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Hdd Suggestions

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I looking to upgrade my HDD to a 2tb.  Any brand suggestions.  I am currently looking at WD black.  Thanks 

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Forgot to mention one thing about the 80-wire 40-pin cable.  24 inch length works better than the standard 18 inch cables.  You can make the shorter one work in most cases it's just a very very very tight fit (cable flipped end-for-end too. Normal HDD connector goes to Xbox MB and vice versa).

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    • By Wouter A
      My brother has a few 3tb sata drives with some smart errors. 
      I would like to use them in some xboxes. 
      The drives work fine in the pc,  but not for data centers anymore. 
      How would a xbox react to these? 
      As the are not running full days,  will it go? 
    • By XC-3730C
      I cloned the stock drive on my softmodded Xbox to a 500gb drive that was in my dead TSOP xbox using Chimp and locked it. The drive boots up just fine. I then use HeXEn disc to install Krayzie One Click softmod, and that was successful. I reboot into HeXEn, and I can see the F and G, but F looks empty in the file explorer (it says F has 35mb free, when it should be about 20GB free), and G says there is 0 space free. G doesn't even show up in UnleashX even though F and G are enabled.
      How can I get the contents of F and G to show up? I really dont want to have to reformat F and G/re-transfer everything if I can avoid it.
    • By ShawnS
      Hi everybody, first time here in SO long. I've had a modded Xbox since 2003 which I just turned back on after I heard out about the clock capacitor problem. Mine was ok (I was able to remove it and clean up alright) but having it back on I've found the hard drive to be quite loud and maybe not running so great.
      I wanted to replace the hard drive but I'm not sure if my old Chameleon modchip throws a wrench into the tutorials I've been looking at. If possible the method of hotswapping the DVD drive with the new HDD and cloning the original drive seems easiest. 
      Any suggestions before I start fumbling through this are very much appreciated! And I have all the stats on my current setup if needed. Thanks so much for the help!!

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