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How To Boot To Game List?

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im assuming rocky5's softmod.
checkout his xbmc4gamers... hes done a nice job 'cleaning up' xbmc for a gaming focused front end. also, with a little seraching you will find an excellent resource pack for that build which sends it into another dimension of awesome.  
alternatively you can install xbmc-emustation which seems to be getting his attention now.
one nice thing about using his softmod is you just FTP the xbmc folder into the root of E drive and it will automatically boot it as a dash.
Please login or register to see this link.
most of what im talking about should be here^^^
let me know, i'll try my best to help... 

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    • By salvio007
      After a Tsop and 1tb HD install - I had Ninja Massive, a few Xbox games and Emulators working fine.
      This morning I go to power it on, everything looks fine but it will not Boot any of the above mentioned. Loads for a few minutes and returns me to UnleashX Dash.
      I cleared the cache and don't know what else it could be.
      Any tips or help with this is greatly appreciated ;(
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      Hi all,
      My trusty old XBox has stopped powering up (no lights or drive activity, nothing). I have opened it up to check for leaking caps. It is a 1.0 or 1.1 version, so I checked the clock capacitor which had indeed leaked so I removed it and cleaned the pcb but still no joy. 
      Then I started testing the FoxLink PSU. The socket soldering looks ok and I found that at least the 1st coil has tension, but when measuring the pins on the mobo connector there is nothing (I also measured the Power OK and Power ON pins). I can’t see any visual damage on the PSU. Can I conclude that this PSU is dead or is this normal? 
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      Hola fellow modders, 
      Name is Eusebio14 and Im here to absord all the info I can like a sponge, mod xboxes and share the love. been on a few other sites and found this one on ISO Zone when I noticed the Hexen download had a recent update. Well wishes to every traveler on this path

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