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    • By bulkchart32
      i had ordered a lpc rebuild board and it got here today. turns out the one i ordered is too small to fit a pin header in so i'd have to solder the chip directly to the board for this rebuild board to work. i don't want to order another one so i am strongly considering just using the wire method to rebuild the lpc. problem is that i really dislike the kind of fine soldering that i'd have to do if i use this method. any tips on how to do the wire method the easiest way?
    • By titchgamer
      Howdy all!

      So first tech Q.

      As some of you may know I recently have got a XBOX sent to me from a friend so I have been purchasing the extras controllers, cables etc.
      Anyways I brought a bundle of controllers that came with a xbox FOC! Now it was listed as working which it is but the DVD drive wont read disc's and it rattles!
      The seller packaged i very poorly so I suspect it was damaged in transit.
      Now other than that and the leaking clock cap (which I have pulled off and cleaned up) it seems to be fine, and looks like it has a mod chip installed?
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      So what I am wondering is do I have any options with this thing? I know I could replace the drive but I was wondering if there was a way I could use my other TSOP'd box to sort of build a HDD for it and put it in this one or some other way of transfering stuff to the HDD?

      It seems to have a stock dashboard on it and I obv cant use a hexen disc.
      Any thoughts appreciated as it seems a shame to side line it for the sakes of a dvd drive.

    • By Obdobdo
      Good morning.  Is there any way to play this game?  If yes, could you tell me all the steps to be taken to play with the emulators?  Thank you

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