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  1. Ok, so it's either Evolution-X's M8 or M8plus BIOS. They both have the same kernel version as the stock BIOS, they were based upon. By default Evolution-X's M8/M8plus BIOS do not have the LBA48 v3 patch applied. You need to add that patch or find a copy of it that has it already applied and flash it to your modchip (HeXEn 2018, TruHeXEn 2021, or OGXbox Installer 2021 v1.5.3 have such a file and tools to flash a new BIOS to the modchip.)
  2. Which ATA-100 cable are you using? Is it installed end-over-end? The Host controller (blue) connector attached to the hard drive and the hard drive connector (black) attached to the host controller port. I suggest trying one of ChimericSystems' high-speed IDE cables that has the proper connector spacing so you don't connect the wrong connector to the host and MASTER devices. It may fix the problem. I've not tried one though to know for certain if it will or will not fix the problem. Custom Xbox IDE Cable – Chimeric Systems
  3. Select the menu item System Utils then Settings. Scroll down until you see it in the list.
  4. Your modchip already has a modified (custom) BIOS flashed to it. To help identify which modified BIOS, what is the kernel version (e.g., 1.0.4981.67)? Which replacement dashboard is running?
  5. The Lattice LC4032 chip requires a JTAG programmer to program it. After programming the CPLD, it may be configured to not allow updating its coding. As well as, not allowing the current coding to be read from it.
  6. Yes, but there will be no motheboard mounting screw post behind the AVIP port. And, the height of the v1.6 case's AVIP port is slightly different than that of a v1.4 case. So, don't tighten the screws down on the sides of the AVIP connector or else it will bend the motherboard. I believe that's correct. It has been some time since I've swapped cases for v1.0-1.4 and v1.6 Xbox's. I recall placing a plastic washer on the bottom side of the motherboard to act as a shim to hold the motherboard level. I don't recall the thickness of the washer I used. Make sure you swap power supplies too. A v1.6's power supply will not work with a v1.4 motherboard and vice versa. Even though the connectors are the same, the voltage levels are different on several of the pins.
  7. If the stock MS dashboard loads after powering on the console with a long power button press, a replacement dashboard may not be installed on the hard drive. Installing a modchip is one part of the modding process. Installation of a replacement dashboard is the next step. When powered on with the modchip enabled, is there an Evox shield displayed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen? Is text other than Microsoft printed below the big X logo at the end of the startup animation? Next, perform the following steps to see if a modified Xbox BIOS is booting: 1. Power on the console with a short power button tap. 2. Go to Settings > System Info. Wait for the end of the scroller before it repeats. Does it have a D and K line? If so, what are the values displayed for each? 3. Power off the console but this time power it on with a long power button press. Repeat step 2.
  8. It's one of the many Aladdin modchips. For modded operation, hold the power button for longer than 1 second to enable the modchip. For stock operation, power on the console with a short tap of the power button. Edit: Where's the wire soldered to the modchip's D0 pad go? It must be connected to the D0 point on the motherboard for the modchip's BIOS to be loaded when the power button is held for longer than 1 second.
  9. You will need an LRC meter. It is a type of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R) of an electronic component. For capacitors, it gives you the Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) value - some of the original capacitors on the Xbox are to be low or ultra-low ESR devices. [ This B&K LCR Meter Guide provides a thorough write-up about their operation and usage. ] To measure a capacitor the device has to be removed from the circuit. At least one lead disconnected from the rest of the circuit it connects to but easier to completely remove it from the circuit. For the low voltage capacitors on the Xbox, there may be no problem. The one's I think that may have a problem are the high voltage rated electrolytic caps on the Xbox's power supply. Electrolyte can dry out and/or leak from capacitors. Thus, they no longer function as a capacitor. Reforming Electrolytic Capacitors One of many web pages I found about capacitor reforming: https://www.6v6.co.uk/vcomp/tech_tips/reform_caps.htm
  10. Pence's video tutorial assumes you are using Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool, not some older softmod package that requires the stock dashboard to be 5960 before installing it. The exploited game save and installer in Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool.zip does not have such a requirement. Which small softmod package did you use? How did you burn the Extras Disc dot iso file (XISO-format disc image) to DVD-R media?
  11. Edit: From the title of this thread, I get it now - wrong stock dashboard to install the old softmod, not the wrong replacement dashboard running after softmodded. After you softmodded the console, which replacement dashboard is it running? UnleashX is the standard dashboard that is installed when softmodding the console. The Extras Disc allows you to install several different dashboards as the default dashboard and leaves UnleashX on the hard drive if you ever want to run it as an app from the others.
  12. Is the console is currently softmodded and running a replacement dashboard? I need to check which softmod package that tutorial uses. Edit: I just checked that video tutorial use Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool. I suggest downloading from the Xbox Softmodding Tool prebuilt repository then FTPing the following two files to an E:\Apps\Extras Disc\ subfolder on your Xbox: Build v1.1.8 / Extras Disc / Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc.iso, and the attach application, default.xbe, from the Build v1.1.8 / Extras Disc / Extras / Extras Disc Attacher.zip archive. Note: Many Xbox softmods are based on NKPatcher which adds hooks into the Xbox's kernel to mount and run XISO disc images from the hard drive. Running the attach app mounts and runs the default.xbe file inside of the disc image. If the replacement dashboard is configured to scan E:\Apps to add items to its menu, a reboot should add the Extras Disc application to the menu to run the disc image from the hard drive.
  13. Many manufacturer's specificatons state 2-3 years of shelf life. (Keeps them from being sued.) In practice, I would say it all depends upon how these consoles were stored for the last 20 years. For the Xbox's switching power supply, I'd say it would be best to measure, reform and/or replace the electrolytic caps; otherwise, when powered on some of them may go boom. Best to do so for the motherboard's electrolytics too. At least measure them to make sure they are still in spec before powering the console. In spec, reform while out of circuit or if out of spec, replace. To me, a brand new, never opened Xbox is best left that way. A collector's item never to be opened to play a game.
  14. Bad high-speed IDE cable or adapter. Which IDE-to-SATA adapter are you using and which IDE cable?
  15. What version Xbox do you have? And, which video cable type are you using: composite, component, etc.? Which games do have this problem? Looks like the normal v1.6 problem playing some games at higher than 480i resolution.
  16. The only suggestion I have is purchase an real SST49LF020A, flash the BIOS to it with the TL866II external programmer, install it in the modchip then try to reflash it with Evoxdash or XBlast OS (XBE version) on the console itself. SST49LF020A - https://www.utsource.net/itm/p/300518.html I know they say they are USED parts but I've had no problems purchasing such parts from them. I would stay away from purchasing them from a random eBay reseller or aliexpress.com.
  17. Another original Xbox game that I know of that supports a Light Gun is Starsky and Hutch. Looked on wikipedia and they only show these games for the original Xbox support a Light Gun: The House of the Dead III (also contains an unlockable port of The House of the Dead II[13]) Silent Scope Complete (contains three games[14]) Starsky & Hutch (video game)
  18. Make the wires as short as possible and don't cross the streams (wires). For example:
  19. See if it will boot the Extras Disc before the black screen and solid RED LED appear. Load the Extras Disc into the DVD tray then power cycle the console. Does the stock startup animation play when you turn on the console? If the animation plays, iIs there an Evox shield in the upper left-hand corner? And, what word is printed below the big X logo at the end (Microsoft, XECUTER2, etc.)?
  20. You can't install a softmod on an unmodded console by using a burned disc. The console must have already been hard modded if you were able to boot the Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc. Have you tried booting the Extras Disc again?
  21. Use a multimeter to measure from the bottom to the top of the pin header pin. One thing to note however, you don't install the LPC rebuild board on a v1.4 motherboard. It is only needed for a v1.6 All you need for a v1.4 motherboard is to solder the pin header into the LPC debug port.
  22. Set the IDE-to-SATA adapter to MASTER instead of Cable Select.
  23. Those are the same warnings that I saw. I believe the code has been compiled and is ready to be uploaded to the Arduino Leonardo. Edit: I opened the Arduino IDE again and recompiled the code. This time those error lines did not appear. Weird...

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