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Having Virtual Disc Loader ready to go at first boot...?

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I have the two Virtual Drive Loader folders in their respective spots, C:\ and E:\Apps and I have Dashloader. However, it seems no matter what dashboard I'm loading to (XBMC4Gamers is what I tried initially) I must always launch the PBL App, or go into file manager and run Patcher.XBE... and then after it 'reboots' I can play my ISO games fine.

How do I configure my system to automatically boot with the XISO hooks/kernel ready to go from coldboot? I tried copying the contents of Virtual Drive Loader from Apps to something that is highest on the dashloader order like "E:/XBMC-Emustation" so that it will find the default.xbe of Virtual Drive Loader and boot from that first but the console just hangs if I do that.

So as of right now while I can play my XISOs off my HDD I must always first boot up, then run the XBE of Virtual Drive Loader or the PBL app.

Please help :( Running TSOP'd 1.4 with EvoXM8Plus

Thanks in advance!

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I was able to solve this by using the older evoxdash.xbe_-_XISO_patcher.xbe instead of Virtual Drive Loader. Virtual Drive Loader does work with M8Plus but as you pointed out it will only patch (for XISO playback on startup) an Ind BIOS.

If you're using M8 and don't want to reflash use the older "CDROMmodchip" solution instead of Virtual Drive Loader. I'll ask Kaos Engineer to link where that is currently hosted but basically you rename your evoxdash.xbe to evox.xbe and then rename evoxdash.xbe_-_XISO_patcher.xbe to evoxdash.xbe so it boots up first. If you're using Dashloader than you would rename the evoxdash.xbe file that comes in that package to evox.xbe.

Note for anyone reading this in the future my console is a hard-modded (TSOP) 1.4 Revision.

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