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  1. post a link of your patched xbe and i ll give a try on my setup
  2. hi the error is still here. i attached the log file, can somebody help ? its seems that xbmc can't retrieve the hdd lock key thx xbmc.log
  3. Hi When i try to install an update for a game i got an error message just after the dash said "retreiving eeprom hdd key" can you help ? thx
  4. hi try to just enable once the speed fan control in settings/system paramters tab
  5. be sure to add the game folder you use in the settings.ini of the app but some games are not identified by the apps on my xbox too
  6. 2kdream

    downloading Iso

    convert the iso to folder with https://github.com/XboxDev/extract-xiso or other similar tool
  7. hi im from france and i have an og xbox 1.4 fully recaped with the xboxhd+ and the openxenium chip and 2tb hdd installed. i just want to pick some news here and others goods see you

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