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2tb Sata Install Problems

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I am using a generic IDE to SATA( I have had it forever- cant find any identifiers) & a WD black 2tb. I am getting super slow boot times & random partition corruptions. I have followed the tutorials as far a using xbpart 1.0 to make a 230mb partition, then 1.1 to make it 927.78 w 64k clusters. I feel that I am doing it all right, but G never shows up & F is never the right size in other apps (eolution x - unleash x - XBMC) Also sometimes C or E will just end up 0mb after a reboot. Just gone. I am also getting super slow boot times & am running Yoshihiro-m8-1.6B-Memory-Fixe-Beta4.bin for a bios flashed into the main bank. Any Ideas?

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Have you tried an 80-wire 40-pin IDE cable instead of the Xbox's stock 40-wire/pin cable? 

Seems most IDE-to-SATA adapters negotiate a higher transfer rate which exceeds the 33MB/s speed it supports

.Use XBPartitioner v1.3, no need to make a small partition then change to a different XBPartitioner version to set the larger partition size.

V1.3 supports 64KB clusters for up to 1TB (927.78GB) partitions you'll need to install a 2TB HDD.


Use one of the latest versions released.  There are several:

  • Evolution-x M8plus (256KB)
  • X2 5035 (512KB), or
  • X2 4983.67 (256KB)
  • iND-BiOS 5003.67 (256KB), or
  • iND-BiOS Beta Feb-11-05 (256KB) (aka, 5004.67)

Which version Xbox?  I'm guessing a 1.6 with the BIOS you were using.  Use M8plus as it supports v1.6 Xboxes.

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Thank you for the reply! I am using an 80 pin cable. I also am using Evox M8 plus modded for the memory fix issue with 1.6 boxes. I just got a kingwin IDE to SATA adapter today. I will try that to see if it helps. Next up will be a different bios flash.

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I think the Yoshihiro BIOS is a fixed M8 for 1.6B, not Evox M8plus. The Please login or register to see this link.  release has a v1.0-1.5 and v1.6 compatible dot bin file to flash according to which version console you are modding. 

I'm not sure what LBA48 configuration Yoshihiro's M8 BIOS supports.

  • F takes the rest
  • F up to 137GB and G the rest
  • if present, uses the custom partition table written to the HDD by XBPartitioner v1.3 instead

The G drive has to be enabled in UnleashX before it will show up.

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