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    • By nikeymikey
      As the title says, i am after someone who has a broken X3cp, Specifically i am after a replacement button from the front of the panel. I have a Crtystal panel but unfortunately over the years the write protect button has fallen off and is now missing  
      Is there anyone out there who has one that i can buy from them for a reasonable price??? Or even someone who has a 3d printer that can print a replacement button???
      I know its a long shot but i hope theres someone out there who can make my xbox look perfect again
    • By Ging3rguy
      Hiya, just TSOPed my 1.2v Oxbox and put in a 160gb hdd.  I split the F & G partitions 74ish gb each. 
      The F partition show 74ish gb but G partion is 0gb.
      Used HeXEn 18 and the  evox M8+ bios F+G, Both F & G values showed in XBpartitioner 1.3.
    • By bluemeanie23
      xenomodchip/ aladdin modchip gerbers 1.0.0
      About This File
      please note some renaming/modification of files may be needed to be viewed as they be old as fudge
      Aladdin +
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