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  1. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    Neighbor do you have a diagram to we could make the same, those Chinese component you can be lucky and have a good cable as a bad one
  2. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    Forlon Pengium. Sorry for my mistake, I was meant to say component not composite, so when making new HDD is better to choose new PAL HDD and afterwards run that app to switch to NTSC, there isn't any advantage or recommendation to make an NTSC HDD in the first place?
  3. Hd Mode for Pal XBox

    Dear users, I'm about to tsop a 1.4 Xbox PAL, already own a composite cable, however is very well know that Xbox only display HD options on NTSC, after tsop I'm going to upgrade my HDD through latest hexen 2018, but to make HD options available should I install new NTSC HDD or PAL? I read of a app that changes that on the system what is the best solution for a brand new system? Thanks
  4. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Regarding ind- bios it offers some advantages over other bios because of buttons combination to go back to dashboard and powering off the console, but does it inject a config file to the HDD? I read injecting that config file on the bios itself can brick the console. On evox m8 bios there's no way to go back to dashboard when booting a game? Another issue my Xbox is a PAL one, but enabling HD modes is only available on NTSC consoles I'm going to upgrade my HDD for one tb, on hexen DVD should I choose create a NTSC HDD instead of PAL to have those HD options available? Will I have issues with the TV later on, I'm using component cables? Thanks
  5. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Forlon You hit the jackpot it is indeed 1.4 already hooked to the TV and booted your DVD now is time for the soldering and flashing [emoji3526], BTW does anyone here recommends a replacement fan, is a little bit noisy the stock one.
  6. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Forlon Penguim, The seller has already removed the clock capacitor as per image, and you're probably right it must be indeed 1.4, alright problem solved with the bios size. Regarding to connection to TV, already own a component video cable, best way to connect it probably is getting an external component to HDMI adapter, at least it upscales the video to 1080p something that doesn't work well on those out of the box hdmi converters.
  7. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Received today my Xbox it come on prestige condition, still haven't connected to my TV but on the button manufacturer date is 2003-09-28, 3031752 34005 serial number I guess it's a very high change being a 1.2 model, alright do those hdmi adapters work well on this console, because newer TVs are harder to connect to these old connectors like composite and scart.
  8. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Already managed to burn on DVD-R media, weird, getting in touch to these tools (DVD, IDE 80 Pin, etc) is getting harder and harder and picking up a PC with a DVD burner , only at office and an older tower pc sitting on the wild.
  9. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Unfortunately I only own Verbatim DVD+R, back on the days I had other console it was the best money could buy for the laser health and error free reading, also burned on the lowest possible speed, both this updated Hexen 2018 and 2017. After burning the, Iput the dvd on the reader no file appeared I guess it must have a special partition on it. Lucky to have at home a spare 1 TB 2,5 HDD taken from a Laptop which was upgraded to a SSD, brand new WD blue, I guess these ones are the most compatible with OG XBOX.
  10. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Which software to burn this hexen 2018 DVD? Of course minimum burning speed is there any software made specifically for it. Thanks
  11. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Still haven't received my og xbox from the retail, alright, I read ind bios can shutdown Xbox through a combination of keys, besides that, is there any app or way to disable the console, already bought 80 pin and sata adpater to upgrade the hdd.
  12. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Thanks once again Forlorn, I recall to burn dvd to consoles, always to use the minimum burning speed like 2x or 4x to preserve lifespan, but which DVD is more compatible with og XBOX DVD+R or -R? Thanks
  13. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Forlon, I'm beginning to give you reason that you probably right, It probably isn't a 1.1 model, these photos are from the seller I have order my console, and looking at pictures of some 1.2 models and the picture I have, it reassembles more 1.2 than a 1.1 when looking at those bottom capacitors on the 1.1 they are on a row, these overlap with other, better for me since I won't have the issue of the 256kb but is for sure a Windbond TSOP because of the W that pops-out on the chip even though is blurred, the 1.2 is only 256kbytes right? But which is the best bios? People talk wonders on Evox M8+, of course I want to upgrade to a SATA HDD, this bios will give me full compatibilty? Thanks
  14. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Forlon, Thanks I will run the Xbox Bios checker app and see which kernel version I have to pinpoint the model, is there any Xblast OS boot dvd to make this as easy as possible? Or can you upload a 1mb bios compatible with version
  15. Flashing a Sharp TSOP

    Can anyone upload the 1mb bios? I own a model 1.1 with windbond tsop, and using hexen can brick my console

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