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  1. Boonana

    downloading Iso

    Just a quick question. Other than the archive website is there any other websites that are best for downloading the games? I have 1gb internet and it's taking me 6-12 hours to download 6gb
  2. Boonana

    downloading Iso

    Thanks for the help all it was lack of space.
  3. Boonana

    downloading Iso

    I have done all you recommended and when putting the ftping the game via filezilla the files are failing.
  4. Boonana

    downloading Iso

    When trying to use c xbox tool, It is saying my .iso file isnt an .xiso file. How do I change it to a xiso.
  5. Boonana

    downloading Iso

    I haven't played around with a modded Xbox for a while but I recently purchased one. I have downloaded a few games to FTP over however they are downloading as iso files. I am wondering what's the best way to FTP them over, when I try to FTP the normal iso files they don't work.

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