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Found 6 results

  1. Ok... first of all, I m sorry if this is a repeat, however I couldn't find a thread to help. Or at least it wasn't labelled under what I thought it might be. I have a TSOP xbox with IND-BIOS. It currently has XBMC installed. However, this XBMC doesnt run all the games that I am FTPing over to the console. Most games run fine, however there is an issue with some games. XIII doesnt run, DOA2 boots then hangs after the initial disclaimer. I am looking to install another dashboard type to load up these games and hopefully boot into them, but I havent been able to do so or find anything online. Does anyone know any 'how to for dummies' guides, or can help install another dashboard/application to allow me to boot the games that won't load? And which dashboard or applications would be best? Thanks in advance. Proto
  2. I have a 1.0 Xbox with an Xecuter 1.1 modchip installed. Used the Truhexen disk to install a brand new sata drive no issues. Trouble i am having is getting tge xbox to boot automatically to UnleashX. It only boots to the normal MS dash no matter what I select in Truhexen as my default dash. Have tried Slayer and AID clean installs choosing UnleashX but also always boots to normal MS dash. What am I missing? i did remove clock capacitor but i dont think that should matter
  3. Hi Guys So I have a 1.6 xbox NTSC-J xbox running an aladin chip. So if I just press the power button gently it will load the stock bios with the modchip disabled. If I hold it in for about a second, it'll load the mod chip which is running unleash X. So what I'd like to do is load a different dash board when I run the stock bios as its pretty useless considering its NTSC-J. My question is, is it possible to simply replace the MS dash board ".xbe" file with a shortcut to another dash board like XBMC4Gamers. If this is possible, what is the file that the stock xbox bios loads to get to the dashboard?
  4. Hi! I recently did a TSOP Flash on my 1.1 Xbox, now it has a custom bios (evox). I downloaded XBMC4GAMERS (to E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) , used the url downloader in order to have the artwork, everything is ok, i can launch games and all, but i can't switch to this dash at boot. I read everywhere that it is very easy to do so, just by creating a shortcut with the xbeshortcutmaker, wich i did (changed the evoxdash.xbe to evoxdash_backup.xbe at the C partition, and created the shortcut with this path (E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) and paste to the C partition). But after that, my xbox get stuck at the boot screen with the microsoft logo. I used the hexen disc to go back to default, but can't manage to have my Xbmc4gamers as my main dash instead of UnleashX. Am i doing something wrong here?
  5. SILEeeles


    Hi guys, new here. Not new to modding Xbox, however a lot has changed since I last did it many many years ago. Anyway, its all softmodded, everything is running well (a few things crash - for example I tried to run Doom X which was downloaded via the URLDownloader included in XBMC4Gamers - did not work). But I'm running into one restriction which is the partition size of C. Since XBMC4Gamers is my main dashboard, and thus resides in C:\Dashboard etc. If I try to download something, for example the Xbox Artwork - it just tells me there isn't enough space on the drive. I then came across a potential solution which was to have the dashboard on the E or any partition really, and something called "Multi Launcher" would point to it. However, I cannot find anything about it since. Website seems to have gone. No downloads seem to exist, and google just throws up results for other xbox consoles. So I suppose my question is ... IS there a way to have the dashboard on another partition, and have the main C:\Dashboard just point to its location ? Many thanks.
  6. I want to share my dashboards for free, can i do that? And If yes how? Also may have some Roms and things old school ones for free , if yes how? Do I do it on the forum Thanks sorry I'm learning this is my First community I've joined and i want to help out

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