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  1. Does this help at all ? https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/31764/can-somebody-identify-this-keyed-connector
  2. Welcome I am also a newbie. I wish I knew the brand of Component I got. But it has a ps2 connector on it as well and I have never had any issues with it. Got like gold plated tips on the rca ends and everything.
  3. I had one softmodded xbox for years that started activing up. The dvd drive went bad last year and 2 of my emulators snesx and the other snes one I have that forget the name to right now wouldn't load so I thought the HD was going bad. A 750GB IDE Seagate. But to my luck a new dvd drive and a new emu fixed my issue so I backed up all my data immediatly and then dropped the external and did it all again a few days later. Anyway The 1.6 xbox for the dvd drive I bought had bad caps. So I replaced them and then the Power supply died on me (Ask me no questions about poof puff bad puff of smoke adventures and bye bye IC chip and I'll tell you no lies) . Anyway then I bought another one for parts to fix that and then went down this road. Addicted to buying xboxs on offer up. Somehow now I have 6 xboxs. But this last one I got was $10 and the HD and DVD worked. Then I found my first hard mod chip inside Smart xxv3 no lcd installed but an IR . All the bios file were dead except the original, But I know nothing about a hard mod so its a whole new adventure. Glad to be here with all of you.
  4. Ive booted xdsl and toyed with it a bit. But no luck mounting fatx or finding a manual for xdsl. Maybe I don;t know where to look. But imagine Kali wit that cluster setup. Sure would be cool.

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