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  1. I wanted to do that but I hadn't ever cracked that system open so when I did the clock capacitor was still in it and had a minor leak so I pulled it out and cleaned the board. When I put in a new drive with hexen I got the error 5 ( dash cant set clock). So i wanted to clone the drive I had working in it before to get around that error.
  2. Yeah, my adapter is just a generic one I ordered of amazon. It only has a ide to sata or sata to ide jumpers on it. that must be the problem....DOH!!
  3. Well, Ive tried the newest version of chimp and cannot clove the drive. It just stays stuck at the loading chimp screen once i have swapped the drives and hit A. Guess I'll have to wait till my new 80 wire comes in and try again. Unless the ide to sata bridge board is screwed but it lights up and seems fine.
  4. skorpiocnt

    The Foxbox

    Nice work man, For some reason when I look at it ,it reminds me of an iPhone. lol
  5. I thought about it and popped off the xbox logo and sanded it and repainted it white. I think it looks a little better. And thanks for the kind remarks about the paint jobs, I have 6 more xbox's so I'll keep posting the new setups once I have them all painted and ready. The trick I found is use a good primer before painting anything, Ive been using rustoleum painters touch flat white primer first. I clean everything really well with a green brillo pad cause it actually finely sands the plastic without to much fuss. And the rustoleum bonds to plastic really well.
  6. I have a y power spliter powering both drives and I did run chimp before switching the drives. I'll try updating chimp itself as I am using the one from the hexen disc.
  7. Finished my case paint job for the xbox, just need to get the bigger drive in. Did a white softmodded system also.
  8. Hey guys, just doing some softmods and new paint jobs. Was wondering what everyone thought of them.
  9. Well I tried to clone the drive with chimp but when I hook up the slave drive and hit enter it just hangs there, Ive used chimp to clone drives before but it never did this. Is there something I'm doing wrong with the 1TB sata drive? or do I have to use the XBP table writer first then use chimp?
  10. Ok awesome, would like to use the old drive for something else. So if my current drive has a F and G partition already on it do I still have to use the XBP table writer to clone them? I was reading somewhere that there were certain sata adapters that could use the old 40 wire cable with no issues, I looked it up and its the same adapter i have. Would using the 40 wire cable just have slow transfer rates? or are there other issues with them? Oh, and thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
  11. Hey guys, so I'm trying to upgrade my hard drive on my chipped xbox. I ordered a ide to sata bridge board and the 80 wire ide cable but the cord is crap and doesnt work. Is it necessary to have the 80 wire cord? Id like to clone my 500gb drive into a 1tb drive with chimp but dont want to screw things up. lol Can I get away with using the standard cable for now to clone it til the new one comes in?Thanks for any help.
  12. Thanks dude, have to do some research on that chip.
  13. Oh yeah, if any of you guys need a invite for back-ups.me I have 3 if anyone would like an invite. Thanks for all the help guys.
  14. Wow, thanks for the drive link. Skimmed through and there's all kinds of goodness in there. lol I have 9 OG Xbox's now, had a guy give me a box of parts, I think he thought he knew what he was doing but failed. I put them all back together and they all work. 2 have mod chips it seems and the 3rd powers up with the eject button and the drive is stuck, so I'll have to do a trace repair it and get the drive up and running again but I like tinkering with these tanks of systems. The one has a Xenium chip in it but I will have to figure it out, not familiar with that chip.
  15. Well I got it figured out, I swapped over to the Rocky5 Dash and got it all working. I will definitely check out the Emustation dash, I have seen the XBMC4gamers dash and it looks pretty nice too. So I take it I can just install the XBMC4Gamers dash using the rocky5 disc again? Thanks for all the help guys, Ive already figured out quite abit with the chipped systems, I see what you mean by it being easier cause you can just redo the drive if you mess up something.

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