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  1. Kik5u

    Black and Slim

    Here sir
  2. So Hello. I bought hyperkin duke and that made me think man would it be cool to make this work with my original xbox. https://www.hyperkin.com/duke-wired-controller-for-xbox-one-windows-10-pc-black-hyperkin.html I have seen conversion made out of original xbox controller working with windows operating system so can I use that information to reverse engineer usb windows controller to work with xbox? I dont have any clue how xbox recognizes what kind of accessories are attached to controller port? So here are maybe few ideas how approach situation: Combining original xbox controller cable with standard usb cable? Could I use maybe wireless dongle for xbox and hardwire duke into that use it that way? All information is really appreciated.
  3. Kik5u

    Black and Slim

    My god that is some next level stuff sir. I do have one spare nzxt temp monitor display system thing in somewhere.
  4. Kik5u

    Black and Slim

    My first attempt to make slim model. Still need to find shorter bolts for the top cover, maybe I just trim them down?
  5. It does for real..... So I put xbox360 slim inside a og xbox. I rewired the front panel work with original buttons and added one extra button for the sync button. Hardest part was to make the dvd drive to fit perfectly. I had to make some crude legs for it. I added larger fan, but then I was like that's not special enough. This sucker will be watercooled. That's more like it. Just need a little bit slimmer fan and install it under the radiator and cut holes to the top cover. It's a perfect fit. On the bottom window you can see the final resting place for the hard drive. Peace XD
  6. Really sweet mods sir. Do you have any numbers what the temperatures are now?
  7. Fan is at 100% for some reason. I will shorten the wires and see if that helps. Thank you.
  8. I Have a 1 .6 board with this same problem, random restarts. So here is what I have checked so far. Traces with multimeter all ok ,except trace D cant locate the end of that trace only the "middle point". Clock capasitor seems ok 2.32v. Transistor beside the clockcapasitor seems ok 3.26v I haved checked so called continuity trace it seems ok. I am not really expert with the multimeter but I have spare 1.6 board and the ohms seems to check out when I compare the results with these two boards. I have changed the front panel (eject & power buttons) from working xbox, does not help with the problem. I have used two different ide cables does not help. Please HELP! LOVE some extra details: The modding was done by previous owner it seems to work fine. I checked the rebuilt lpc port wires they are ok. The LFRAME is not cut. I cloned original hdd with chimp and switched to 160gb sata hdd with adapter and 80way ide cable. This xbox was sold to me as faulty so I guess the previous owner had same problem.
  9. Does anybody know on 1.6 board where does trace D end up to?
  10. Kik5u

    Video Output Failure

    Ok you are correct the xbox does send somehow resolution that tv does not support, but that does not make sense because xbox can output 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080i and all these my tv supports AND I have a component to hdmi upscaler which upscales all signals to 1080p and even that does not work. I tried to use the composite and go to settings and set all resolutions 480/720/1080 to yes and click save. Shutdown and switch to component and it shows no image. I switch back to composite and check the settings and they are back to NO all of them.
  11. Hi. Noob question, does corrosion of traces happen only when the clock capasitor leaks or can it happen also in like 1.6 board?
  12. Kik5u

    Video Output Failure

    I believe it was running 1080i when it happened. How do I wipe? Everything works fine when the composite cable is in use. I tried hexen disc and it boots fine.
  13. Hi. I lost ability to use component cable in my one project xbox. It worked fine at first but now it only shows black at my screen. It only works now with composite cable. I have two component cables and they are fine, I tested them with my other xbox. Is there a possibility that some component in the motherboard is damaged or should I look problem at software side? I'm running unleashX with aladdin modchip on a 1.6 revision xbox.
  14. I made this mod today works perfectly. Original component cable prices are insane nowadays.
  15. I bought pound cable through amazon it broke after 2 weeks. Maybe it's just a monday specimen, but I'm going next for the chinese component to hdmi box. Cost like 10€ shipped to home.

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