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    • By AtariSoul
      Hello All
      I know there are some games like HP prisoner of Azkaban that won't work because of long file paths, etc. 
      Does anyone know of a full list of games that don't work?
      I have read that you can use the ISO mounted on a virtual drive with softmod but my XBOX is hard modded so I'm not sure if this would work?
      thanks in advance
    • By larvey
      I got a job lot recently of some consoles - and all of them have buggered Thomson drives 🙃
      I've tried adjusting pots, tried booting multiple burnt copies of HeXen and OGXBOXInstaller etc. but all seem to just hang on the Linux screen.
      Any suggestions for what can be done? Can a HDD be setup outside the console? I have FATXplorer - and I know Eaton was looking at adding more support for the OG Xboxes however I think these are all still in beta.
      Cheers guys
    • By SpecFour
      I picked up a hardmod v1.0 that was giving error 16.  Through my fumbling with hotswapping and chimp I locked the drive to the “good” Xbox’s motherboard, so now I’m down to error 6.  I got the drive unlocked and hooked up to my PC and did find an eeprom.bin on the drive, then used chimp to lock to that.  (Saw a post where E:\ was the old location and Y:\ is the new one, and have done both.)
      Still gives error 6.
      Are there other names for the eeprom.bin file?  I haven’t tried backup.bin and will give that a try.  Wanted to post now because this is tiring.
      Only ways to read eeprom appear to be: 1) software running on that xbox; 2) eeprom reader.  Others?  Since I can’t even get the machine to a dashboard I can’t imagine that I could ftp or ssh into it, or whatever.
      Also, this new box has a chip in there but it isn’t working since I’m still having lock problems?  Aladdin v1.1 is all I get from that.  I saw a reference somewhere to Mini Aladdin, and that’s dang small.  I have no experience with chips - do I need to do something like hold A+B or whatever to boot with that?
      Thank you.

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