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Looks like everything I find nowadays is a dead link (sadly, not surprised)! .


I have some really old ones saved for xbox games, but I''m missing the rest. (emulators, homebrew, ports) Anybody have those stashed somewhere?

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Yes, I have a file called "XBMC_Icon_Mega_pack.rar" that has all of that stuff in there. its a huge collection with multiple banners for some items. it's 736mb. I guess the upload limit at this site is only 100 so i'll throw it in my google drive for ya. Link will be active for a minimum of 1 month and i wont delete until i need the space.

Hope this helps!! B|

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If you want a full set of artwork with many views all consistent you can use the xbmc4gamers / xbmc-emustation. Or just use one of those dashboards and use the artwork installer. There are new wide banners created that are the spine view of the game covers. This is complete for every released game. The first and only complete set. You can grab the manual artwork download from Rocky5's GitHub. If you decide to use one of the dashboards instead then there is an artwork downloader and installer for you to use. We named the folders as per the arcade punks set for the manual download for easy merging.


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