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Found 7 results

  1. I should have learned from my past mistake of trying to TSOP flash a V1.0.... I tried TSOP flashing a V1.4 this time. I triple checked my solder point for continuity at connected via's to insure my solder job was good. It checked out fine. I followed this tutorial to the letter as it's got the same Winbond TSOP and version as I, with the exception that I used Hexen 2018 and I think thewheelman282 uses an earlier Hexen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v+GjgIuvQWrgM (youtube search for How To: Xbox TSOP Flashing Explained -Part 2) I was able to reflash the TSOP and all seemed fine. I encounter differences then he had in his video. 1. After installing new flash, the box turned off, and when I restarted it, it went to the new unleashx dash, not booting to disc. D drive shows up in file explorer as 0kb size. I ejected and reinserted the disc and it populated the drive. So i went to file explorer and booted up the default.xbe of D drive to get back into Hexen. 2. Once there, I went to clean up the C drive from softmod. Upon doing so, the operation began. I walked away to do a 10 minute chore, and came back the xbox was off, which is different then in his video. Ok, so I ejected the disc to try to go back into Hexen, but now the eject and power button only fire up the HDD, no video output, no CD spinup and I have an orange flashing ring. Nothing else happens. I left things powered off for a good 10 minutes, and retried starting one more time. Now it boots up to the IND bios, and takes me to the TSOP'd unleashx dash. But if I try to get back to hexen to unlock the drive, again D drive is empty in explorer. I ejected the disc and put it back in and it autoloaded it. Now I'm getting a blank black screen and orange ring flash again. I tried waiting it out, but it went on for at least 10min before i turned things back off. At this point, I will NEVER TSOP flash again, NEVER NEVER NEVER! IT doesn't seem to boot any faster then a softmod, I'm convinced that (at least for me) a TSOP is not worth any effort that's involved with it, it's far more likely to break something, I'm done with anything but a softmod, there's enough PC stuff to handle HDD locks and unlocks, and I'd rather bash my head with that, then issues with TSOP's (and by extension hardmods/modchips). I tried once more. Now when the disc is ejected, the tray ejects and I go straight to a black screen with flashing orange ring. -How do I make sure the softmod is removed? -Should I unsolder the 2 points on the board I soldered? (R7D1 and R7D10) -Without Hexen loading, can the drive be unlocked safely/usable by way of PC and then reinstall it? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. Hi all, I was putting the Xbox Softmod disc into the drive of my Xbox and then I hit the close button before I noticed it wasn't seated properly in the drive tray. Several unpleasant sounds later I hate to take apart the DVD drive to get the disc out. Now, the drive is recognized by the Xbox but when I insert a disc and close the drawer the motor stutter spins, then nothing and it shows as 'busy' to the xbox. How up Schitz Creek am I? Russellb
  3. Curious as to what could be inside. Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, I've been googling and searching and not finding an answer to this. I fired up my Xbox today (first time in a while) and got a notification that a new version was available. I went into the settings, updated the URL downloader and then did the XBMC4Gamers update. After a bit, I got a message that "autoexec.py" or something like that failed. Now I'm stuck at a screen that says XBMC Fatal Error: No suitable skin version found (see screenshot) I am able to FTP into the xbox just fine. I did find some mention of a guisettings.xml file but I can't seem to find where it might be and where I can get a replacement for it (if that's even the problem) My default dash is/was xbmc4gamers, BTW. I would appreciate any help!
  5. I grabbed a Kernel file from this page and I flashed it with XBlastOS. Does the kernel have to match the original kernel? What is the kernel relative to the BIOS? Normally kernel and BIOS are two very different components of a computer. I shouldn't have been able to flash the TSOP with the kernel correct? How are those kernels meant to be used? I was looking for the default BIOS. Thanks
  6. Hey Everyone, weird issue. I got a xbox 1.0 off ebay, it needed a DVD drive, ordered one and installed. System worked fine, I was able to softmod with no issues. I then removed the clock capacitor, fixed 1 trace that was bad for the power button (power/eject button work perfectly now, prior to this, no power button, but eject worked) soldered the 2 points for TSOP write (1 onto of mobo 1 on bottom) and proceeded to tsop flash the system using truhexen 2019.I have a 1.0 so I'm assuming a 1MB TSOP if I understand things I've read online, and loaded a 512kb bios from the hexen disk that was for 1.0-1.5, IRC it was x2. bios with F only, I was only given 4 options, all 4 x2, F and F&G, F 420p & F&G 420p. After the flash, the system rebooted and worked fine. I powered off system, removed the HDD and replaced it with what I wanted to upgrade to, and now all I get is FRAG, put the original drive back in, same thing. it attempts to boot 2 times, then the 3rd time its a FRAG. What might I have done wrong? Thanks everyone in advance! ~John
  7. Hey guys, just doing some softmods and new paint jobs. Was wondering what everyone thought of them.

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