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  1. Sid Meiers Pirates

    You using the Xbox artwork installer?
  2. That will load D:\default.xbe if it’s found, back if for dashboards and start is for reloading a disc or loading a disc.
  3. Bugs

  4. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    The initial exploit is NDURE, done by the font exploit. It’s crashing at this stage. ( if it was NKPatcher that the NDURE exploit loads the LED would be orange ) your issue I assume is the system is taking to long to load, like folk have said bad adaptor or dvd drive can causes these problems. ( cable also but you replaced that ) something at a hardware level is your problem, try running Chimp 261812 and using the fix error 16 option in the slave drive options to only reclone a working C partition, if it still does it it’s not software it’s hardware causing your problem. ( softmods support the partition table that’s required for a large HDD )
  5. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    Try truning on with the eject button and leave the tray open. Its crashing at the exploit point and I haven’t a clue why other than the adaptor is slow & it causing issues. ( I only use sata drives and max is 640 or there about GB work no problem ) what colour is the LED when it hangs?
  6. Not Booting Dashboard W/New Hdd + Slower Speed

    Head to NKPatcher Settings > kernel > advanced features apply the correct kernel font, it’s automatic so just select the option and it will do its thing. If that doesn’t work try adding a delay file. Select 1 reboot, if it still hangs select 2 then 3, I wouldnt go above 3.
  7. Bugs

    You will need to edit the surreal.ini and add 4 lines ( enter 4 times ) after the first comments= line. the next update to emustation will has this fixed, as it was hard coded to look on line 20. The new version just scans the file for what I need.
  8. Possible Broken Softmod

    Put XBP on the root of E ( it’s just an xbe file ) run it via a file manager using one of the discs or if running unleashx launch it via a raw site command. Site exec “path the xbe file” now partition your drive proerply, C and E shouldn’t need touching since it’s onky the extra partitions that every have issues with cluster sizes. Also what dashboard is it you’re wanting to install?
  9. Possible Broken Softmod

    Yeah you can’t have a softmod installed and a modded bios. So you will need to remove the softmod. ( clean the C partition )
  10. Possible Broken Softmod

    If using my softmod you will need to disable the shadowc, load the extras disc and do it then copy your bios to C:\bios\ and flash away with gentoox or xblashos
  11. Null a Hard Drive With a Sid Modded Xbox ?

    Download this. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t9-Qlv33YFoOWS9zUKmN3roD85TyB3P3/view?usp=drivesdk follow the instructions and that’s you. It only replaces the softmod so everything else of yours will remain. The go to Applications > NKPatcher Settings > EEPROM > Advanded Features > HDD > NULL Key
  12. This pack is unofficial and xmv is not 100% supported in XBMC so not all videos will play correctly. Use the official one from the downloader. No videos are included but I plan on hosting all the videos on my server so internet on the Xbox will be required.
  13. XBmc4gamers Synopsis Information

    Could you list the 40 games? as the current Xbox Artwork Installer has 1072 Xbox games all done with synopsis and artwork. I never knew about the one from heresy. Also if they don’t conform to the standards I set for this artwork pack, then they would never be used anyways.
  14. Debug Bios With Focus Video Encoder

    Use ind-bios 5003 with the debug mode enabled.

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