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    • By namek247
      hello everyone.
      i bought a "virgin" xbox yesterday and just softmodded it.
      i was going to upgrade the hdd and, with the console powered off (but had the powercable connected) it made a spark near the IDE conector (pic 1) and turned the power down here at home.
      then i removed the board and saw that below it had shorted something and took a picture (pic 2).
      does anyone knows if this is reparable?
      when i turn on the xbox now, the front led changes color and it has no picture on tv.
      can anyone help???
      thanks in advance
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      Please login or register to see this attachment.
    • By C64MidRezzie
      Hi - I have an unlocked SATA 500GB xbox drive that is nearly full with games, emulators and the like.  I want to make a backup copy of the drive using Raw Copy - any advice or instructions on how to do this?  I have a PC with a spare HDD slot and and an external drive caddy.  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
    • By BulletWasp
      So I have UnleashX, and have noticed that under Xbox Info under the Systems Settings menu, the console language is set to Spanish (even though all the UnleashX menus and everything are in English.) I don't have the default xboxdash.xbe on my console, is there another way to change the language to English? I have noticed that a few backups I have tried to play have text and/or audio in Spanish, but I'm not sure if that's just from the game file itself or from my console settings.
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