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  1. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that the XVGM.rar release contains a whole bunch of stuff that isn't actually needed to get the skin working. My installation went like this: 1) FTP the contents of the XVGM\skin folder to E:\Dash\UnleashX\skins\XvGM\ (or wherever you store your skins on your setup) 2) FTP each preview.XMV file from XVGM\xmv\[category subdirectory]\[game subdirectory]\ respectively into each of your games' folders. You can ignore the 64KB default.xbe shortcut files that are included next to each preview.XMV. I have no idea what these are for. 3) Switch to the XvGM skin with UnleashX. That's it, you're done. The Artwork and Xbox movies folders contain the source files that were used to make the preview.XMV files (plus some additional images not used in the skin), but you don't actually need them to make the skin work. IMHO this should have been unRAR'd before the torrent was created. The average user looking to use this skin only needs the contents of the XVGM folder, which is only 16.7GB. All the rest just bloats the file size. Again unless I'm missing something major?
  2. I FTP'd the .bin file I flashed back over to my PC and opened it up in EVTool and sure enough all the color options were set to solid black. I think maybe I just transferred the wrong one when I was playing around with it. I'm hoping it was just user error and that it didn't get corrupted at some point in the saving or FTP'ing process because that's really scary to think about. I ended up making another one with the default color scheme and Evo logo + TM symbols removed and I'm pretty happy with it. Looks clean.
  3. Anyone have experience customizing the logo colors of an EvoX BIOS with EVTool? Are all the color choices supposed to actually work? I tried making sort of a blue theme, but after flashing it just shows up black and grey.
  4. It's a 1.0 console, so I'm not limited when it comes to BIOS choices. I may try to find a GPU heatsink from a later console so I can do away with the GPU fan.
  5. Here's a picture of the clock cap area after I removed it in case anyone's interested. It leaked pretty extensively and there's some nasty looking corrosion, but the Xbox is still working and hopefully it'll stay that way! I gave it a good scrub with vinegar followed by rubbing alcohol. I wish I had known about this 10 years ago, but better late than never I guess. Also everything went well with the softmod and TSOP flash. I went with EvoX M8+ off the 2018 Hexen disc, but I think I want to reflash one with the Evo logo on the boot screen removed. The hard drive upgrade also went smoothly, but I had an overheating issue after I did the 80mm fan swap. Turned out that the fan was sitting a little bit too high and when I tightened the case bolts down all the way they were actually squeezing the fan to the point where it couldn't turn. So for now I'm just making the bolts on the back side of the console snug rather than tight and it's working okay. Now I'm trying the download the XVGM.rar torrent because it looks awesome, but it could really use some seeders! One seeder got me up to 9.8%, but now I'm stalled Lastly I want to rant briefly about Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste. I know this is supposedly the best-performing TIM aside from liquid metal products (which is why I bought it in the first place), but this stuff is a nightmare to spread. It's just so thick, and it seems to stick to the little spatula they give you better than it sticks to the chip, so when you try to spread it around you just end up scraping it off. I ended up running out of it before I could get good coverage on the GPU, so I went with some very old Thermalright paste instead. That stuff spread great
  6. How Combat Evolved was downgraded on MCC | How the original vision is being lost to time Just thought I'd post this video in case anyone hasn't seen it; apparently the PC port of Halo (which the modern MCC version is based off of) is graphically inferior to the original Xbox version in many ways. Long live the OG Xbox! Edit: Anyone know why I can't seem to have two capital letters next to each other in a thread title?
  7. RBBT


    Welcome! Pimp dat box, baby!
  8. That's a good suggestion, I hadn't thought of that. I think I have enough thermal grizzly sitting around to do the trick.
  9. Hey everybody, just dusted off my old OG Xbox after I learned about the clock capacitor issue. That sent me down a rabbit hole learning about softmodding, TSOP flashing, etc... So now the plan is to softmod, TSOP flash, upgrade to a 2TB hard drive, and upgrade to a nice 80mm Noctua fan. Also picked up a set of Microsoft component cables (the nice ones without the breakout box), an optical S/PDIF cable, and 2 original S controllers (I must have thrown mine away at some point). My wallet is not happy with me right now, but oh well. Wish me luck! Also I'm wondering how many posts I need on here before I can access the downloads section? I want to check out the game info list to see which games have Dolby Digital.

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