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  1. jhark, Already found the solution to this, there's a file on Userdata\guisettings.xml <system> <autotemperature>true</autotemperature> change that value to false, and your fan runs at the settings of the bios you have also I can upload the file to replace Problem solved guisettings.xml
  2. I guess some ini file on the root of Ninja Premium must shut down the fan, knowing witch file is it?
  3. Dear All, I notice CoinOps Premium Ninja, which is based on XBMC, when on menus picking up a game, the fan is simply disabled, for members who are expert on XBMC, do you know where you can disable that feature of disabling the fan?
  4. Incursion64, Already tried Half life from this pack, what is the secret to make the bottom part of the artwork being filled with some fading effect made by XBMC4Gamers, I had already resized my pictures to 778*438 and it doesn't work the same it appears the main background image you choose not the artwork, as you can see from this picture, the bottom part has a fading effect of what is on top https://ibb.co/JxcZWSj
  5. Incursion64, Thanks, this was the key missing to make XBMC4Gamers complete and perfect. Thanks a lot :)
  6. Thanks for the newly update, gonna overwrite over the first edition.
  7. Cian, I think Rocky5 is using photshop, I don't know how to use it, no problem for me to share, but if someone here is doing for homebrew, and some miscallenous games, than this problem is solved. Also on Rocky5's emulator pack, unfortunately there isn't any for the MS DOS and for Commodore 32 CD, all other emulators are there
  8. Cian Cunningham, It's my fault, explaining, the artwork which is missing is more for homebrew games, and so on. I have made this for Hydra Thunder, same size 704*396, you can't see the morphing effect on the bottom but whatever wallpaper you have on the main screen of XBMC4Gamers, is a basic Artwork not for DVD display etc. https://mega.nz/#!osw1DQYL!OE2NDtw-y3Ya8qjKlsNv58Dnvfx95NFSFZu-hMLMuXU
  9. Thanks was looking also for a Vice City Mod
  10. Dear All, There are some games, which unfortunately there's no artwork available through Rocky5's huge library, and I had to do my own artwork, however I have encounter a bug on these new artwork, namely on the bottom part of the screen, there's an option to make bottom part of the image, shine on whatever image is there like morphing the image to make beautiful end, however instead of making this effect XBMC4GAMERS just displays nothing, just the bottom image of the wallpaper of the main screen, I thought it was the size of the wallpaper and I have resized all to 704*396 pixels, but it won't fix, unfortunately I don't have a screenshot to display this issue.
  11. Thanks all for contributing for the game art for the xbmc4gamers
  12. Can anyone here help making artwork of this game for XBMC4Gamers?
  13. Damn, So we can conclude only thing missing is a app to serve as a bridge from PC to OG HDD, too bad this is not possible as yet, cause it could make our life so much easier. But the developer of FATXplorer says on his next major build 3.0 gonna had support to OG XBox and this will be possible https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/roadmap/
  14. Probably it can be done, and possible to reduce the transfers times to OG HDD, and making this without og XBOX running.
  15. So has anyone tried it?! It is worthwhile getting a Sata to USB 3.0 adapter and fill the HDD via USB?, if at least get 25 to 30 mgs per second or a little bit faster at least is better than 10, one third of the time
  16. Dear All, I currently own 2 xbox, one 1.4 and one 1.2 motherboard revision, both work fine, but on 1.2 I see vertical lines, when running on Pal Interlaced modes (480i) since the graphics chip is different, Focus vs Conexant, has anyone experience the same? Both mobos have latest Ind_Bios 5004.67, brand new caps and thermals replaced
  17. Dear All, As you all know, FTP big chunks of data takes forever on a 10mb limit, however was looking for alternatives, there's those SATA to USB adpaters, which you can connect directly the HDD to your PC and have up to 60mb second on a USB 3.0, btw I'm using a 2.5 inch HDD Is there any program that can access the HDD FATX system and copy directly to it via PC, I heard of an app namely USBXTAFGUI_V45, also heard of XBOX360Explorer, is any solution for this? I have hips of gigs on my HDD and don't want to wait forever on FTP on 10 megs when I can have it for at least 30 to 60 hopefully. My HDD is unlocked obviously or else it would be harder. Thanks
  18. Dear all I want to change power led color of og Xbox but can't remove front panel to gain access to power pcb, what is the easiest way to open it? Thanks
  19. Does anyone here has artwork for this game for XBMC4Gamers and relatives? Thanks
  20. Can anyone please provide me a link to those working cheapo IDE adapters?
  21. Sorry to change topics can you start a new threat with that 120 mm fan, I'm interested on that project thanks, btw I use red adapter the expensive one, never had issues.
  22. On my second Xbox I'm going to do the same, already ordered another Noctua 60, really fast replacement, tried yesterday using the stock fan from MS, I simply can't handle the jet engine soaring, I set my Noctua on 45% for me is the balance between cooling performance and comfortable audible gaming. Butching the case and a fan, it helped if MS decided to put a standard fan size on this console, I compare side to side the 60 to the 73 mm of the stock fan, and the blades are almost the same size, why complicate what is easy?
  23. KaosEngineer, Thanks for the promptly reply I use these settings: PC IP = SubNET = Gateway = Xbox IP = subnNET= Gateway = IP that appears on XBOX user: xbox pass: xbox
  24. Dear All, I want to use xbmc4gamers as my main dashboard, problem is that I can't ftp with it, I'm using direct connection with a crossover cable, using same settings as UX, but on Filezilla it always says "ER connection refused" something, enable static IP on xbmc, put default IP adress and geatway, user: xbox pass:xbox, everything the same as UX but always ending with an error, what am I doing wrong? Thanks

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