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Ms Dashboard Is Not Showing Up

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I just upgraded my HDD to 2tb.  Everything is working fine but I noticed, in unleash X the MS dashboard option is not showing up.  I guess it was deleted in the install.  How do you reinstall it.  Thanks   

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How's the console modded?

If using Rocky5's Please login or register to see this link. ; by default, the MS Dashboard does not get installed.  Download, burn and boot the Extras Disc ISO. Find the menu option to install it.

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My system has been hard modded.  What I am really trying to do is get xbmc4gamers to start in 720P.  Every time I exit a game, and the system restarts, xmbc4gamers goes into 480i.  I thought I have to change the HD setting in the MS dashboard to get it to stick, once the system restarts.

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no matter what settings you use, the boot screen is in 480i, then when the das loads it changes the resolution. all you should need to do is change the settings in XBMC

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