am I doing something wrong when trying to use the MS dashboard . Is this the correct method of doing this. if not could someone give me some info on how to do the procedure correctly. I'm am wondering if i've got a bad download of the MS dashboard file or am I using a wrong one. I think I've downloaded the latest one (5960) Does it matter which version I use ? I'm guessing it should be the latest one. Any help would be appreciated Thank you I
  6. Howdy. 8 years ago I bought my OG xbox and tinkered with it a bit - but never really found the time to really delve into it. I was confused by how it would boot differently with the power and eject buttons, I think I had attempted to softmod it before I realised it had a modchip installed and that was why it was doing different things with the different front buttons. I think at the time it might have booted with both buttons but I can't fully remember as it was so long ago. Cut forward to 2024 and I finally had some time to look into it so am trying to get help with the various issues I've encountered. Firstly, it would only boot with the eject button. The power button would go to an EvoX logo but then a black screen. The eject button would load into UnleashX dash. When inspecting the board I noticed some bulging and a leaky cap, so bought a cap replacement kit (as well as a clock cap) to do a recap. I've only a tiny bit of soldering experience so it's a little daunting but I hope I'll be fine with it. I've only soldered a wire in my old NES to make it region free so far, so a complete noob at soldering. I also had planned to replace the thermal paste, as well as the stock fan and run power off the HDD power cable, and upgrade the stock HDD to a 250GB PATA I have handy. I assume I need to redo the HDD to get rid of the softmod. But the fact that the power button doesn't boot worries me a little about that part of the process. I don't have a replacement fan yet so was going to do that later on. Today I opened her up to begin the process of replacing thermal paste and attempting the recap, but I forgot that there was a wire connecting the front buttons to my modchip. I must have accidentally pulled this off the pad when removing the drives to access the motherboard. I have read that you suggest to solder this to the chip itself so that it is permanently enabled, however will this cause me issues down the track since my modchip wasn't booting correctly with the power button? Also the wire used for this was SUPER thin. I have some thicker wire I used for NES to ground the pin on the region lock chip to disable it. Would that work ok to use instead, if I removed the existing wire? Should I just re-solder the eject/power button first to reduce potential issues with testing it out after recapping, replacing HDD etc? I forget which pad it was soldered to. Top left corner of the back of the front panel buttons I think? I can't seem to find instructions online. How should I go about trying to get the chip working - just try installing the new HDD and that should get rid of the soft mod? If I do need to flash the chip, how should I go about that? Sorry for lots of questions, just completely new to this process.
  7. Hello, I’m trying to repair an Xbox Ver 1.1 for a friend. It has a Xenium 0449 05 M2 MT mod installed with a 160 GB HDD. I’m getting a 05 error on boot up. So, I’m assuming its booting with xbox original bios and 05 error has to do with the unlocked 160GB HDD. My question is, what options do I have here. I don’t know if Mod is bad or the HDD has an error. The mod has a red led always on and I don’t know if this is normal. If mod is ok, what options do I have to repair HDD to work with existing Xenium mod.I have checked the D0 wire and it is ok. Thanks
  8. Having an issue with a 1.3 xbox that I've never run in to before that I can't find a solution to. Using this xbox with any type of xblast chip/80 wire ide and any type of ide to sata adapter(including startech), the xbox will not boot the bios no matter what. When I push the power button it will always boot to xblast then I need to manually choose the cerbios bank to boot from and then it works fine. I've tried replacing the modchip with various other xblast type chips, replaced the ide cable, replaced the sata adapter, replaced the HDD, replaced the dvd drive. Nothing will work. I obviously have quickboot set and the power button boot bank set to the cerbios bank. It seems to ignore all these settings and always boot to xblast first. I'm at my wits end here as I've never seen this issue before and no matter what hardware I swap out I can't figure out the cause or how to solve it.
  9. I have 2 XBOXes v1.2 and v1.6 with Rocky5 softmod v1.1.6. I was messing around with the NKPatcher and nulled the HDD drive key on one of them before backing up the EEPROM and now it boots up to error 05. It seems I need to format it using the hotswap method, xboxhdm v1.9 and a backup of the Dashboard from the C partition, which I don't have. Can I use the files from the other XBOX? EDIT: I'm probably looking at it fro the wrong angle... when using the hotswap, won't I get access to the backed up EEPROM in the E partition? Can it be used to restore the HDD?Or is it better to just format it and start from scratch? This subject is still pretty new to me.
  10. I moved to France and I don't have a transformer of power to step down to 110v. I have a PC ATX PSU with 16amps on 3.3, 5v, and 12v. There is also a +5vsb. Can I just match the voltages from the original PSU (delta and functional) from the ATX PSU? Does 1.6b have 3.3v or 5v standby? I really don't mind if I have to power the Xbox on and off from the ATX PSU itself and I don't mind that the supply will sit outside of the box. So can I skip the power STB and OK? Are there other concerns about connecting an ATX PSU other than non matching pinouts? My ATX PSU is a DSP-220U B-3A In France I am having a hard time finding a 240v PSU without having to buy a whole console which is a bit pricy. I could get a transformer, but I don't trust the ones I see on the market that are not huge black boxes. My Xbox: 1.6b (xcaliber video encoder with hynix ram) Xecuter 3 modded with X3CP 2TB SATA HDMI via Nintendo Wii adapter
  11. I have a hardmodded Xbox 1.4 with an openXenium chip and Cerbios UDMA6. I store all my games on my hdd as extracted ISO's. Jade Empire will not launch/load from XBMC4Gamers. I have a hard drive activity light and when I launch the game it flashes like normal and then just stops and the screen is black. I have tried fTP'ing a new game folder over and deleting all the data from the game off the hdd. I can only get it to launch from the UIX dashboard. Any ideas?
  12. I am having some issues with a system I am working on hardmodding, and I'd like to save the system if possible. The issue: I have a 1.0 OG Xbox console where the controllers do not work History of this project: This console started off as a non-working console on Ebay that had never been opened. It had hard drive issues so would give an error code 8 on boot. I was able to install an aladdin mod chip, and throw in a new formatted drive an boot into xblast and gentoox to try to flash cerbios. Xblast did not recognize the mod chip, so I tried gentoox also. My controllers do not work in either dashboard. I have an original controller from ebay that was advertised as working, as well as a cheap 3rd party controller from amazon. I do not have another Xbox, so its possible neither controller works. What I have tried so far: All 4 controller ports (If that even works in those dashboards) re capping the motherboard replacing the daughter board (1.0) and controller ports checking traces for continuity near the clock capacitor (there was a bit of leakage but not really any damage), near the controller headers, and general spot checks My question is, what would you try next? I would really like to save this console, but I am running out of ideas on how to repair it. Any advice/insight/knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  13. So, I got a modded Xbox off of a friend a few years back. It's been collecting dust on a shelf while i was modding 360s and messing with other things. Some console info: Motherboard Revision: 1.0 Kernel Version: 1.0.3944.1 TSOP Chip: ST-M29F080A In January i decided to play around with it and upgraded its mod with Rocky5s Softmodding Tool, although i had to use the Hardmod method show in MrMario2011s guide. I decided I want to hardmod the system and TSOP Flash rather than run the softmod. While digging through the file explorer on XBMC i found evidence of SmartXX which a google search turned up a modchip. So, I took to r/originalxbox and thanks to the help of @KaosEngineerfound that it must be a softmodded system and I'm good to flash the TSOP. I went on to download and burn a DVD-R with Bios Checker and burned another with the .iso file found in the download of "OGXbox Cerbios Disc v2.3.2". I bridged the R7D3 points on the top of the board and the R7R3 points on the back of the board, reassembled and popped on bios checker to get the info. I then popped in the OGXbox Cerbios v2.3.2. Once the disc launched, I read through the "Read Me" files on my PC and on the disc. After reading, I selected the following options: "Cerbios Disc - Static IP & No BFM Mode" --> "Flash Cerbios with XBlastOS" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2" --> "Flash Cerbios UDMA2 256KB" Once in XBlastOS I chose "Boot Onboard Bios". No dice... So, I copied/unpacked a clean .ini to my C partition, ran through the steps again and got to XBlastOS. This time I went to settings and saw Flash options. I selected: "HDD Flash" which gave me "C:\BIOS does not exist.' So, I tried: "CD Flash" which gave me "insert a disc with an img.bin file." I can't figure what step I'm missing or what I'm doing wrong here. Am I supposed to burn both the .ISO and .RAR files to the DVD-R rather than only the .ISO? OR am I missing something else entirely? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I've recently bought a used Xbox, only to find it doesn't turn on. Plugging it in with a known good power cable, neither the power nor the DVD drive button have the console showing so much as a single sign of life. No noise, no lights, nothing. As I was planning to mod it (and replace the capacitors) anyway, I opened it up to try and diagnose the problem. So far, however, I've come up short a definite culprit. Initially I suspected the clock capacitor, but it seems to be fine to my (amateur) eye. There are some other capacitors that look problematic, but I don't quite see why they should prevent the console powering on. There's also some goop I cannot identify on the power supply. Some people I showed it to said it could be epoxy or some other insulating material that got spilled. I've come here to ask for opinions from people who are experienced with the console. Is replacing the bad capacitors and clock capacitor likely to bring this thing back? Is the goop a problem in any way? Is my console beyond saving? I've added some pictures of the guts below to hopefully help anyone who's helpful enough to put up with my questions. Overview: Closer view of the main board (mostly to show this really is a 1.6): Clock capacitor: Unidentified goop: Bulging capacitors: To close, I'd like to ask you to be patient with me. This is my first hardware project, so I'm gonna do this wrong in all sorts of ways, no doubt. I'm also happy to provide more info as requested (and as I am able to gather it).
  15. Hello, I have learnt a lot from these forums over time, and come here often, but this is my first time posting and i would be really greatful for your help as i cant find a solution on google or these forums. My xbox freezes / crashes on the screen after playing any game for about 10 minutes or so, the screen just completely freezes and sound just makes a constant buzzing sound until you power it off again, then if you turn it back on it will do the exact same again , be ok for 10 mins or so then freeze again. Xbox is a 1.1 with tsop flashed to latest cerbios, and 128mb ram with clock cap removed. So far i have tried, replacing the 5 caps near the cpu with alu polymer caps, cleaning the entire board with 99.9% ipa and leaving to dry, replacing the thermal paste, reflowing ram solder joints, 2 different power supplys, and 3 different hard drives some with file versions of games and some with cci image versions of the games and still same result each time when testing. Any help would be really appreciated from the experts that are on here as my head is well and truly baffled with it lol, i have never had an issue with the xbox till it just randomly did this recently. Thankyou in advance for any help or advice
  16. I'm really in a bind here. All my xboxes are faulty in one way or another. They're going to be hard modded, HDD upgraded, and recapped, but I want a working disk drive and I've already sunk a lot of time into this. I have a GDR-8163B, the computer BIOS recognizes it. I have a USB drive flashed (Rufus) with FreeDOS. And I have the Fixed Firmware (8050L), but when I try to flash it, I get the error "no CD/DVD Drive". I am at a loss of what to do to make this work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi all, I have recently acquired a hardmodded crystal 1.6 box from a popular online auction website, which has with a 200gb hdd. I opened it up and gave it a good lean as it was pretty disgusting! Literally spiders inside. It has an Aladdin XT hardmod, I don’t know when it was installed. Current dash is EvolutionX V+3935. I had a good poke around in EvoX settings, it states that it has unknown BIOS. Says the same in Xbox BIOS checker 5.0. I can’t see anywhere to backup EEPROM (I read that this is important) – do I need to do this? There are no options that I can find in EvoX that will allow me to backup. There are various apps, including XBMC, Avalaunch, etc. Should I just delete them? If so, how? The app ‘Xenium’ when loaded states “You have a Cloned Fake Xenium” – what does this mean? I assume that the BIOS is out of date and so is the dash. I read that UnleashX and Xbox4Gamers is the best combo to have. How can I update to these please? Thanks in advance all!
  18. Hi to everyone. I have my original Xbox since when i was a kid and i remember of having it modified after some time. Some years ago i have removed the clock capacitor to preserve it, but recently i decided to change the hard drive and i discovered that i have several other bulged capacitors. For this reason, i want to recap the whole motherboard but then i discovered that the modchip is glued right under some of these leaking cap. From what i understand this is a very old modchip since it is soldered to a lot of points under the motherboard. What modchip could be ? It has also a switch to turn it off and booting strainght into the original dashboard. I was thinking of removing it to install a better modichip or to do a TSOP flashing. Do you think that i can remove it safely ? Before removing it, is it possible to use it to do a softmod or it is necessary to use a savegame exploit ? Otherwise what modichip could be a suitable choice ? I was interested in the OpenXenium project but these boards are pretty expensive here in Europe. The board should be a 1.4 revision since it has the Focus video chip. Thanks for all the Help.
  19. So I have a 1.6 Xbox that I softmodded with UnleashX few years ago and it's been great. Last week I was playing it just fine, got tired and turned it off for the night. Couple days later it wouldn't boot up at all, id hit the power button and it would attempt to boot for like half second then turn off. Opened it up to see 5 capacitors bulging on the bottom right of the motherboard under the CPU/GPU area. So I ordered replacement caps and installed them and now I'm getting a FRAG with no video output. I've been trying to diagnose for few days. I've swapped out the power supply with known working 1.6 PSU, I've tried swapping back to my original HDD from before the softmod all to no help. I've checked voltages at PSU connector, my issue seems to be the inductor (L2F1) isn't getting the 1.7vdc it should be getting from researching on this site. I've checked the transistor next to the L2F1 and getting 5vdc on one side and 1.7vdc on the other. I've checked the transistor (Q7C2) and getting 3.3vdc at the collector. Any help would be appreciated as I'd hate to make it a parts xbox thanks. Edit: I mightve connected a older revision PSU (1.1-1.4v) without noticing in a attempt to rule out power supply. But have since checked two different 1.6v PSU with no effect.
  20. Ok hi from Finland. I'm repairing and modding a Xbox og 1.6 with this samsung psu. The 3.3v and 5v stand-by voltages come and go, i think there is something to do with heat because it worked for a while when i resoldered almost every single solderjoint on the board. I have replaced the 2 big caps and that did fix the original issue of completely dead. I have replaced all the bigger caps on the mobo. Mobo works just fine when the psu gives the power needed. Can someone point me in the right direction? I have been stuck with this for over a month and i'm doing this free for my friend. EDIT: Just tried to measure the psu once again and had no 5v. Then i plugged mobo connector back in and plugged ac plug back on and the f*cking thing works again.
  21. Hey guys. So I'm working on a softmod and I wanted to try the dual boot with different dashes, and controlling the boots with eject and power. Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. I installed and Open Xenium mod chip and the MakeMHz XboxHD+ HDMI mod in my old 1.6 Halo SE Xbox, along with a cheap SSD. I initially had everything running, & was able to boot into the EvoX dashboard as well as play games. Once I put all the case screws in & set it up, it booted normally once. After that boot, any other attempt was met with 3 failed boots followed by flashing red and green. I disconnected all the wires, reconnected them, and tried again. Again, 1 normal boot followed by endless FRAG results. Like in Greyleaf's thread, my Open Xenium chip doesn't light up at all with the FRAG boot attempts. I am a soldering novice, having only completed a Boxy Pixel GBA SP Unhinged build and GBC build. I did get some recommendations from a fried for better flux partway through the mod. I accidentally lifted a pad on the HD+ ribbon cable, but I ran a small wire to the trace farther up the cable . My first attempt to solder the cable had some issues. I completely removed & resoldered it. When the system boots, I do have functional video output. If I remove my Open Xenium chip from the pin connector, it boots into an error 16 page (I guess no surprise with a modified dashboard & unlocked drive). I replaced the clock capacitor and reflowed the solder for the Open Xenium. None of this has solved the issue. I also made a Reddit thread when I started troubleshooting. I think I've written the important details here, but it's there if I missed anything important. Summary: 1.6 Xbox Halo SE Delta DPSN-96DP PSU Open Xenium mod chip MakeMHz XboxHD+ HDMI port SSD upgrade I'm a novice Successfully boots once after reassembly (so far at least) Second boot attempt leads to 3 boot attempts then FRAG No lights on Open Xenium chip during failed boot process Normal lights on XboxHD+ during failed boot Disconnecting Open Xenium mod chip gives error 16 boot screen Looking for any troubleshooting help. Thanks.
  23. jeffl

    Aladdin XT FRAG

    I am attempting to install a modchip for the first time. I have an aladdin XT clone from Aliexpress. The xbox is 1.4. I have a wire from bottom-side D0 to the top-side D0 pad on the chip. BT on the chip is wired to ground using the quick solder connector. The HD is stock with the standard xbox dashboard. Xbox was verified functional pre-modding. The only other mod is the removal of the clock capacitor. The console performs 3x boot attempts before FRAGing and eventually powering off. I used the LPC diagnostics page to verify my soldering. All eleven pins have continuity to the points described in the "baldbouncer" diagram. The only weirdness I noticed is that baldbouncer pin 4 to test point 4 has a resistance of about 1K. The via immediately below test point 4 has a much lower resistance to pin 4. See blue arrow in attached diagram. Despite watching a lot of tutorials and reading the documentation, I can't rule out some rookie mistake. Any tips for troubleshooting this?
  24. I have the Aladdins. I made the jtag cable with 3.3v output utilizing a USB blaster. I managed to get the drivers installed in windows 11. I have the XBlast Aladdin svf file. I have quartus. I have a tl866II. I have the SST flash adapter for the xgecu. I have 1mb flash chips. I should have the software installed for the SST flashing. I have everything. Just don't know how to use the software. Tried urjtag and it just gave me bullshit errors and I don't wanna fuck with it. What do I do? @sweetdarkdestiny @KaosEngineer @SS_Dave @ModzvilleUSA
  25. Bobzilla

    Help please

    I've got an OLD xbox (1.5 or earlier) with an xecuter 2.6 ce running avalaunch, on a solderless xapt3r mount. But it's misbehaving. In a few ways. Loading has now become very hit or miss. With modchip turned off, it has stopped reading certain discs, getting progressively worse and I think it might be won't read at all now. With chip on, I am getting lots of frag boots - failing to boot, auto reset, fail, auto rest, red green flagging eject button. When it finally boots, it is taking a long time to load, and usually crashes. I'm suspecting that it's time to replace the hard drive, yes? If so, I cannot remember at all how to set up the new hard drive. Is anything else likely to be dying, like the optical drive? I've not opened anything up since I fitted the chip in 2008. All help gratefully received. Thanks.

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