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  1. I didn't realize the importance of magnification until I made that error. I bought YOCTOSUN LED Head Magnifier, Rechargeable Hands Free Headband Magnifying Glasses for about $20 on Amazon. I find the product to be good for consoling modding.
  2. I'm glad that you were right. Thanks again, @sweetdarkdestiny
  3. On my fourth try, I successfully repaired the traces. I was shocked that it worked. My advice for others new to soldering is not to attempt grounding D0 until you are comfortable working with really small connection points under magnification. D0 on the bottom of the board may be bigger than it on the top but it is still very small.
  4. Very helpful. Thanks, @sweetdarkdestiny. This is going to be very difficult for me to pull off with my limited experience but I will practice and give it a shot.
  5. No offense taken. A man must know his limitations. I verified using a multimeter that I only broke those two traces. Here's a picture under magnification. I can't even fit a wire the size of a resistor leg in those vias. Any general guidance from the community on how I would go about this repair?
  6. I wanted the experience of modchip installation. I have a bunch of 1.0/1.1s. I've never encountered a 1.6 in the wild so I figured I'd give it a shot on one I own. I'm really disappointed in myself that I may have damaged the unit potentially beyond repair. I appreciate the reply.
  7. I tried to install an Aladdin modchip on my TSOP'ed 1.0 xbox. I overestimated my soldering ability and managed to seriously botch the installation. It looks like I damaged the pads near D0. When I try to boot the xbox, it FRAGs. I'd like to get it back to a working state. Do I have any options for repair or am I SOL?
  8. WD 160GB IDE WD1600AAJB. The problem disappeared after I locked the HDD. I appreciate everyone's help
  9. Thanks for the tip. I will try another HDD. It seems strange to me that a HDD would be slow only if the DVD is disconnected. I'm using an IDE HDD. No adapter. EvoX is the dash. I used TruHexen 2021.
  10. I flashed a modified M8plus.bin with option for DVD Drive Check unchecked. The console takes ten minutes to load the dash if the DVD drive is disconnected. The dashboard load time is normal if the DVD drive is connected. Not sure where to go from here to troubleshoot. Here are the EVTool settings.
  11. For novices I recommend TSOP using conductive paint. Software tools like TruHexen are very mature to the point that it's hard to foul this up. Once you get the hardmod bug, you'll probably want to graduate to a chip.
  12. For softmod you have two options. PC-based tools such as fatxplorer and xboxhdm Chimp on Xbox The best tutorials I've found are YouTube videos. Look for videos by The Tech Hoarder and Mr. Mario 2011. If you get stuck, ask here.
  13. You don't need soldering skills for TSOP. Use conductive paint. No risk in lifting pads. TSOP not writeable? Wipe off the paint with IPA and try again.
  14. If you have plans to TSOP, you should soft mod before that drive gives up the ghost.

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