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Disk Will Not Read

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Trying to do my first softmod and all is going well except my xbox refuses to actually read my disk so i cant load the save game to get the process going. Anyone got any tips for me to get it to read? This should hopefully be the last time it needs to read a disk so i just need it to work once really.

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Use Please login or register to see this link.  to install its no-original-game-disk-required Xbox Softmodding Tool installer.

Hotswap connect the Xbox's unlocked HDD to a USB-to-IDE or IDE/SATA combo adapter.  Or, read the EEPROM with a serial EEPROM reader/writer and PonyProg software or a Please login or register to see this link. . You can then unlock the drive with the eeprom.bin backup. Install the software package to the C drive of the Xbox HDD.  Disconnect it from the PC and reinstall it back in the Xbox.  Boot the console and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the softmod installation

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Just a heads up i just got an xbox from someone i know for 10 bucks and used the cd drive from that ha. Now i just wait for the rest of my parts to come in the mail!

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    • By C64MidRezzie
      So I got a STartech Sata to IDE adapter and successfully made and locked a new SATA 500 GG hard drive using HDM v1.9.
      i got an 80 pin cable and connected my SATA drive and sure enough it booted to the Xbox dashboard.  I had my Rocky 5 softmod files and Splinter Cell diskready to go but I can’t load Splinter Cell - I get a message reading - “Your Xbox cannot recognize this disc.  Make sure it’s an Xbox game, DVD movie, or audio CD.  Also check to see if the disc is dirty or damaged.”
      I have tried a different dvd drive from another Xbox that I know loads the game and I get the same message.  In fact I get the same message if I try to load any other Xbox game disk.
      Any ideas greatly appreciated
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      Hey everyone,
      I wanted to start a discussion/thread about games that are in perfect working condition but for some reason the DVD Drive is too old or stubborn to read the game. I of course have 2 consoles both with Thompson drives and I found (so far) that neither will read the following games:
      1. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
      2. Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring.
      Both discs are in pristine condition but UnleashX and DVD2XBOX give a "Tray Empty" message. I did a Google search for these and it seems others have the same problems with these 2 games being read on a Thompson Drive.
      I wanted to know what other games and drives folks are having issues with.
      Hope to hear from you all.
    • By C64MidRezzie
      Hi - I recently updated my hard drive using HDM v 1.9 and it is now ready to mod - I have two options
      1.  Since I have all the files from back in the day to use Splinter Cell the SID I could mod it easily then I can use put Rocky 5 over it using the Rocky 5 disk.
      2.  Go to the trouble of setting up Rocky 5 Memory card mod -using a flash drive and Splinter Cell -  have all the leads from back in the day and recently downloaded all the files and software needed.
      My question is does it matter if I choose the lazy option (number 1 above) or since I'm starting afresh with a new drive should I take the Option 2 route?
      Thanks in advance
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