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  1. and yes I did a scan for them too. forgot to mention that.
  2. Yes I have it it the rom folder. and it is unzipped. the problem is I have 2 different rom files that both have different file extensions, one is smc and the other is sfc and neither one of them show up in the rom folder. I am using xbmc emustaion. they are in the right folder /E/Emulators/XBMC-Emustation/.emustation/roms/snes/ I did also try to put it on my F drive in a folder named snes roms and did a manual search for roms and that didn't even work. so that is why i wanted to make sure i have the right file extension.
  3. Hi, Is there a post or a PDF that shows all the file formats for the emulators that go on the OG Xbox? I found some roms for the Snes but when I try to launch them in the snes emulator it does not see them, so I just want to make sure I have the right file format first.
  4. but as madmon said the og xbox v1.6 can not upgrade the ram on the board. so what i am doing now is just going to emulate with Surreal64 with earth worm james 212 roms. I know i need to post this in another forum but I have got it downloaded and on my box but I can't get it to launch, it keeps going back to my dash. so now I am looking for the right forum on here to get it running. thank you everyone for your help and explaining to me.
  5. ok. thank you both for the reply and info
  6. Hello and I am so glad to see the the original xbox is still alive,
  7. Hello everyone, I have a hard mod og box 1.6 with a X3 build 3294 and kernel ver 1.0.5034.1 I did this mod about 10 years ago and I have been out of it for a long while. now that I have a child and she likes to play games I am getting back into it. I have read that some people are upgrading the ram on the board from 64mb to 128mb. So my question is why? I do want to run some emulators on my box now. In the past I put the mod chip so I could put a bigger drive in to copy my games on the hard drive and play them from the hard drive. so my question is now that I want to put some emulators on their do I need to update my RAM to 128mb? and do i need to update my x3 build or kernel version? Thank you in advance.

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