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  1. Hi, Can anyone explain to me how to get coinops gems working on origins. ie which folder to place it on and how to get it running i'm struggling thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I've tried other games and they work. Looks like tiger woods 04 is region locked. I knew it would be something or nothing. Again thanks for the replies
  3. Cheers for the reply. I'm probably missing something but for tiger woods to work, I have to have region set to pal in nk patcher not NTSC which is what I thought it was meant to be set at from what I have read off the internet. Also in the unleashx video settings if I try and change anything to NTSC i says I must to a restart and then after reboot its back to pal again. These are my current settings with nk patcher set to pal
  4. I've done the softmod with rocky5 and changed to NTSC in nk patcher and everythings good with componant cable picture wise in dashboard. I've tried launching tiger woods 2004 pal game via disc and just get blank screen ? is there a specific setup in the video options to get pal games to work once you change to NTSC ?

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