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  1. Welcome to the community!
  2. Paw

    Hard Disk Locked

    Good question was actually wondering this myself.
  3. Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome to the community!
  5. Here is a french page that has spec info about the Xecuter 2.2 Lite chip if anyone should be interested. http://www.xavbox.com/fr/puces-xbox/executer-2.2-lite.php
  6. Welcome to the community!
  7. By the way SS_Dave regarding the Xecuter 2.2 Lite chip what bios sizes can i use with this chip? Do both 256kb and 512kb work, what bios sizes does the chip support?
  8. HDShadow you were totaly right, thank you for your feedback! Finally all the problems with the silly 80-wire cable are solved! Thank you very much guys for all the great tips.
  9. To install the new HD i was forced to boot with the old 40-wire cable, but then i later go back and test with the 80-wired cable thats when the issues start happening. What @HDShadow is describing is exactly whats happening with the only exception that i cant get it working with the 80-wire cable at all.
  10. Actually i dont know how 2 explain it but the dvd drive makes this rebooting sound or something and it does this 2x times and after that it stops and the xbox led is flashing red and yellow i think it was or maybe green will have 2 check again and its doing this during the whole process. Also the screen is all black dont see any error messages. Do u have any clue what bios sizes i should use together with the Xecuter 2.2 Lite chip, do both 256kb and 512kb work ?
  11. Totaly agree with your topic, and welcome ofcause!
  12. Ok lets start of with saying thank you for all the feedback guys! What bios should i use since i now know that its a Xecuter 2.2 Lite chip, and also can i install only 256kb or 512kb bios to this chip or maybe both work with this chip? Also does any of u guys maybe have a good link were i could download (xbox bios checker 5.0 by crackjack)? @SS_Dave The switch on the IDE to SATA Adapter is set to master. The system works just fine when i use the old 40-Wire IDE Cable together with the new 1TB disk , ide to sata adaper and the new bios installed ofcause. When i install the 80-Wire IDE Cable and flip it around then the xbox kind of does a 2x boot loop or something and after that the screen goes black and nothing happends. The only way i can install the 80-wire cable is this way otherwise it dosent fit: Black to xbox motherboard, Grey to DVD and Blue to the harddrive. When installed like this the xbox dosent work at all dosent mater how i combo it new disk old new bios or old disk with new or old bios But when i install back the original 40-Wire cable that came with the xbox all starts without any problems but then again most guides dont recommend using the 40 wire cable with ide to sata adapters. I also tested connecting the 80 wired cable the way it says in the cable specs Blue=Controller, Grey=Slave, Black=Master but no luck there aswell could the cable be faulty maybe? I all out of ideas here..
  13. A fellow noobie welcomes you to the community!
  14. A new member here. Dusting off an old Xbox to play some good old classics!
  15. When i read the cable info it says Blue=Controller, Grey=Slave, Black=Master. But its not possible for me to connect it like this since the length between the connectors is all wrong. So i turned the cable around and connected Black to xbox motherboard, Grey to DVD and Blue to the harddrive. This way everything fits. Could this be the issue maybe? Or is dosent matter how the ide cable is connected?

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