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  1. Is that all 16 pinholes used in your pick? I believe the chip came with a 12 pin pim header.
  2. Are there any tips or suggestions for me to consider before taking on this task? I want to put this aladdin chip in another 1.6 that i got on my craigslist runs the other day.
  3. Ahh dang, ok. I will need to purchase that then. It says my 7 day trial is over.
  4. I am quite familiar with using fatxplorer for xbox 360. But i cant seem to get the og xbox partitions to show up in fatxplorer.
  5. Imterestingly it still formated tge g partition. How do i combine the 2 into one?
  6. Success! After wiping the drive i was able to format it with xbhdmusb23 beta4. Plugged it in to the og box and i am able to boot the disc. It is currently seeting up drive f. Since it is only 250gb i wont need a g right now. Thank you to all who have helped!
  7. I didnt change the bios. Just the dashboard. But i did add coinops to drive f.
  8. I will upload pics tomorrow but here is the adapter i have. StarTech.com IDE to SATA Hard Drive or Optical Drive Adapter Converter - 40-Pin PATA to 2.5" SATA HDD / SSD / ODD Converter (IDE2SAT2) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EOJNGC2/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_glt_i_J289YVWCP1ZR25ZD47CM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I would if i could locate them in the directories. I think i just want to reformat and start fresh anyway.
  10. Xbox 360 hdd 250 gb. And its a startech sata to ide adapter set to master.
  11. So when i got this console there were some games already on the drive and I could access and play them from the dashboard. Well when I updated to xbmc4gamers they were not being detected and i could not find their location on any partition. The available space on all the drives has not changed at all so it makes me feel like they are still there somewhere. I went into dvd2xbox and found all the games there and it said they were located in drive F. But in any file explorer srive F was empty. I tried to launch the titlea from dvd2xbox but keeps bringing me back to my dashboard. Any thoughts?
  12. Thank you for the help!
  13. Will give this a shot tomorrow though i am startimg to think that this hdd is not compatible since i have had this issue on 2 consoles now.

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