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  1. yeah ive installed it multiple times, all the files transfer fine no error with the transfer. I know the files work as i have set me other xbox up and have played with them that way! I think there is something wrong with the xbox. I will need to have a deeper look into it. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  2. Thanks for your response! I have installed XBMC4gamers but the same thing happens, on DOA2 ultimate it hangs after the disclaimer and on XIII it gets to the ubisoft sign and then doesnt load at all there were a few others that didnt load but i cant remember the names of the games. At this rate I don't know if installing another dashboard would matter. I dont know if i have files missing and thats causing the issue, though most games work.
  3. Ok... first of all, I m sorry if this is a repeat, however I couldn't find a thread to help. Or at least it wasn't labelled under what I thought it might be. I have a TSOP xbox with IND-BIOS. It currently has XBMC installed. However, this XBMC doesnt run all the games that I am FTPing over to the console. Most games run fine, however there is an issue with some games. XIII doesnt run, DOA2 boots then hangs after the initial disclaimer. I am looking to install another dashboard type to load up these games and hopefully boot into them, but I havent been able to do so or find anything online
  4. Thanks guys! Now I feel really dumb Imma blame it on the fact it’s a new tv!
  5. Hey guys! New here and wasn’t too sure where to put this. I recently purchased a TSOP Xbox from eBay, the issue I have is that I’m playing it on my flat screen, but it keeps stretching games into a 16:9 aspect ratio and it is KILLING me. i have done everything from setting the setting in the original menu to normal and 480p and nothing higher, to changing the Setting in the multiple software on the xbox. Any one got any suggestions to help stopping this stretching? It’s really annoying. i did manage to get it into 4:3 but this was forcing it through the framemeister

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