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I have an X3 modded console with the pro faceplate. I’ve seen videos online of people using dvd remotes to remotely power on the system. I have also seen videos of people using the Logitech wireless controllers with the dongles mounted inside the machine. I am wondering if this is something that can be/has been done, and if so are there any tutorials/ people willing to do the mod for $. Thank you.

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I actually had a thought of this, just differently. Instead of using a premade dongle, I have a collection of small form factors ESP8266 chips. They're pretty tiny, and are powered by 3.3v. I've been mulling the idea of trying to throw one, as well as two AA's, into an OG controller, and having another one inside of the xbox.

My thinking is to have the controller's USB data pins connected to the ESP8266, and then have the xbox's ESP8266 connect to the USB data pins for one controller. I may even be able to hook several of them up in this manner. Definitely a project that i want to do at some point, and with a transmission rate of I think 7mbps, there shouldn't be any worries of latency.

My main hurdle is trying to mod a controller to house the chip and batteries, but I think setting up an external pack to start with just for testing will work.

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It shouldn't be hard to wire in line with the internal controller port.  You will probably run into signal issues with the internal shielding in the Xbox.  I would place it under the DVD drive and cut a section of the shielding away next to it.

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