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Found 6 results

  1. Forgot to post this here, i finally installed this thing last month. I’m very proud of this i’ve never really tackled anything this difficult. Best part is, it worked on the first try. I posted about this awhile back looking for advice, but i decided to jump right in and do it after being afraid to for so long. But wow this mod blew me away. Too bad i didn’t install this in my main xbox (Don’t worry about the long cables, i shortened them to the appropriate length after testing)
  2. Just being curious - i´m struggling with the "Hotplug"- Method in combination with an rather old USB IDE Enclosure (i suppose its from the early XP Times). Things i´ve done so far: While the XBOX HDD (WD80 with 10GB) is attached to it, things get extremely worse on my W7/Linux-PC. Its shown in the Device Manager/Drives as WD80, but not via WMIC, so Tools wont´t find the HDD at all. Hdparm (here /dev/sdc) would not resume and stalls the entire System. W7/Linux won´t shut down as long the Enclose is attached, neither does the PC boot (BIOS ginves me a B4 error, means USB Hotplug error). As soon as i power off the Enclosure/remove it, things will resume. Same happens when the drive is unlocked by the XBOX and hotswapped. But every other IDE drive in the Enclosure works fine. I understand that ATA Security could probably stall that old the Microcontroller in the Enclosure (somehow a 7.5 MHz RISC Controller), but i think as soon the drive is unlocked, this shouldn´t be a problem at all. -Or- the MC somehow resets the HDD again before it tries to obtain the drive data and the HDD is falling back to the point where ATA Security gets in Place, but i think the controller might have at least the ability to read out the drive data (Brand, Name etc) . Of course the Enclosure has always power while Hotswapping. Removing the jumper on the HDD (from Cable Select to Master) doesn´t do it. I got the Key for the HDD via my logic analyzer and its I2C Protocol Analyzer (Key has to be tried out). If things get completely worse, i could try to program an MC by myself and attach the drive to it in order to unlock it via Serial Commands (and remove the lock permanently, as well lock it again). But i think thats too much work. Done a AVR IDE/FAT32-Driver more than fifteen years ago (of course sources are lost by now), but somehow i won´t fiddle around again for only one purpose. I have another Seagate Spare IDE drive with 20 GB, which i could fit in the XBOX and try it to lock via the enclosure (if it does accept the command), but idk where or where to obtain the neccessary OS-files (including Softmod and the ability to connect to the XBOX via LAN/FTP, as well as a driver, wchih allows Access to a USB-Stick attached to a mechanically modified controller port). I understand that there have to be at least two Partition, C and E, but idk which FS (xfat?) etc. Any help is greatly appreciated ! Best regards Stef
  3. i tend to leave this xbox on a lot lately for days without a power cycle. it has this annoying problem where it will randomly be frozen on the homescreen when i want to use it and i have to get up and power cycle it. it comes back on fine and doesn't have any issue until the next time it freezes. there seems to be no ryhme or reason to when or why it freezes. what could be causing it? it has the open xenuim chip and i am booting the evox bios. it also has a 3 tb seagate barracuda 5400rpm hdd in it with the starlink adapter. it also has a 80 wire ide cable that chimeric used to sell. it is running the 1.300v of xbmc4gamers. everything else is stock.
  4. Spent the last few weeks modding the thing and just noticed this Besides from trace rot (which I don't have the skills or time to fix), could it be anything else I can try? It happens even with the AV cable disconnected, so it's not that short circuiting. Thanks heaps guys.
  5. I got an xbox cheap as the drive didn't open - easy fix I thought and was delighted to find it was indeed an easy fix and that the drive worked. I turned it off and came back 6 hours later to find it was quite warm on the side where the power supply is located inside the xbox. Is this normal or something to worry about? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone. New to the forum here. First I'd like to say thank you to the community for keeping such an awesome gaming device alive! It was my first step into modding and I've been addicted since haha. Anyway... I'm looking for a rom pack with/without emulators that is setup specifically for a stock 8gb HDD softmodded xbox, to be used with FTP or from a disc. I've run into some issues with transferring files via FTP. One has to do with the naming limit, and another is an error I can't figure out. But of the SNES library only, there are about 170 games that won't transfer. So I was looking for a pre-made pack of adjusted names and such that my xbox would take without issues. Not sure if one exists or not. It's a project that would consume a huge amount of my time which is why I'm asking for help. Even if there is a way to batch-rename them, that would work also. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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