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  1. Hey everyone, It's been awhile since I have been on here and made a post, but I come baring a question about the Intec Portable Screen power supply. I recently acquired an Intec screen for my collection. Went and bought and and the guy said that it had all the cords. Well I was in a hurry when I bought it and I didn't check to make sure everything was there. After getting back home and opening the bag I noticed that I had the power cord but not the converter box that converted the power to 12 volts. My question is do you guys know of an compatible replace brick power supply that I could buy so I can test the screen out to make sure it works ok? I'm just asking because I don't want to take a chance and buy the wrong supply and possibly damage the unit. Thanks for the help everyone!!!
  2. But shouldn't it work in side of emulation-station on its own as all the other emulators work just fine?
  3. I'm trying to setup my n64 library and every time I use the auto scan systems option it gets to the n64 part of the auto scan and was giving me an error code "missing surreal.ini file" error. Did some googling and found that surreal.ini program file and ftp'd it to my xbox. Ran the auto scan again and now get a "Reinstall the EARTHWORMSJAMES N64 emulator. The Cbagys3DArt folder is missing" error. What do I do now? But if I go to the Update selected systems tab and select the N64 tab it gives me an error that says "no default.xbe found in this directory" error?? Its only doing it on the n64. It worked fine with gb, gbc, gba, x32, nes, snes, ps1, & xbox but seems to get stuck on the n64?
  4. Hello all I was just wondering what modchip I would need to get for my xbox console. I've heard of really only the aladdin xt plus 2 and was wondering where I can get my hands on them because amazon doesn't sell them & ebay doesn't sell them. I even looked on aliexpress and alibaba and no one has these things in stock. Background on why I'm needing some is simply I was doing a mod for a friends xbox. The process was going great, I had the softmod installed and ready for a tsop mod which went fine, I flashed my windbond bios over to the 1.4 xbox with a windbond chip inside, went to go do my hard drive upgrade and thats where everything went wrong. How did it go wrong??? Well I plugged in my new hard drive, startech ide to sata adapter, and 80 wire ide cable and turned on the xbox booted up but error coded out because there was nothing on the hard drive and I needed to load the hexen 2019 disc, loaded the disc and shut down and restarted the console. Blob animation ran its course and the xbox logo appeared on screen with linux underneath and evox badge in the top left corner and hung up there. I said ok it might take it a minute so I went outside and took out my trash and recycling, let the dog out, made and ate my breakfast and went to check on it after about 30 minutes or so have passed, I actually forgot about it, and it was still on that screen. I thought that unleashed x would have seen the new drive by now but nothing. So I went back and reflashed my bios for f & g, xbox turned off after it was flashed. Pushed the power button and nothing but power cycling and red and yellow led lights. Was told that the flash failed for some reason and now my only hope was a modchip. I seem to never be able to do these mods in one shot without problems its always something. But any and all help would greatly be appreciated, Thanks everyone!!
  5. Are all those free if so I might just go ahead and install them on my chrome then??
  6. Well according to my chrome browser and a story I read on google, google is putting an end to ad blocking technology inside their browser as it helps them make money and any of the extensions I have downloaded and tried to use you have to pay to use them or they just flat out don't work at all???
  7. which browser do you use? I have always used chrome. My computer hates firefox for some reason, every time I try to download it and install it my computer throws and error code. and I know better than to use the regular internet explorer browser.
  8. Archive is really a good source for xbox games. I've gotten several off of the site and they have worked but here lately I have been finding more and more games corrupt and the game files can't be extracted from the ISO. The programs come back with corrupt files or missing files not allowing the programs to continue with the extraction process. I have found burnout 1, fuzion frenzy, and silent hill 2 so far just this week alone are damaged files. I have tried deleting the isos and redownloading them 3 times each to no success. Don't even waste your time with the downloadgamexbox.com website full of ads constantly every mouse click it pops open an ad, and every time you click the download button for a game you want it takes you to and ad page and no matter how many times you click on the download button it does nothing but open up more and more ads and some of those ads try to automatically start a flash file download. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE IT WILL MESS YOUR COMPUTER UP IN A HURRY!!! I'm looking for a reliable second source for xbox iso's as archive is one of the bests it seems that sometimes you get a broken or damaged download thats missing something and it's starting to become a lot more frequent on there.
  9. Hello everyone, Been awhile since I have posted anything but I find myself in need of some answers once again. I'm currently having a hard time find the bootloader app for my modded ogx. I'm currently running xbmc4gamers v1.2.122 and I'm trying to get emulation station running on it as well. I was told that I would need to download bootloader from the downloader tool inside the xbmc4gamers settings tab. But when ever I go into the apps tile of the menu I seem to not be able to find the bootloader app. Am I missing something or is something not right? Reason I need it is because the xbox boots to emulation station first over xbox4gamers while inside the root of the E: folder. Thought about just moving the emulation station dash into my apps folder and just running it from there when I want to play it. Let me know whats going on or what I need to do. Thanks again everyone and have a great day!!!
  10. im pretty sure my dash is the evoxdash on e
  11. i got it fixed i just went in and rebuilt the drive to only put the whole hd space on my f partiton all works now
  12. Thanks @SS_Dave For all the help. I have got it going now and i found out why it kept timing out was because the xbox wasn't saving my changes to the network setting between static and dhcp but i finally got it to save the change over to dhcp and all has been working great so far and i just fixed another problem i just had posted about with not getting all my space on my hard drive allotted to me. It kept telling me that i only had 270 gbs available to use when i have a 1tb sata drive in the xbox. But a quick rebuild of the hard drive with hexen and setting all space to f partition only all my free space is where it should be now.
  13. Hello everyone, I come to you yet again to help me figure out what is wrong with this build of xbox im working on. I have finally gotten my xbox where i can finally put games on it and ftp and all that but now I can't seem to figure out where all my disc space is for my hard drive. I have a 1tb hard drive installed in my console but when I partition out the drive to have 924 gb of space on my f partition and write the table and format the partition it only shows up that i only have 270 gb worth of storage on the dashboard display. WHERE IS MY OTHER 654 GB OF STORAGE!!!!!?????? Idk why this thing has been an absolute nightmare to work on but man ill be glad when this xbox is done lol. If anyone has a tip for me to try please let me know this thing i have been working on since march!!! Again thanks for your time and help. It's really appreciated
  14. Hello everyone i was wondering how i go about changing my dashboard from the normal unleashed x to the xmbc4gamers dashboard. I really like the layout option and to be able to see the cover art for the games you have installed on your console. I already have the rocky5 version (newest) downloaded on my computer but i'm not sure on what to do with the files? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  15. yeah either one I use it keeps giving me a time out error. I'm also using a windows 10 computer and my computer is hard wired into my router and then my xbox is also connected to it as well

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