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Trace repair for auto powering on


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So I had the issue where the xbox would come on as soon as it was plugged in and the power button would not work to shut it off.  So I did the trace repair on all 5 traces in the tutorial.  Now the xbox will still come on as soon as it's plugged in but it will not shut off Randomly.  Is there another trace other than the 5 in the tutorial That need repair?

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I've had this identical problem suddenly develop on my least used Xbox, I think I mentioned it in another thread here.

After I'd cleaned the traces at the front edge of the MB it worked correctly for a few weeks before the problem reappeared. But this time it is slightly different, it will turn on when plugged in but the power button will turn it it off. The real difference is that it will remain off until I press either eject or the power button, in other words it starts working correctly.

But next session the problem  returns.

What this suggests to me is that the suggested trace repair fixes are not the whole story. It behaves like a capacitor may be involved ie. it is charged up by that first power on and stops whatever the problem is with the subsequent reboot/restarts. I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable, to say the least, even begin to explain this let alone identify the component in question.

Whether this is relevant to Oldhead72's problem I don't know.

Maybe I have a still partially OK cap and his is completely knackered but which one because its not the clock cap or, I'm pretty sure, any of the ones adjacent to the CPU heat-sink.   

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