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  1. In any case, it doesn't work on my 1080p HDTV, either. Again, based on the fact that the retail disc isn't working it must be related to the CFW version one is running on their XBOX...?
  2. My TV does not allow manual selection or any "v3.58" settings. It's a consumer Trinitron NTSC. These options don't exist. The issue MUST be related to the modded console because I am testing with a retail disc and I simply don't see how this could have been overlooked where folks back then were popping a game into their consoles that was completely broken and unplayable. There would be more records.
  3. I appreciate you doing all this testing. Are you also on a 1.4 revision console like I am? To be clear, I myself didn't ever get video here, it was someone else posting back in 2003 saying they got it to work by forcing PAL50. I honestly don't know how to change that setting on my NTSC console and as I'm using a NTSC CRT from the early to mid 2000s (through component) it wouldn't be possible anyway. I've tried playing PAL games on my ODE modded PS1 or N64 Everdrive and they will usually have a garbled image, not just a black screen. I'm not familiar with the difference between 4.43 and 3.58 NTSC but I would imagine that there was only one sold here in the US among consumer model CRTs. Or at the very least that both were supported. My TV is . However, I've tried it on a LCD and had no better luck. Furthermore, in one of those two threads I posted someone was saying 8 months or so ago that they were having this issue when feeding into their OSSC as well.
  4. At first I thought it was the processing into the XISO format or the XISO playback but I've recently bought an NTSC retail disc and I'm still have this issue on my NTSC console. TSOP modded , rev 1.4 Here are the only historical posts I could find about this - https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/espn-nfl-2k5-football/59228-big-problem-xbox-espn-nfl.html The 2003 Post from the first link, It makes no sense that forcing an NTSC game to PAL50 fixed his issue but moreover why am I having an issue with a NTSC game on my NTSC console? I don't have an unmodded console to test, unfortunately.
  5. Hi Carter, The game you are thinking of is called "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction". Here is the intro sequence you are referring to -- the game has a character selection and this person chose to play a female so don't be thrown off that the protagonist might be different from what you remember. Cheers!
  6. DVD2XBOX (on the XBOX itself) in ISO Rip mode does not create an XISO, though. Or I should say at least that if I have an ISO from DVD2BOX that ISO is not properly detected by the XISO to HDD script.
  7. So if you have an original copy of Prisoner of Azkhaban, rip it to your XBOX with DVD2XBOX, transfer those files back to your PC and then recompile them with QWIX it will not have the issues caused by long filenames late in the game? Also, for some reason titles that I try to drag onto "Create & Split" do not even get recognized by XISO to HDD script in 4Gamers. I literally have to use QWIX for every XISO I make. So far the only one I couldn't get to work so far is the US version of ESPN NFL Football. It has audio but no video and I've tried on multiple TVs. I've also reprocessed the pure redump of it several times and checked hashes to make sure they match. Developer intro for Psychonauts also has this audio stutter on my XISO
  8. If you have an ind-bios file (or something like that) on your c:\ root you need to rename it to something else "no-ind-bios" or "null" or whatever you want will work fine. That will prevent the hang
  9. Thanks for that fix -- I personally hate the (USA, Europe, etc etc) and do take the time to remove them but I get that not everyone wants to bother and your fix is definitely useful for faster processing. Kudos!
  10. I was able to solve this by using the older evoxdash.xbe_-_XISO_patcher.xbe instead of Virtual Drive Loader. Virtual Drive Loader does work with M8Plus but as you pointed out it will only patch (for XISO playback on startup) an Ind BIOS. If you're using M8 and don't want to reflash use the older "CDROMmodchip" solution instead of Virtual Drive Loader. I'll ask Kaos Engineer to link where that is currently hosted but basically you rename your evoxdash.xbe to evox.xbe and then rename evoxdash.xbe_-_XISO_patcher.xbe to evoxdash.xbe so it boots up first. If you're using Dashloader than you would rename the evoxdash.xbe file that comes in that package to evox.xbe. Note for anyone reading this in the future my console is a hard-modded (TSOP) 1.4 Revision.
  11. That's correct. I'm surprised it even let you transfer those files to the XBOX as that seems to exceed the character limit. In any case, it sounds like you already have your multi-part XISO script issue figured out (naming convention being the culprit). That combined with the limit of how many XISOs can be in a folder that the script is searching for (about 6) at once hopefully this record can help future people who may run into these issues. On another note have you ever been able to run any ISOs through this script that were ripped from a game disc using DVD2XBOX? I suspect that it is ripping ISOs and not XISOs but it could also be that the game discs I'm using are too scratched.
  12. I was able to run the script targeting a folder with about 6 XISOs. Any more than that and it would give that error posted above.
  13. I have the two Virtual Drive Loader folders in their respective spots, C:\ and E:\Apps and I have Dashloader. However, it seems no matter what dashboard I'm loading to (XBMC4Gamers is what I tried initially) I must always launch the PBL App, or go into file manager and run Patcher.XBE... and then after it 'reboots' I can play my ISO games fine. How do I configure my system to automatically boot with the XISO hooks/kernel ready to go from coldboot? I tried copying the contents of Virtual Drive Loader from Apps to something that is highest on the dashloader order like "E:/XBMC-Emustation" so that it will find the default.xbe of Virtual Drive Loader and boot from that first but the console just hangs if I do that. So as of right now while I can play my XISOs off my HDD I must always first boot up, then run the XBE of Virtual Drive Loader or the PBL app. Please help :( Running TSOP'd 1.4 with EvoXM8Plus Thanks in advance!

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