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  1. im pretty sure my dash is the evoxdash on e
  2. i got it fixed i just went in and rebuilt the drive to only put the whole hd space on my f partiton all works now
  3. Thanks @SS_Dave For all the help. I have got it going now and i found out why it kept timing out was because the xbox wasn't saving my changes to the network setting between static and dhcp but i finally got it to save the change over to dhcp and all has been working great so far and i just fixed another problem i just had posted about with not getting all my space on my hard drive allotted to me. It kept telling me that i only had 270 gbs available to use when i have a 1tb sata drive in the xbox. But a quick rebuild of the hard drive with hexen and setting all space to f partition only all my free space is where it should be now.
  4. Hello everyone, I come to you yet again to help me figure out what is wrong with this build of xbox im working on. I have finally gotten my xbox where i can finally put games on it and ftp and all that but now I can't seem to figure out where all my disc space is for my hard drive. I have a 1tb hard drive installed in my console but when I partition out the drive to have 924 gb of space on my f partition and write the table and format the partition it only shows up that i only have 270 gb worth of storage on the dashboard display. WHERE IS MY OTHER 654 GB OF STORAGE!!!!!?????? Idk why this thing has been an absolute nightmare to work on but man ill be glad when this xbox is done lol. If anyone has a tip for me to try please let me know this thing i have been working on since march!!! Again thanks for your time and help. It's really appreciated
  5. Hello everyone i was wondering how i go about changing my dashboard from the normal unleashed x to the xmbc4gamers dashboard. I really like the layout option and to be able to see the cover art for the games you have installed on your console. I already have the rocky5 version (newest) downloaded on my computer but i'm not sure on what to do with the files? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  6. yeah either one I use it keeps giving me a time out error. I'm also using a windows 10 computer and my computer is hard wired into my router and then my xbox is also connected to it as well
  7. i use either winscp or filezilla and both of them i updated the other day to their current versions. I seem to have better luck using winscp over filezilla a lot of times filezilla sometime hangs up and stops transferring randomly.
  8. Ok so I am now booting into unleashx dashboard now. Thanks for the help. Now on the other hand I have no ran into a problem trying to connect my xbox to my network so i can ftp games from my computer to the xbox. I seem to always have this problem.
  9. in this step its asking for a passcode? Nevermind I google searched it and its AYBX
  10. I have already installed a new hd before this problem occured after I installed the new hd i had shelved the unit because of all the things I had going on and I recently have been able to get back to it and finish it all off.
  11. yeah i knew it couldn't have been a 1.6 but now i just need to figure out how to get it to boot to dashboard
  12. Even removing the disc and restarting the console with nothing in it, it still shows linux under the xbox logo with the evox shield in the top left corner. And I'm pretty sure the ring is green but I'm not sure off the top of my head plus I'm not home at the moment
  13. But to do the tsop I thought you had to have the console softmodded first before you could tsop/flash the bios?
  14. Also hexen disc says the console is a 1.4. The console itself is a halo edition ogxbox

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