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Wouter A

Hdd With Smart Errors

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My brother has a few 3tb sata drives with some smart errors. 

I would like to use them in some xboxes. 

The drives work fine in the pc,  but not for data centers anymore. 

How would a xbox react to these? 

As the are not running full days,  will it go? 

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    • By PV544
      Ok here is the story.  My brother just gave me his old xbox.  It has been hard modded a while ago.  It is a version 1.4 with a windbond TSOP.  It is currently running Evolution x 3921.  I have installed bios checker 5.0 and it says the bios is unknown.  Also the MS dashboard can not be loaded.  I would love to update this.  What would be the order to do this.  I read somewhere to run the krayzie one click soft mod installation, which would update the soft mod.  Do I then just re-flash the tsop with the 256 EvoX M8+.   I do have hexen 2017 disc.  Thanks
    • By PV544
      I looking to upgrade my HDD to a 2tb.  Any brand suggestions.  I am currently looking at WD black.  Thanks 
    • By Kentsfield
      Hello Folks, 

      I try to intsall a XBIT 1.5 Chip in a 1.6b console. 

      I was having a pretty bad time, since most of the information is gone due to forums and websites are not available in 2018 anymore... But thanks to the wayback machine, I managed to get some information about the installation process of the chip. 

      Well, it looks like that the chip is/was only compatible to v1.0 to 1.5 and the 1.6 revision was not out when this chip was released (I've read somewhere, that there is a 1.6 adaptor board). Anyway, thanks to google, I found out that it should be possible to use that chip in a 1.6 console, but I'm unsure if they used the 1.6 adaptor. After rebuilding the LPC port, I installed the chip as usual (Double checked the pinouts from thechip and the LPC port), left d0 unconnected since I've read, that this is not necessary on 1.6 consoles and performed a LFRAME cut. 
      I flashed evolution-x m8 1.6b bios to the chip with a virutal installation of windows xp (the softwate really sucks and won't work on WIN10...) 

      Well, all I get is the christmas light (Console turning on and off 3 times and flashes red/green) without any video signal. If I bridge the LFRAME signal with tweezeers, the console boots as usual.  This either means, that either the connection between the console and the chip is wrong or the chip is broken and I don't know how to find that out. 
      I tried multiple thing, like reconnectnig the LFRAME, soldering in D0, used the 1.5 pinout for soldering, used the 1.6 soldering (but without the adaptor). At the time, I think the chip is broken, because flashing works, but validating the files gives me an error.

      As said before, I read on a german forum, that you can actually use any not 1.6 compatible chip with a 1.6 console by cutting the LFRAME and not connecting the d0 point. Won't work for me  

      Has anyone some tips, help, suggestion for me? 

      Thanks in advanve! 


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