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My Old Remote Power Button and Usb Adapter for Use With Any Controller.

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Today I worked on taking apart controllers and cleaning them up.  I figured while I was at it I would go ahead and take apart and clean up my remote power button and USB adapter mod too.  I made this probably about 12 years ago.  I took an Xbox Live communicator apart and replaced the circuit board with a simple breadboard from Radio Shack.  I put a USB port where the volume knob used to be and a switch under the mute button.  I modded my Xbox with the yellow wire remote power button mod so I wired up the switch as the remote power button.  The nice thing about modding this communicator is that I can plug it into any controller and have a remote power button without modding the controller itself.  It is also great for softmodding systems by plugging a USB drive directly into the communicator instead of making a USB adapter cable that I would have to search for whenever I work on modding a system. 




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I don't have a tutorial for how to make it but it's not hard.  You could use a memory card if you can't find a communicator, you would just need to add a button to it.  Basically the port that plugs into the controller is just a USB port with a special connector end.  You just wire the USB port to the appropriate pins on the connector and wire the button to the yellow wire pin and the ground pin.  There are many tutorials available for doing the yellow wire remote power mod, they do a much better job explaining it than I can.  I just wanted it to be modular instead of modding a controller to place the power button directly into it.  I'll see if I can draw up a diagram you can follow.  The diagram is looking at the front of the communicator.


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added diagram
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